Geraldine Valluet

Valluet chainYou can find Geraldine Valluet’s shop on one of the little streets heading up to the SacrĂ© Coeur in Montmarte.

Her jewelery is so diverse I thought that several jewelers were displaying their wares in her shop, but once you start looking closely you realize that there is something recognizable in all her work.

What I was especially taken by was the capsule line of children’s jewelery – a far cry from chunky plastic beads in bright colours. Here we are talking about silver chains and bracelets with delicate little semi-precious stones in pastel colours. I guess the kind of thing I would like my daughter to wear, (though I am not so sure it is the kind of thing she, as a 2-year-old would really appreciate). This is not the kind of jewelery you buy to play dress up, but is more for special occasions or as a memento.

You can contact Geraldine to book an appointment for custom-made jewelery, and you can also buy online internationally.


From rags to riches

marche.jpgThis is one for the craft lovers amongst us. Right at the foot of the Butte de Montmartre, the hill on which the Sacree Coeur is perched upon, is an area inhabited by material and haberdashery shops. Down every little alleyway you find shops selling everything from thick brocade, flimsy chiffon, bold prints, delicate prints, zips, ribbons, thread… in short everything you could ever imagine.

The two main shops are the Marche St Pierre (according to their website the biggest fabric department shop in the world) and Reine, but on top of that there are a multitude of little shops, most of them selling coupons (samples) at insanely low prices. You have to shift through a lot of junk to find the gems, but as a bargain hunter, I actually get a kick out of it. (more…)