Merry go round

manege.jpgIsn’t it funny how you often don’t realize something exists, even though you have passed it a million times?

For years I have been roaming the streets of Paris, as a tourist and as a local, and have completely missed the merry-go-rounds, which you seem to be able to find on most major squares and parks. Many of them are a bit tacky but some are beautiful, turn of the last century originals! (Some of my favorites are the one in the Jardin des Plantes, the Tuilleries Garden, the Luxembourg Gardens and the one in the picture –at the foot of the Sacree Coeur.)

Now that I have a 2-year-old, I can promise you I have noticed them, noted mentally where they are and know the alternative route around them so that I don’t hear the cry: “Mummy, I want to go on the Manege!”

The Manege has become my best blackmailing tool ever. A promise to the Manege gets the little one to take cough medicine, gets her to bed and a million other things… and it isn’t even bad for her teeth!

Oh and I almost forgot to add, as a special treat to parents’ pockets… around Christmas and New Year the Parisian Maneges are free.


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