Affirmative action for young men

amelia.jpgClothes shopping is probably the only place where being a woman has its advantages, even from a very early age. More choice, more styles, more colours. If you are a mother of a boy I’m sure you have experienced some frustration when shopping for your son. Typically in shops, there is much more devoted to little girl’s clothes.
Maria Cristina, owner of ‘Lunamora Boy’ here in Milan, had a boy after 3 girls and when shopping for the little one she realised she was not as happy with the choice available as when she was shopping for the girls. That’s why she decided to open a shop where she would sell only boy’s clothes. This tiny boutique at the end of Via Solferino, in the Brera neighbourhood, is heaven for stylish little men – from newborn up to 12 years. She stocks mostly Italian brands, like Amelia, Kangra, Grifoni, Brooksfield, Gant, Sun68.
Another nice thing is that the owner tries to sell a few items from the men’s collection of the same brands, so that it’s possible to dress all your men with the same shirt, jumper or jacket. Like father, like son!


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1. Courtney | April 30, 2008 | Reply

It is so true– shopping for boys is so much more difficult, and it always seems that the boy’s section is smaller than the girl’s.
What a great idea to have a shop just for boys (and their fathers)!

2. Yuka Funatsu | July 2, 2008 | Reply

I really interested in this shop! I am planning to visit milan this weekend, could you tell me the address of this shop? or URL if it possible. Thank you

3. Fred | July 2, 2008 | Reply

My son is almost 6 and my daughter is 4. When I go shopping for them I try to buy them the same number of items… but how difficult this is! I am always tempted with plenty of different looking things for my daughter but ends up buying almost always the same thing for my son. Another thing that he considers to be unfair is that a girl can get dressed really prettily in 2 minutes (underwear + dress) where for a boy it always takes more time as he always have at least 3 pieces of clothing to put on!

On a different note, there is now in London a father and son hair salon off the Kings Road where the boys can get an haircut and may have a chance to play with the Wii… Cool, no?