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Charming girlswear with a gorgeous, nostalgic look
Milou & Pilou is a designer girlswear brand from Barcelona. They offer comfortable, sensible and stylish clothing for girls aged 0 to 10. The range consists of classic, timeless pieces with Liberty dresses, beautiful linen blouses, organic cotton and denim skirts -- all with a pinch of vintage style and a twist or two. All items are traditionally manufactured locally.
Milou & Pilou is the creation of Mama Alicia, inspired by her own beautiful girls and happy childhood memories. Every collection displaying beautiful roots and simply perfect for today. Each season you'll find see the iconic The Skirt by Milou & Pilou appear; an easy-to-wear skirt that recreates that timeless classic from the early 40s - the wide skirt with braces. Perfect for every girl’s wardrobe, each season brings a slight twist -- we love!