A very special zoo

zoo.jpgBruno Munari’s Zoo book is truly unique. The simple graphic illustrations are stunning, but most importantly, it is a book that appeals to people of every age — both adults and children will enjoy this book!

Children will love all the different animals they will encounter during the zoo tour, while adults will enjoy the subtle humour behind the simple sentences that accompany each picture. My son is particularly curious of why the fox wants to hide when she spots the fur-maker…. or why monkeys can use both hands and feet! While Munari’s descriptions are simple and short, they encourage more complex explanations, depending on the child’s age.

Funnily enough, though Munari is Italian, this book was never published in Italy while he was still alive! But now it is, and you can buy it here, while the English version is available here (UK) or here (US).


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1. Courtney | June 4, 2008 | Reply

We LOVE Bruno Munari’s Zoo book. We also love his alphabet book. The illustrations are so beautiful.

2. Emilie | June 5, 2008 | Reply

Look lovely, it is so hard to find a kids book you can appriciate as an adult.