Upcycle Clothes - together with the Funky Peas
My kids are hopefully going to stop growing soon. Not only because my eldest, who is now 10 is almost as big as I am (!) but also because of the amount of clothes they go through is just simply extraordinary. I was talking to my friend Michelle about this the other day and we ...
Organic cotton sleepwear from Little Winnie
When I was in Byron Bay earlier this year I became good friends with Aimee Winchester, a local mum of four girls (!) and founder of Little Winnie, an organic range of sleepwear for children. She was one of the first mums I met in Byron, and we spent the month enjoying lots of BBQs ...


Busy Boxes: a great idea to keep little ones entertained
Super simple ideas are the best, and this idea of a BUSY BOX for bigger siblings, which is great for both mamas and kids, will help enormously in the early weeks & months of second (or third) time motherhood (especially if you don't have extra help at home!). We know newborns love to feed, sleep, ...
Cloth Lullaby by Amy Novesky, pictures by Isablle Arsenault
Cloth Lullaby is one of those dreamy books that deserves a special place in your home. It's so good I almost can't allow the girls to keep it in their bedroom; I want to show it off and tell everybody about it. I love it so much it still lives in the living room on our ...
Positano, Italy: Family-friendly Tips and Recommendations
Positano is a very special place for my family. Michael and I made our first visit to Positano in May 2004, back before we had started our family, and on that first trip we made a promise that we would try to come back every year for as long as we could. We returned the ...
Leap & Hop Travel Books for Kids
My friend Henley from Passported recently introduced me to the wonderful Leap & Hop series of travel books for children, and I only wish I had known about these earlier! The children would have loved filling out the Sri Lanka book while we were there a few months ago. I think it's such a wonderful way ...
Practising English with Storytime Magazine
Bringing up bi-lingual, multinational kids has many advantages. The main one being that, from a young age, they speak two languages fluently, without thinking about it. But I have had to put some work into it. Speaking English whilst living in France was relatively easy -- I just had to be strict (mostly with myself) ...
A week in Campania, Italy
Our school had scheduled an extra week of vacation in the month of June this year, which was such a welcomed treat! I loved that extra week -- still mid-season and therefore not too busy and less expensive to travel, and summery enough to fly to the south of Europe for a sunny destination. I had once ...
Papier d'Arménie
I am a complete sucker for sweet, old products - there is something so comforting about mints in a tin box or a pad of old school writing paper. In French we have a word for it: intemporel. Papier d'Arménie falls into this category. I had seen it in pharmacies and shops plenty of times, ...
Five questions with Julie Marabelle from Famille Summerbelle
I have always admired the collections of Famille Summerbelle -- their famous family tree, the wallpapers, the amazing paper-cut maps (check out this video!), the stylish homewares -- it's all just so wonderful. Julie Marabelle -- the designer behind the brand -- is such an inspiring person. When Julie moved to Amsterdam a few years ago together with her husband Simon ...



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