Little Bear by Else Holmelund Minarik
July 14, 2016
Florence is feeling so grown up! She has her own first little chapter book and there is so much excitement in the house! She carries it everywhere with her and I even overheard her recommending it the other day to her friends at the swimming pool! I came across these little series of books when I ...
A flower party for Ava's 6th birthday
July 13, 2016
Last weekend, Ava finally celebrated her sixth birthday party with a few friends from her class. We had decided on a flower theme, which we thought would be cute for a bunch of 6-year-olds. It ended up being a lovely sunny day, and the flower party theme was so good (and so easy!). I always like ...


Choosing the best sun protection for your kids
July 12, 2016
During this year of adventure we have enjoyed mostly sunny, warm climates. This was by design, of course, and following the sun meant we didn't have to burden ourselves or our bags with heavy, winter clothing. The slight downside was that we have spent a year toting around hats, sun shirts and sun cream, rarely going a day without thinking about sun ...
Five questions with Julie Kohlhoff from macarons
July 11, 2016
I remember being introduced to macarons 5 years ago when they first presented their collection at the local children's fashion fair here in Amsterdam. Julie and Veit, joined by their baby girl and Veit's mother, were presenting a different, interesting collection that really stood out -- with amazing double-knit fabrics they had developed themselves and intriguing, cool ...
Splotch animal Pop-up Cards
July 8, 2016
Ella recently celebrated her birthday which means this week her thank you cards are on our family to-do list (don't for a second think that I actually get around to mailing out thank yous a week after a gift is given, but the best of intentions is always there immediately!). Nathan's mom gave us a ...
Sri Lanka: Where to Stay
July 7, 2016
Before returning to Europe at the end of May, we spent nearly a month exploring the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. It was our first time visiting, and we enjoyed getting to know the island, its happy people, its many cultures and customs, and, of course, the delicious food! We have never been to India, but ...
Are We There Yet? by Jo Pink
July 6, 2016
For some of us the summer holiday has begun, and very soon we are about to embark on our annual roadtrip through Europe. We have a lot of miles to cover and I have already a pile of really exciting audio books packed which we all can't wait to listen to. In addition we have some fun ...
A simple tip for sorting your laundry faster
July 5, 2016
How much time do you spend washing, folding and ironing laundry per week? Even with the help of my husband, my children and our cleaning lady, I still spend at least half a day a week working on it. If not more! I was just sorting through the laundry, and while folding the the boys' ...
DIY Baby Bunting
July 4, 2016
A beautiful bunting is a great way to celebrate the birth of a newborn and a fun project for the older sibling(s) to do too! I received a beautiful fabric bunting during my first pregnancy that my thoughtful and creative friends made as a gift for me. But when I took the bunting out to use ...
Weekend Getaway: Minneapolis
July 1, 2016
After the recent interview with Jen from Polka Dot Club, in which she shared photos of her beautiful home and described her little city with such passion, we thought it would be fun to ask her to write down her favourite things to do, eat, and see in her home town. I've never been to Minneapolis, but her ...



Storytime is a monthly magazine for kids filled with beautifully illustrated stories, fairytales, fables and poems (and NO adverts!) Emilie's daughters love receiving them in their mailbox - and the good news is this amazing offer for Babyccino readers: 3 issues for just £3/ $5! All details are in the blog post, link in profile! #storytimemagazine
18 hours ago
Esther shares on the blog her amazing family holidays in beautiful southern Italy - Naples, Pompeii, Capri and the Amalfi coast! Check out her tips, places to see and things to do, hotels and restaurants addresses and her pretty and sunny photos! Link in profile! ️
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The ocean is calling! This week our Top Ten brings you fresh air and salty waves Tap for details and follow the link in profile for more info! #babyccinotopten #ocean
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Do you know Papier d'Arménie? It's been used in France since 1885 as a natural air freshener, sanitizer or even a drawer delicate deodorant - check out how to use it on the blog! (link in profile)
3 days ago
Esther's favourite pancake place in Amsterdam is in our city guide - along with many other places to see and things to do in this beautiful city! Link in profile#babyccinocityguides #amsterdam
4 days ago
Journalling during the summer months is a fun way for kids to record their holidays - each day brings so many discoveries - but also gives them a reason to sit down to reflect and write. Courtney shares her tips about it on this great blog post from the archives, link in profile!
5 days ago
This one is for you, mums! Check out this pretty, easy to wear, and effortlessly elegant dress born from the collaboration of brands we love, @smokks and @girlsongreenwich - total perfection for summer! #babyccinoboutiques
5 days ago
Where to take a break in New York City: a list of Manhattans and Brooklyn beautiful parks and best playgrounds to relax, explore or have great family fun! Details in our New York city guide, link in profile! #babyccinocityguides #newyork
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Meet Julie from @famillesummerbelle in our latest interview series! This super inspiring mum of 3 is the designer behind the colourful and whimsical brand - more on the blog, link in profile!
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Looking for the perfect audio book that will have the whole family hooked from start to finish during those summer road trips? Vanessa @vanessagerbrandy found it, details on the blog and link in profile! #babyccinoreads
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