L’Apriori tea room

gallery.jpgIn Paris there are very few obvious kid-friendly restaurants. However, when you start scratching the surface a little bit, there a lots of little places tucked away that are first and foremost friendly; and so, by default, good for kids.
One of such places is the L’Apriori lunch and tea room in the Galerie Vivienne — a beautiful, glass covered Gallery off rue Vivienne in the 1st arrondissement (thanks to Marie from LFG for introducing me to this gem). It is super close to the Musee en Herbe, and is a little oasis of calm in the middle of frenetic Paris.
It is run by a lovely American lady and the food is amazing. Scones, crumbles and tarts are all presented in a old-world style. Another wonderful thing, and very unusual for here in Paris, is that they offer half potions of all their divine cakes, crumbles and scones… perfect for small and yet hungry stomachs! I have also heard that the brunch is divine, though I myself have not tried it. (more…)


Nuxe SpaA little museum just for little ones

A little museum just for little ones

musee.jpgI am really enjoying the fact that my oldest daughter is morphing into a little person with whom I can actually start having interesting conversations with. Don’t get me wrong, we are not spending hours discussing the details of the theory of relativity, nor does she have a particular view on who should be the next US president, but she has started asking interesting questions and describing what she is feeling and seeing, which is really rewarding after 2½ years….

The flip side of this is that she is not content anymore to play for hours with a tupperware container filled with a couple of pasta tubes, but now needs to be stimulated and entertained. This is not always an easy thing to do especially now that the summer is over. (more…)


L’Apriori tea roomNuxe Spa

Nuxe Spa

nuxe1.jpgWhile I was pregnant a couple of months ago, I found my own personal eden, otherwise known as the NUXE Spa. I have written about the NUXE products before, which I love and use on my face, hands and all over the place. So when I found out that there was a Nuxe spa in the centre of Paris that offered pregnancy massage I had to check it out! It was truly amazing. Firstly the spa itself is beautiful. It’s tucked away off the side of the frenetic pavements around Les Halles, and you feel like you are stepping out of Paris when you arrive. Also the treatment rooms must be bigger than an average Parisian flat (I really don’t like those poky little boxes you sometimes find in spas). The massage was wonderful and relaxing and the cheeky little facial I treated myself to was fantastic too.

Almost worth getting pregnant all over again…. (Of course I don’t mean that seriously)!

– Emilie


A little museum just for little onesL’Apriori tea room