The Nowhere Emporium, by Ross MacKenzie
We've just completed the first leg of our summer road trip - a six hour journey to the overnight boat to The Netherlands and amongst the bags of sun screen and beach toys (because I'm insisting the sun will be shining) we've packed a pile of audio books. I've had The Nowhere Emporium on my ...
Photoshoot in Amsterdam by Christina Schumacher
A few weeks ago, now that Courtney is back in our hemisphere, we all met up in Amsterdam and had two days of meetings, brain storming, dinners and laughs. I really do love these girls! We now know each other so well that we truly are family and, as we are all such strong characters, ...


Introducing a newborn sibling: Head, shoulders, knees and toes...
How did you introduce your older children to your brand new and adorable newborn? I received great advice from a friend about that first moment when they meet, which was really easy to do... When you introduce the beautiful new baby to its siblings, you shouldn't hold the baby. It can easily look like the sibling is ...
Watercolour flowers
Last week Ava and I created invites for her birthday party -- a last minute plan, so we had to work with the materials we had in the house. Since we had come up with a flower theme, we watercolored little flowers on white cards, and it was such a sweet activity with such cute results that ...
New video: How to make rhubarb compote (and the perfect porridge)
When I was in Amsterdam last month for our team meeting, I was sitting inside at Esther's dining table (preparing notes for the next day's meeting) when I looked outside and saw Esther's enormous rhubarb bush! I couldn't help but get up from the table and walk out to admire it! Our discussion turned to ...
Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik
Florence is feeling so grown up! She has her own first little chapter book and there is so much excitement in the house! She carries it everywhere with her and I even overheard her recommending it the other day to her friends at the swimming pool! I came across these little series of books when I ...
A flower party for Ava's 6th birthday
Last weekend, Ava finally celebrated her sixth birthday party with a few friends from her class. We had decided on a flower theme, which we thought would be cute for a bunch of 6-year-olds. It ended up being a lovely sunny day, and the flower party theme was so good (and so easy!). I always like ...
Choosing the best sun protection for your kids
During this year of adventure we have enjoyed mostly sunny, warm climates. This was by design, of course, and following the sun meant we didn't have to burden ourselves or our bags with heavy, winter clothing. The slight downside was that we have spent a year toting around hats, sun shirts and sun cream, rarely going a day without thinking about sun ...
Five questions with Julie Kohlhoff from macarons
I remember being introduced to macarons 5 years ago when they first presented their collection at the local children's fashion fair here in Amsterdam. Julie and Veit, joined by their baby girl and Veit's mother, were presenting a different, interesting collection that really stood out -- with amazing double-knit fabrics they had developed themselves and intriguing, cool ...
Splotch animal Pop-up Cards
Ella recently celebrated her birthday which means this week her thank you cards are on our family to-do list (don't for a second think that I actually get around to mailing out thank yous a week after a gift is given, but the best of intentions is always there immediately!). Nathan's mom gave us a ...



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