The Henrik Bed

Our lovely contributor, Meta, has recently designed and is now selling this beautiful and perfectly child-friendly-yet-super-stylish children’s bed. Isn’t it perfect? I wish I was in the market for a new bed for my children. I would opt for this one for sure!

Meta, an Interior Designer/blogger, designed the Henrik Bed for her son’s fifth Birthday after searching for quite some time and not being able to find exactly what she was looking for. She wanted something modern and simple, yet with a retro feel. She teamed up with a master craftsman who has been building furniture for over thirty years and together they created the perfect bed.

The bed is a twin bed fitting a standard twin mattress and is made from locally sourced Maple wood. The headboard measures 40″ high, the footboard measures 30″ high, and the bed is 42″ wide. The prices are as follows: solid wood natural finish–$800, painted white–$850, the dip (pictured)–$875.

If you’re interested in purchasing the bed, please get in touch with Meta at You can also visit her blog for more details.

x Courtney

Paper flower crowns from Kids Me

I got Ivy one of these paper flower crowns from the Spanish webshop, Kids Me, and she just loves it! It’s a sweet little accessory for her princess dress-up days… but also something she can wear on special occasions too. And I think it would be so pretty on little bridesmaids or flower girls. (We chose this one, but there are many others to choose from.)

Kids Me has a wide selection of great products from many of our favourite brands. They stock the Fun*Das covers, the sweet Spanish brands Mon Marcel and LötieKids, and the great Spanish toy brand Lonji… all of which we have recently blogged about here!

x Courtney

p.s. Ivy’s dress is from Tutu du Monde and she hardly ever takes it off!

Chocolate cake in a tin can

Ever since I saw the post about baking a cake in a tin can on Oh Happy Day I wanted to try it!! We did it last week and it was sooo much fun!

I did the cake with the Thermomix, a cooking robot that is really really helpful for me!

After baking it, cut it into layers and fill with your favourite filling. It was soo much fun to see the cake grow inside the tin can. And really, it was very easy. We think is a nice and different way to bake! Hope you like it!


Radish Moon porringers

A few days back I took a photo of the porringer I had as a baby, and which I still use daily for my children. It is just the perfect size and shape, shallow with a ridge, so it’s easy to scoop out the purees or soup. The thick stoneware ensures the food quickly cools down a little, but also keeps the food naturally lukewarm afterwards. I love that porringer, and I still remember eating from it as a child! (On Instagram, there were a few people who told me they had exactly the same porringer as a child, and many of them still have them! Do you still have yours?)

I really treasure these old relics from my childhood, and I love it when I visit friends or family from my parents’ generation, and they pull out the stoneware dishes and silverware they used as a child and still have and use for their grandchildren.

Sarah Nicholas Williams of Radish Moon recognised the beauty and practicality of those vintage dishes, and started producing a series of handmade stoneware porringers adorned with her gorgeous, whimsical watercolour illustrations. And they are absolutely beautiful! They are dishwasher and microwave safe, so practical for families, and have a similar shape and thickness to my vintage Peter Rabbit dish (which I’ve tried and tested for long enough to know it is perfect)! I have already placed my order, hoping that one day, my children can pull out a Radish Moon porringer for their grandchildren.

xxx Esther

Merveilles, perfect French fashion

I really love the French style of dressing children. It is simple, easy-going and cute. Merveilles, a lovely clothing label, is one of my favourites! Their new summer collection is so lovely, a little bit bohemian, a bit romantic and so easy to wear. Check out the cotton dresses, little scarves and the really great outlet section!

- Emilie

Tom & Teddy, swim trunks for boys and men

We’ve just returned from a little half-term holiday in Positano, Italy. Apart from a few rainy days (and some jelly fish stings!) we had a really lovely, relaxing time. I will sit down later this week and write up a little guide for Positano (this was our 9th time visiting – it has become almost like a second home for us!) … but in the meantime, I wanted to share these photos of my boys (both my children and my husband!) wearing their matching Tom & Teddy swim trunks.

Tom & Teddy was started by two former Sydney residents and parents of two little boys. They were inspired by their fond memories of sand and surf and wanted to create a line of cute and vibrant swim trunks for boys, big and little. The swim trunks are made with a quick-drying, UV protected microfibre fabric which is salt water and chlorine resistant. And they come in a variety of fun colours and patterns. So cute!

