Sons & Daughters

sanddlogo.gifSons and Daughters is an amazing children’s boutique, tucked away in the East Village.  If you in are search of the best selection of children’s clothes, toys, accessories, and décor for the 8 and under set, you must visit this child-friendly shop that looks like it belongs on a cobblestone street in a European city, like Antwerp.  Dutch owner, Carin van der Donk, has an eye for not only selecting the “best-of’s” from the best brands, but for beautifully arranging it all in such a way that makes you feel like there is something new to discover on every visit to this neighborhood shop.  And yet the store never feels cluttered! The draw for me is simple: whether I am there to replace my son’s outgrown converse sneakers, find a special baby gift that is organic and fair trade, or simply browse for that unexpected item that seems so right in so many ways, I am never sorry I made the trip.  And, if you don’t live in NYC but still want to check it out, their website is quite comprehensive (and it turns out they ship not only within the US, but also to Europe).


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1. Courtney | October 23, 2008 | Reply

So cute!!
My husband is going to NYC for a business trip next week and I’m so jealous!!!
Imagine all the new shops I need to visit!!!!