Shh! We have a plan by Chris Haughton
May 11, 2016
We are real fans of Chris Haughton's books! To be honest it was a difficult choice to decide on which one to tell you about. Florence loves A Bit Lost so much and Helena loves to read our Dutch version of, Oh No George! But we finally decided on telling you about Shh! We have ...
Tuesday Tips: A genius swim trick!
May 10, 2016
Until this week, Marlow couldn't swim. In fact, she was never really enthusiastic about getting in the water and when she did, she wore floaties to keep her afloat. I was chatting to a friend in Australia last month, a mother of three, and she said, "You know the trick for teaching your kids to swim, ...


New YouTube video: A DIY gym bag tutorial
May 9, 2016
Here is without any further ado our latest YouTube video! Esther had been sent some beautiful fabrics by Little Cube so we got together to make some sweet little gym bags for our kids. We really had a lot of fun making them and wanted to share this tutorial with you. We experimented and tried ...
Enfance Paris, natural soap for children
May 6, 2016
I recently discovered Enfance, a Paris-based company making 100% natural soap aimed purely at children, and using only organic ingredients of the very best quality. After becoming a mother, the owner of the brand, Agnès Laffourcade, realised that she was missing a brand purely aimed at children that used exclusively organic science. So she developed a range of ...
Thursday Thoughts: I think I quite like my wrinkles
May 5, 2016
Being around 40 is an interesting thing because, there is no denying it at this point - I am now officially a grown up, a fact that I have been trying to ignore! It is also quite confronting as my features are changing, and no matter how much cream I splash on, age is changing my ...
Bamboo perfection, from Panda and the Sparrow
May 4, 2016
Bamboo is an amazing recourse -- it is the fastest growing plant in the world (it can grow up to a metre per day without any fertilisers, pesticides or even much water!), and it completely regrows after harvesting -- without the need to replant. Bamboo fabrics have some amazing advantages as well. Not only is ...
One week in Tokyo: A re-cap of our time in this mega-city!
May 3, 2016
After spending one month in laid-back Byron Bay, we gave ourselves a bit of culture shock by flying straight into the mega city of Tokyo! After a bit of a rough travel day (bumpy flight, sick children, long queues in airports and a taxi too small to fit all of our luggage!), we arrived to a little ...
Motherlove, a new collection by Lennebelle
May 2, 2016
Mother's Day for us here in the Netherlands (like in the US and many other countries) is traditionally celebrated the second Sunday in May. Of course, mothers are spoiled that day with a breakfast in bed and showered with kisses. Perhaps, there is also a gift? Lennebelle, the Dutch jewellery label, just came out with ...
Some exciting changes to come...!
April 30, 2016
We have some really BIG and exciting news – something we’ve been eager to share for months and months…! Babyccino Kids is getting a makeover and we’ll be revealing our spiffy new look tomorrow, the 1st of May!! After more than a year of hard work behind the scenes, we’re so excited to finally launch a ...
Marie Puce, gorgeous Parisian fashion for all ages
April 29, 2016
It's not a secret that we love Marie Puce here at Babyccino. We've worked with the two sisters behind the brand for many years, and we really admire their dedication to bringing adorable children's fashion to the market. Marie Puce have forever been a brand I turned to for pieces for all of my children. ...



Make a dolls hospital for you children to practice their doctors skills! It's super simple and you will even find free downloads for the nurse caps and doctor's prescriptions ️. Check it out on the blog archives, link in profile! #pretendplay
8 hours ago
It's time to plan the summer holidays and we are wondering - do you like camping? Emilie really does and tells us why on the blog today! (link in profile) #camping #summer
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Spring, spring, spring! We bring you a fresh, bright and 100% green Top Ten this week! Tap for details and have a look online to know more about this selection! (link in profile) #babyccinotopten #spring #green
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Flyaway is a wonderful story book, counting book and concept book with fascinating and detailed illustrations. Read more about it on the blog today (link in profile)! #babyccinoreads #picturebook
1 day ago
Yes, needle felting is easy, fun, and relaxing! Why don't you give it a try with kids? Have a look at the blog archives, link in profile! (the supplies from @conscious_craft are ) #needlefelting #dryfelting #crafts
2 days ago
Sisters love and dreamy tutus Such a beautiful pic! @courtneyadamo @tutudumonde #sisters #tutu #dressup #magic
3 days ago
Spring is flower time! How about making a couple of those cute brown paper flower pots? Tutorial on the blog archives! #diy #crafts #flowerpot #spring
4 days ago
Great fashion for kids and adults? That's what @nikoava does! Go on the blog now to know more!
4 days ago
Lucky Sara got a handmade gym bag - make one (or more!) too for your children with our video tutorial! ️ #sewing #diy #tutorial
5 days ago
Esther and her family spent an amazing weekend on a farm, glamping in a tent house and helping with the farm works - a unique experience! More on the blog, with beautiful pictures!
5 days ago