Plan City

Plan City RoadwayIn this tiny flat I share with my three boys (one husband and two sons), space is a scarce commodity. That’s why it’s a huge wonder that we have an entire room (and a good-sized one, in London terms) devoted to toys! What used to be a semi-respectable reception room, has been converted to a playroom paradise. Those boys have more toys than they know what to do with. (It’s actually a bit ridiculous).

It’s ridiculous because of all his many toys, my 2-year-old really only plays with a few favorites, and the rest lie around collecting dust (and taking up precious space).

So I’ve decided, (since it’s holiday time and you’re sure to fill your houses with silly toys), to tell you all about my son’s most favorite toy: Plan City.

Plan City Cars

Esther and I got hooked on Plan City about a year ago after our friend, Kim, bought her son the parking Garage for Hanukkah. It was an instant hit with our 18-month-olds, and it didn’t take long before the three of us were on an obsessive mission to scoop up all the wooden buildings, vehicles, roads, etc. that make up Plan City.

Plan City Crane SetWhat’s cool about Plan City is that it actually looks good. (I even let it sit in my living room for a few months before making it go into the playroom). Everything in Plan City is made of wood and painted in cute colors. And what’s more–all of the items actually function like the real thing: twist the people and they sit, turn the nob on the crane and it lifts, the cars and trucks move along the roadway, the train tracks connect to the road, and the garage has an elevator that goes up and down. It’s all very clever. Makes me wish I was a kid again…

My son LOVES it. It’s the first thing he plays with when he wakes up, the one toy that keeps him occupied throughout the day, and the thing he misses the most when we are on holiday. It’s also ALWAYS the biggest hit among his friends when they come over to play (boys and girls, young and old).

So, if you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift for you little one, look no further. (Available in Europe here, and in the states here).


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1. Esther | December 11, 2007 | Reply

My daughter loves it. And I love it too!

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