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Parisian style clothes for kids!
If you admire the Parisians for their spotless taste then Marie Puce is the shop for you!
Beautifully manufactured clothes with simple lines and subtle colours define the style, where contrasting details in bright colours and Liberty prints bring the originality and the 'je ne sais quoi'. Only the best fabrics are selected to ensure the quality is excellent -- but prices stay reasonable. For girls and boys up to 12 years old (some styles up to age 18).
Oh, and check out the selection of shoes too -- super cute!

“Gorgeous, French clothing at reasonable prices. What's not to love?! ”


Marie Puce Blog Posts

Marie Puce, gorgeous Parisian fashion for all ages
It's not a secret that we love Marie Puce here at Babyccino. We've worked with the two sisters behind the brand for many years, and we really admire their dedication to bringing adorable children's fashion to the market. Marie Puce have forever been a brand I turned to for pieces for all of my children. ...
Sara, growing up (and Marie Puce)
Sara is now 9 1/2 -- not long before we'll have a teenager in the house! It's crazy to think back to the moment when we first found out we were going to have a baby. Tamar and I were living in Brussels at the time, we had just gotten married a few months prior, ...
Marie Puce, timeless Parisian chic for all ages
As I mentioned before, finding the right style for a nine-year-old can be tricky. It is a funny age, when children are still children but also teenagers at the same time. Luckily boutiques like Marie Puce have a great selection of clothes for older kids. I love their style - it is at the same time ...
Marie Puce, a pretty new collection
Each season Marie Puce comes out with a collection that is reliably great -- always so chic, always so classically Parisian, and always featuring the prettiest Liberty prints and coordinating bold colours. They make it easy to dress your kids stylishly, with basics like shorts and tees and all the coordinating accessories, and I also love ...
Marie Puce, for bigger and smaller children
Marie Puce is a sweet and stylish French label, designed and ran by two sisters based in the heart of Paris. They have a lovely brick and mortar shop in the 6th arrondissement, and there's an extensive (and newly revamped!) online store as well -- for those of us not lucky enough to live around the corner ...