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Adorable and functional bedlinen and nursery essentials, 100% waterproof!
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Louis Le Sec offer adorable, comfortable and highly functional bed linen and nursery essentials that keep your child’s bedding, your child and you safe and dry! They have developed the most wonderful waterproof fabric made from a double layer of soft 100% cotton and coated on the inside with breathable polyurethane (an organic module!). This amazing fabric is incredibly comfortable. It breathes, is elastic and extensible, absorbs liquids and also provides a cooling effect. The waterproof, silent and breathable protection is not only a protection against liquids, but also a barrier against dust mites — perfect in case of allergies! It makes for ideal bed linen - wet and dirty sheets are so much easier to deal with!
Louis le Sec has recently expanded their clever collection – hurray! – to include nursing cushion covers, changing mat covers, bibs and clever big hooded towels, perfect for mama to wear whilst taking and cuddling their wet bubba from the bath. You can also purchase a simple square of their magic fabric – it’s an ideal barrier for use in multitude of situations! Last but not least, we really should mention that the colours and patterns of the bedding and fabric items are really darling — unisex, sweet and simple, a perfect compliment to any nursery or child’s room!