Since the arrival of the Bonton “Mega” Store on boulevard Beaumarchais, the “North Marais” in the 3rd (around Rue Vielle Du Temple and Rue de Bretagne) has become a very dangerous place for parents (specifically mothers) to visit. One beautiful little children’s boutique is opening up one after the other.

One of my favourite new arrivals is Wowo situated right across the road from Bonton. I have been following the Wowo brand for a long while but their boutique was just a little bit too far off the beaten track for me to vist. Now that it is in a 10 minute radius from my flat, I have no more excuses. The ’70s style that the brand prides itself on exudes joy and the clothes are fabulously comfortable and well made.

The shop has only just opened and the stock is only slowly trickling in but it already promises to be a must-stop shop, if you are indeed in the market for funky kids clothes whilst visiting Paris. I have to admit I always am…


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