Elias and Grace

Elias and GraceI know I’ve already written about Elias and Grace — the kid’s clothing shop in Primrose Hill, but it’s definitely one of my favorite kids’ shops in London, and certainly worth mentioning again.

Elias and Grace stocks a variety of great brands, including Belgian designers like Maan, Quincy, Max & Lola, and Simple Kids, and French brands like Petite Bateau and Bonton.  There’s also a good selection of Italian and Dutch brands, which is what makes this shop so great — it really represents the best of European children’s clothes.

They don’t have an enormous selection of shoes, but the ones they sell are always beautiful.  And, being in rainy London, they are naturally well stocked with a wide range of Aigle wellies in a variety of colors!

There’s a kid’s play area in the back to keep your kids entertained while you shop, and if you get the chance to wander downstairs… you’ll be drawn to the fabulous range of designer maternity wear (which deserves its own separate post entirely)!


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1. Kelli | October 23, 2008 | Reply

This children’s boutique looks adorable! I can’t wait for my next European excursion when I can stock up on cute clothing and shoes for my future children!
I love your ladies blog! So fun, interesting and international.
C’est superb!

2. Kristin | October 23, 2008 | Reply

sounds like an awesome store!

I just purchased my first pair of Aigle rainboots for my son…dare I admit I’m hoping for a rainy day!