Butte de Chaumont

May 9, 2010

FINALLY we have been having a few days of sunny weather here in Paris.  And as we live in a typical Parisian apartment with no outdoor space, the main thing I have been yearning for is a spot of grass I can plop myself and my 2 girls on to enjoy some rays of sunshine.

Finding that is easier said than done, as most Parisian parks are made out of gravel, and grass is generally off-limits to walk or sit on.

So I decided to get off the beaten track of the centre of Paris and head over to the Butte de Chaumont, a park in the 19th arrondissement.  It is lovely!  It was built about 150 years ago on what used to be the city’s gallows and wasteland.  Today it looks like a Gothic dreamscape — complete with waterfalls, a temple and a grotto.

It is great for kids: there is a manage (a merry-go-round which French kids, especially my kid, are obsessed about), little ponies to ride on (from 18 months onwards with parental supervision), a horse and cart that goes around the par, a playground, and of course the ubiquitous crepes and ice cream stand.  I even saw a puppet show theater, though we did not have enough time to check it out.

We had a wonderful day out.  I just hope the sunshine continues, which unfortunately is something that cannot be arranged by the Parisian Park Authorities…


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