Tom & Teddy are now celebrating Father’s Day with a whopping 20% discount on all swimwear! Click here for details.

x Courtney

Numero 74 — perfect for parties

This year we celebrated Ava’s birthday in Paris! We happened to have booked a trip there that weekend, so we invited our Parisian friends over to the apartment we were staying for a little party. Of course Emilie came with her girls, and we asked the local bakery to make a chocolate cake — Ava’s favourite! For decoration, I used a few party supplies from Numero 74, which I had brought over, and it worked out so well! The magnetic fish looked so pretty on the table (plus, they provided for some immediate entertainment). There were also little butterfly gift bags with little Numero 74 party favours, like cute crochet cherry necklaces and bracelets. They were so cute and the girls loved them.

Numero 74 is a French/Italian brand established by two cousins with the aim to create a selection of party kits that appeal to children as well as to parents. The collections are poetic and dreamy, with pretty muted colours. There are a variety of themes (like butterflies, pirates, and unicorns), in which you can find gift bags, invites, garlands and notebooks. There are tasteful party favours, like the adorable crochet details I mentioned before, so pretty! I’m really impressed with the sweet and simple, understated but tasteful styling of it all — such a far cry from the flashy commercial party merchandise one can get in the supermarket.

There is also a beautiful line of Numero 74 party clothes, which are rich in design and materials used (organza, velvet) and are of the sort of quality that they will be used for years and years, and will then be handed down to friends. Adorable!

All Numero 74 products are handcrafted by artisans and women co-operatives in Thailand, providing these women with a steady source of employment and income whilst being able to work from home and look after their family. All good!

xxx Esther

Map of Europe

We have been travelling around a fair bit lately. Europe is so easy, especially if you live on the continent. We don’t even fly that much! We can jump on a train 15 minutes away from our flat and be in London in 2 hours, Amsterdam in 3 hours and Italy in 5 hours. It is so easy! But part of traveling is actually learning about where we are going and where all the different places are. And to do that, you do need a map.

I love this one by English Muffin, I love the fresh colour and how easy it is to spot all the different countries. I also like the way it makes Europe look like the only thing in the world, floating in a blue ocean, even though it is only this tiny little part of the world!

- Emilie

Yoghurt Icing Carrot Cake

I had my 21st birthday (a girl can dream, right?) last month and decided to gift myself with my favorite cake – carrot cake with yoghurt icing. I wanted to come as close as possible to the one they sell in Starbucks here in Germany (it is to DIE for!!!) and I think I kind of did (next time I just need to add walnuts).

I found this amazing recipe, made a few of my own adjustments and the outcome is one easy-to-make, super delicious and one of the moistest cakes I ever had! Plus it’s much much healthier than the one from Starbucks. It goes something like this:


2 cups (300 g) whole spelt flour
2 tsp. baking soda
1?2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon (or even more if you love it as much as I do)
1?2 nutmeg
1 tsp. ginger
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
3?4 cup applesauce
1?2 cup olive oil (or any other kind)
400 g finely grated carrots


600 g cream cheese
400 g Greek yoghurt
100 white chocolate
Powdered sugar to taste (I used about 3 spoons)

Preheat the oven to 175°C. In one bowl mix all the dry ingredients minus sugar (flour, soda, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger). Now in a large bowl combine the rest of the ingredients except for the carrots (eggs, sugar, apple sauce and oil). Add the dry ingredients to the wet and stir just until combined. Add the grated carrots.

Bake twice – so use only half of the batter first and bake for about 13 – 15 minutes or until a skewer inserted comes out clean. Let cool for a minute or two and turn onto a wire rack to cool completely. Repeat with the rest of the batter.

For the frosting first melt the white chocolate and set aside. Then beat together cream cheese, yoghurt and powdered sugar. Make sure the chocolate is lukewarm and slowly mix it in. Put the frosting into a refrigerator for about 2 hours.

Layer the bottom and the side of the cake pan with parchment paper like this. Cut one cake on half horizontally and put one half into the pan, spread about 1?4 of the icing, put the other half on, spread another quarter of icing and repeat the same with the other cake. Leave in a refrigerator over night then put the cake on a cake tray and spread the rest of the icing over the top of the cake.

Bon appétit!

- Polona

The man behind the Bugaboo

I read this article today and thought it was really interesting. Courtney, Esther and I all had/have Bugaboos and I actually never thought about how much design, engineering and development goes into designing a push chair! So funny thinking that someone spent years coming up with a concept that I take for granted…

I also thought it was interesting that the Bugaboo was originally designed for men, which is such a clever approach to the buggy market. I will never forget buying our first buggy before Coco was born. We went to this baby section in a big department store in London. In all the sections the women were in charge: picking up breast pumps, outfits and furniture. All sections, apart from the buggy section. There, the dads suddenly came into their own and were testing wheels and suspensions and velocity of all of these buggies, as if they were cars. Hilarious!

