Kids and the City

If you have any spare time between the 3rd and 5th of June and happen to be in Paris, do check out the children’s fair “Kids in the City” on rue Francs Bourgeois in the 3rd. The fair was put together by the lovely Estelle who also runs Nordinary — one of my favourite webshops here in France.

She has managed to group together some of the best and innovative brands in France and all will have a little stand at the fair, some with collections designed exclusively for the event. You will also be able to pick up some yummy cupcakes and some bonbons from my favourite sweet shop Le Bonbon au Palais.

I am really looking forward to discovering lots of new companies,  many of whom I have never heard of.

See you there!


Wowoenfant rougeBROD-4-ROSE
WowoMarché des Enfants RougeLe Marchand D’Etoiles


Since the arrival of the Bonton “Mega” Store on boulevard Beaumarchais, the “North Marais” in the 3rd (around Rue Vielle Du Temple and Rue de Bretagne) has become a very dangerous place for parents (specifically mothers) to visit. One beautiful little children’s boutique is opening up one after the other.

One of my favourite new arrivals is Wowo situated right across the road from Bonton. I have been following the Wowo brand for a long while but their boutique was just a little bit too far off the beaten track for me to vist. Now that it is in a 10 minute radius from my flat, I have no more excuses. The ’70s style that the brand prides itself on exudes joy and the clothes are fabulously comfortable and well made.

The shop has only just opened and the stock is only slowly trickling in but it already promises to be a must-stop shop, if you are indeed in the market for funky kids clothes whilst visiting Paris. I have to admit I always am…


MerciNew Bonton storePink Flamingo

New Bonton store

It is hard to believe but Merci, one of Paris’ most fashionable concept stores has been out-trumped by a kid’s store. Just a stone’s throw away from Merci on the corner where the boulevard Beaumarchais turns into the boulevard Filles du Calvaire, Bonton has opened up a 800 M² new flagship shop. It is absolutely fabulous! On over 3 floors you can find clothes, clothes and even more clothes, a book shop (with a GREAT selection of books), a bakery, a sweets bar, a hair dresser, a deco area and I don’t even remember what else.

Rebecca (who used to write for us from Washington and who has, luckily for me, moved back to Paris) and I went to the opening and had a blast. The Prosecco was flowing, there was a huge counter full of hams and cheeses and little sandwiches. It was a great way of discovering the shop and the new Bonton summer collection. (more…)


mercienfant rougeBROD-4-ROSE
MerciMarché des Enfants RougeLe Marchand D’Etoiles

Marché des Enfants Rouge

1Courtney and her family were over in Paris visiting from London and we wandered around the North Marais, doing a bit of shopping, people watching and coffee drinking. It really reminded me about how much I love this little area. I want to write a thousand and one posts on all the lovely little places you can find around here…

I cannot believe I have not written a post about the Marché des Enfants Rouge yet. It is one of the oldest markets of Paris, founded in 1647 and has been converted into a fabulous market/food hall.

Food from all over the world is available… from Morocco, the Caribbean and Japan and it all gets consumed on big communal tables outside the food stalls. There is also a great organic fruit and vegetable stall and a beautiful flower stall. (more…)


mercibonton1Kids and the city aux Francs Bourgeois
MerciNew Bonton storeKids and the City


merci.jpg It’s been the talk of town. Merci, Paris’ newest concept store opened its doors last week. When I visited it was so new, they were still finishing off the paintwork. Even if you are just in Paris for an afternoon, it is worth checking it out. A huge loft style space houses a florist, an eclectic bookstore, a wonderful vintage collection, designer clothes at a discount, homeware and a great kid’s clothing and accessories area. It is the kind of place you can pick up a delicate Isabel Marant necklace for 20 euros or spend several thousand euros on a sofa. (more…)


cafe-suedoisenfant rougeWowo
Sweden in ParisMarché des Enfants RougeWowo

Le Marchand D’Etoiles

There is something really wholesome and comforting about putting your kids to bed in a nice, clean, and comfy-looking pyjama. I like to think it might help them get a restful night…
The French label Marchand d’Etoiles (literally translated: the Merchant of Stars) is the champion of lovely, comfortable kid’s nightclothes. And so they should be, as the whole label is dedicated solely to making the perfect bedtime attire. They only use the softest material: brushed cotton, velvet or thick luxurious jersey.

Their clothes are so lovely that I actually hesitate putting my daughters in her nighties to sleep; but then who says that night clothes need to be ugly?!

You can either visit one of the lovely shops in Paris, check out the international stockists or check out their (French) website.

– Emilie


Cirier CandlesLuxembourg GardensLadurée Macarons

Pink Flamingo

pink.jpgMy favourite pizza place in Paris goes by the original name of Pink Flamingo. The first outpost was out by the Canal St Martin, but a new venue has just opened, in the middle of the Marais. Why do I like it so much? The pizzas are great — the Pink Flamingo crew has decided not to recreate Italian classics badly, but to successfully take pizza to a new level. Our two favourites are the ‘Basquiat’ which is covered in blue cheese and figs and the ‘Aphrodite’, a houmous and aubergine pizza. (At the moment there is even a Hawaian inspired ‘Obama’ pizza…) Not only are the pizzas great but there is something else that makes the “Pink Flamingo” our family’s favourite: Their Pink-Nik service! You order the pizzas in the restaurant. You are then given a helium-filled pink balloon and tell them in which park in the area you are going to be. Fifteen minutes later a pizza delivery guy will come and find you. The area has lots of little parks with playgrounds so your kids can have lots of fun while you kick back and relax. Granted, it is a bit cold for this at the moment, but spring is just around the corner…. The restaurants are really cute too, in a retro-kitsch kind of way! – Emilie


Kids and the city aux Francs BourgeoisWowobonton1
Kids and the CityWowoNew Bonton store

Sweden in Paris

cafe-suedois.jpgWhile the girls were in Paris this past weekend I dragged them to one of my favourite kid-friendly eateries in Paris, and I realised: I had not blogged about it yet!

The café in the Centre Culturel Suedois, based in a Hotel Particuler on rue Payenne in the heart of the Marais, is a little gem. In the middle of Paris the Swedes have managed to create a piece of Sweden (at least, this is what I imagine Sweden to be like)! The tables are covered in checked fresh-coloured table cloths, the furniture is made out of light wood or painted in fresh light colours, and it serves lovely sandwiches, tea and coffee at a reasonable price. The food is very un-French: carrot cakes, open Swedish sandwiches, meatballs, and so on. It is such a nice change after having eaten innumerable baguettes!

But the main attraction for me is the outside space — a big courtyard great for kids to run around in and a world away from the crowded sidewalk tables you find at most cafés in this city!

– Emilie


bonton1enfant rougeKids and the city aux Francs Bourgeois
New Bonton storeMarché des Enfants RougeKids and the City