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WIN! Gorgeous, handmade accessories

Giddy Up and Grow make unique, handmade accessories for children and, just sometimes, their parents too. The adorable hair clips, bows, headbands, jewellery and t-shirts all bring a smile to the face. The quality is obvious and the whole collection is made from all-natural fibres including wool felts, silk, cotton fabrics and leather.

This month Giddy Up and Grow are giving away CAD$100 vouchers to two lucky winners! Enter now to win lots and lots of beautiful accessories! 


WIN! A super stylish minimalist dolls house

Scout and Co is one of the coolest shops we know, they’re always bringing us the latest, greatest finds – be it clothing, books, toys, accessories. You can be sure anything in their range is a design-led gem with a good touch of fun to boot.

This month, Scout and Co are giving away a dolls house worth over £150. It’s not just any dolls house, mind! It’s neon orange, ultra-modern and it’s unisex. You won’t want to hide it in your kid’s bedroom!

Enter below to win this Mint Rhapsody beauty!


WIN! £100 of beautiful European clothing

Carlito Carlita have a charming range of beautifully classic clothing for babies and children aged 3 months - 10 years. It’s a perfect destination for those looking to dress siblings since each item belongs to a theme – it’s so easy to find complimentary options for your children!

This month Carlito Carlita are offering one lucky winner a voucher for £100 to spend on their site. Enter now to win!

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