- Emilie

Musical Jewellery Box

My friend, Mo, gives the best presents. I told her recently that I’m going to consult her from now on before giving gifts because she always nails it, both for kids and for adults. For Ivy’s recent birthday, she gave her this musical jewellery box and I thought it was such a sweet little gift, so perfect for a 4-year-old girl. Of course Ivy LOVES it!

When you open the lid of the jewellery box a twirling ballerina dances to the music. There are also three little drawers to store treasures. So sweet.  (There are many similar optioins on Amazon, but I like that this one is not pink and princessy.)

x Courtney

A felt fish garland

I made this garland for the pictures I took of Nico and that I told you about here. Today I would like to show you the DIY. Really simple and you can make them with your favourite colors or shapes! You just need some felt, wool, and thread.

It was really fun making it, and now it decorates our house!! Hope you like it.


Aspen’s Roots

Did you know that a new aspen tree is not started from a single seed like other trees, but as a root sucker generated from other existing roots beneath the ground? And that, because of this, aspens grow in groves where they are all related (clones) of each other with intertwining generations (grandparents and great grandparents) of roots underground.  Fascinating! The things you can learn from a children’s book!!

Aspen’s Roots is a touching new book, written by Paul Sullivan and beautifully illustrated by Pamela Gillette. It tells the story of a young sapling in a grove of aspen trees, growing and discovering her roots as the seasons change around her. I love the connection the author draws between the tree’s roots and the concept of one’s family tree, not with branches which grow upward, but with roots of generations which come before us, supporting us from under the surface.

It was interesting reading the book to my children and the different depths of understanding each one had. My daughter (aged 4) really liked the story of the sapling tree, and felt for it as it endured the different seasons (she was so sad when its leaves fell off!). While my older children were able to grasp the concept of roots beneath the surface of the tree, and the concept that we as humans have similar roots.

A beautiful story, told with poetic, rhyming text. Plus, how beautiful are the illustrations?! Each page is truly a work of art. (You can purchase the book here, or from Amazon here .)

x Courtney


Jumping Rupert is the coolest octopus ever! An original concept by German brand Gommini, this Jumping Jack octopus is made from thick white cardboard, comes in an A4 size package and can be easily put together by your kids. It is lovely as is, cool and minimalistic white, or can be coloured in using felt tips, paint, or watercolour. Fun!

Gommini also has some other very clever products. I love the idea of the Wiegentisch, a doll’s bed which can become a seat or table, and the Minigoms, building elements which can be put together in different ways to create a great environment for pretend play. My kids would love to play with these!

(Gomini products can be purchased here.)

xxx Esther

PS If you happen to be in Amsterdam tomorrow & Saturday, you can try out and purchase the Jumping Jacks at this event!

Sweetcase — baby’s first essentials, all in one place

Sweetcase is a most wonderful concept started by mother of two Murielle Sitruk. When Murielle was expecting her second child, and was preparing her hospital bag, she was looking for one place where she could find the most practical and beautiful bedding and clothing for her soon to be born baby. And unsuccessfully so! Thus, she decided to start producing her own suitcases, solely focussing on a mother’s stay in the maternity ward.

I’m super impressed with the design and functionality of the suitcase. It’s made from a thick and sturdy, mouse grey cotton canvas with leather details, and it is lined in cotton voile with one of the two gorgeous signature prints, designed for Sweetcase by studio Minakani — birds or triangles. There are some very handy pockets and compartments both on the inside as the outside of the suitcase (one being the perfect size for baby’s health book). This suitcase is not only perfect to bring to the hospital, but will continue to accompany you and your child on your future travels without a doubt.

The suitcase can be purchased by itself or pre-filled with a selection of newborn essentials of the best quality. There’s a beautiful collection of baby bed linen & accessories and newborn basics designed by Murielle herself for Sweetcase — all the clothing is made from the softest and finest pima cotton you can imagine, and the bedding and accessories are available in a thin cotton voile in the pre-mentioned darling signature prints. Besides this, Muriel has selected some great clothes for the first weeks of baby: organic, pima cotton pajamas by Limo Basics, and simple, soft and casual chic designs by kidscase, Pequeno Tocon and Bieq.

