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Internet shopping is a handy option for busy parents. But... finding those lovely independent boutiques or those exciting new brands is not easy to do.  It’s actually virtually impossible! Search engines direct you to the big high street brands, but not to those sweet boutiques you were hoping to find. 

At Babyccino Kids, we’ve done the searching for you. We’ve narrowed down the best children’s boutiques from around the world and have sorted them into categories to meet your shopping needs. So whether you’re looking for the perfect present for a newborn baby, beautiful bedding for your nursery, a unique toy for your toddler or stylish clothes for your children (or you’re simply in need of a bit of inspiration), you’ll find only the best and most stylish options here on the Babyccino Kids shopping portal. 


The grey ‘navigation bar’ at the top of your screen displays all of our categories, with all of our favourite shops assorted into categories. The ‘search’ box in the top right corner is a good way to search for specific items if you know what you’re looking for. The ‘browse shops’ section in the right sidebar allows you to narrow your search by selecting certain regions, brands or shop names. To stay on top of the latest news and trends, please visit our blog, which is updated daily. You can also sign up for our daily email or monthly newsletters, and don’t forget to check out the prizes you can win and the exclusive discounts available each month.


We are three friends, scattered across Europe (London, Paris and Amsterdam). We’ve been friends since our first babies were born nearly 9 years ago, and now have a total of ten children between the three of us! We meet up often, attend trade shows, and are always on the lookout for new brands and discoveries to share with you. We sometimes even get all of our children together for big family holidays, which is quite the sight to see with all the children running around, completely outnumbering the grownups! You can read a little bit more about each of us here.

We’re so happy you’ve stopped by, and we hope you feel inspired by what you discover. 

Happy shopping!

Courtney, Esther and Emilie

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If you have any questions or suggestions, or simply want to say hello, please visit our ‘Contact’ page. If you’re interested in having your webshop featured on Babyccino Kids, please visit our ‘Info For Shops’ page. We look forward to hearing from you!