Trainer chopsticks DIY

Courtney wrote about trainer chopsticks a while ago, and the ones she suggested are without a doubt very stylish and great for use at home!
If, however, you’re in a (Japanese) restaurant and – God forbid – forgot to bring your child’s fancy trainer chopsticks, I thought this solution might save your day…

Trainer chopsticks home-made

It’s simple! Just make it with the throw-away chopsticks you get at the restaurant and an elastic band (the paper is in fact the rolled-up sleeve in which the chopsticks come)!
As seen in our favourite around-the-corner Japanese restaurant, Issa

xxx Esther


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August 23, 2008

yes! they did it for my son also in our favourite around-the-corner Japanese restaurant!

September 2, 2008

My husband made these for our daughter and now everything gets eating with chopsticks, even sandwiches. I guess whatever works to get some food in her!

August 13, 2010

[…] did a brilliant post a while ago on how to make your own child-friendly chopsticks. I admit to being a bit lazier and […]

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