A complete Sweetcase pack (suitcase plus content) is available in different colour choices and can be completely customised (all the products are for sale separately as well). What a perfect and luxurious present — either to yourself, to your wife, or to a good friend!

xxx Esther

Macarons summer collection

We have raved about Macarons before (and here) — the innovative and original company from Germany. We just love the clever fabrics and designs, it is all so cute and practical, and we admire their strict ecological, sustainable and fair trade manufacturing standards. So we were happily surprised to see their first summer collection — oh my! Both Courtney as I couldn’t resist and picked up some pieces for our kids: the cosy kimono style overall Orel for Marlow and Casper, made of a double-face 100% GOTS organic cotton — stripy from the outside and polkadots on the inside. Super soft and so sweet! Ivy got the beautiful Dora dress (see photo), with darling details, and I got Ava the yellow overall Ola, lovely and wide with pleats front and back. We are both so impressed with the design and quality of all the pieces we got for our kids!

If you happen to be in Amsterdam this weekend, you can come and admire this impressive collection ‘live’, and shop it with huge discounts! There will also be a few other of my favourite shops, brands and people. You can try out the best scooters from Micro-step (and purchase them with a nice discount!), browse the collections of the darling boutique Polpettine, try homemade jams by Kate’s Slow Jam, and on Friday Maud Fontein will be there, with a lovely set-up for mini photo shoots with your kids. Of course there will be a little crafting table as well, to keep the kids occupied while you browse, try and shop. It will be great fun — so I hope to see your there!! (Click to see the invite below!)

xxx Esther


Vietnamese style Rice Paper rolls

My kids and I are really  into making rice paper rolls these days — a very fun and healthy cooking activity, which they love! Dried rice paper is available from the Japanese store (you get about one hundred sheets for a few euros). The fillings can vary — we’ve tried cucumber, carrot, avocado, celery and crab sticks. Other good filling are: red pepper, prawns, tofu, bean sprouts, spring onion, Chinese cabbage, egg omelette, fresh herbs (coriander, mint) and chicken strips. They can be completely veggie or kosher, depending on the fillings you choose, and are gluten free!

Place the fillings in little bowls on the table, together with a bit of (Japanese) mayonnaise. My kids love cutting veggies (and are pretty good at it!) so I slice them in fairly big chunks and let them do the rest. Soak a sheet of rice paper into a bowl of lukewarm water until it’s soft, about 15 seconds, and place on the table. Spread a little bit of mayonnaise onto the paper, and choose the topping you like to use. Fold over sides of paper and roll up to close. Done!

You can make a quick dip sauce (combine rice vinegar, lime juice, sping onion and a bit of fish sauce, minced red chilli, mint and coriander) or serve with sweet chili sauce.


xxx Esther

Moroccan Baby Booties from Culture Baby

Culture Baby is a new web boutique selling a range of beautiful, specialty products from different corners of the globe. They’ve set out to offer an international selection of gorgeous goodies which have a unique, cultural story behind them. One such product are these beautiful leather baby booties which are hand sewn by expert leather artisans in Rabat, Morocco.

The booties are made from soft leather and lined with decorative cotton. And apart from the obvious beautiful aesthetics, the booties have such an interesting story behind them which you can read here. The ladies at Culture Baby kindly sent a pair for Marlow, and I can’t wait for them to fit her. In the meantime, they’re sitting pretty on a shelf just waiting to be worn and cherished…

xx Courtney

Archie’s Boutique

Archie’s is a London-based baby boutique with ‘beautiful little things for beautiful little things’. There’s a lovely curated collection, full of original and fun designs, often with great colours and interesting patterns, and always produced ethically. If you’re looking for a present for a little baby (either your own or someone else’s!), you will find something at Archie’s for sure. Toys, shoes, essentials, fashion — there is even a darling vintage selection.

The gorgeous yellow dungarees from UK brand What Mother Made, that Caper is wearing in the photo above, come from Archie’s, and I love them. They’re fun, fresh, sturdy, cute, and cleverly made — adjustable straps and rolled up legs will assure that he can wear them for a long time!

xxx Esther

Happi Yumi cake toppers

Nash Alpine, a graphic designer by trade, started her small business Happi Yumi after becoming a mother. Unable to find lovely, personal pieces for the parties she was organising, she started creating her own customised partyware – et voila!

Nash made some darling Fairy Princess Cake Toppers for Ava, and they are so, so cute! She was so proud, taking them to her crèche today. It made the cupcakes look super special, and so very ‘Ava’!

Nash designs other personalised products too, like original invites, fun party bags, and cool balloon hangers. The ordering process is super easy — just send over two of your favourite photo, and Nash will create something wonderful and personal from it. Sweet!

xxx Esther

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