Weekend Get-Away: Dallas

The moment I hear Dallas, I automatically think of JR, Bobby and good old Sue Ellen hanging out in Southfork with their cowboy hats. I am sure this is a gross generalisation, and there must be so much more that Dallas has to offer than the Ewings and their crazy antics. Which is why I was very grateful that Sara, formally from the lovely children’s clothing label Chakra Design Studio, offered to give us a bit more insight to what goes on in Dallas. Turns out that it is a wonderful place to visit with a family with a ton of things on offer.

Sara Hignite, our guest blogger, has put her master’s degree in art history to good use as a museum professional, first in St. Louis and now in Dallas. She has also published Comic Art Magazine and in her most recent side project, she helped launch Chakra Design Studio, a boho children’s clothing line. She lives in Dallas with her husband and their 4-year-old daughter, Ava, and is currently looking for her next project. Here are Sara’s insider tips on a weekend away in Dallas: (more…)

Weekend Get-Away: Copenhagen

Did you know that apparently the Danish have the highest standard of living in all of Europe and possibly the world? And the highest standard of living in Denmark must be in Copenhagen, so I reckon it must be a very, very cool place to visit especially with kids: clean, safe, and beautiful (and by the sea!).

We are very lucky to have Christine, a mom of two who runs a maternity cafe called Lille Du and a lovely webshop called Happy Boheme, give us a list of things to do in Copenhagen. Reading her recommendations makes me want to book flight tickets and jump on a plane right this minute!

Weekend Get-Away: Boston

According to my friend, Marika, who is a regular visitor — Boston is an absolutely fantastic city to visit with kids because it is jam-packed with things to do for the whole family, regardless of age and interest.  It’s also super easy to get around town, either on foot or by public transport.  The centre of the city is tiny and most sights are within walking distance of each other.
Marika lives in London and has two daughters. She also travels more than any other friend I have! She and her family (photographed below) have just returned from another family visit to Boston and she has kindly written down a weekend guide for us. Makes me want to take the kids to Boston — there’s so much to do and it all sounds incredible.


Chicago Weekend Get-Away

Chicago has a special place in my heart as I lived close by in Illinois a very, very long time ago (between the ages of 6 and 8)…. I have vague memories of going up the John Hancock building and trying to get my head around the fact that Lake Michigan is actually a lake and not a sea, even though it is so big you can’t see across it.

Luckily enough, Inessa from the lovely blog Diaper Style Memoirs offered to write a post for us with a more reliable version of things to do in Chicago. By the way the Chicago sky line is a watercolour & ink drawing by Comic Nurse on Etsy. Isn’t it beautiful?

Here are Inessa’s tips for a weekend with kids in Chicago: (more…)

Weekend Away Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is one of my top ten favourite cities. One of my closest friends lives over there, and so, before kids, I used to visit almost once a year. Kuala Lumpur is such a great mix between a modern metropolitan city and an ethnically diverse melting pot, full of history and buzzing with energy.
We are very lucky to have Vivien, a mom of two and a KL local, do a write up  for us of her favourite child-friendly places in and around Kuala Lumpur. Vivien works with Irene Hoofs on one of our favourite blogs Bloesem Kids. She lives with her two daughters and husband in KL. Do let us know if you have other great ideas of things to do in KL. (more…)

Weekend Get-Away: Toronto

This time our Weekend Get-Away guide is all about the vibrant city of Toronto. It was written by the lovely Brandy who works in the Toronto fashion industry and who is the founder of Baby Blackbird, a blog about children’s fashion. Very nicely, she took some time off writing for her own blog and put together a list of things to do and see in Toronto. I had no idea that Toronto had so many child-friendly things to do! (more…)

Weekend get-away: Miami

This weekend get-away post I am very, very excited about as it was written by my very dear friend Petra who I went to college with a long, long time ago in the Kent countryside of snowy England. After college we both moved to London and had some great times – to say the least. About 10 years ago Petra, a hotel expert, left Europe and never came back. She now lives in sunny Coconut Grove, Miami, with her lovely husband Christopher and their little daughter Ella.

Together with her friend, Oriane, a French girl who grew up in Miami and is a fashion writer by trade,  they put together this great guide to Miami. I hope you enjoy it. Certainly reading it from snowy Paris, Miami sounds VERY tempting! (more…)

Weekend get-away: Berlin

This week’s get-away is from one of my favourite cities, Berlin, which I cannot wait to go visit with my kids. Rumour has it that it is one of the most child-friendly cities in Europe. Judith is a freelance writer who loves to travel. She is also a mother of two (a 5 and a 3-year-old) and long time resident of Berlin. She has become an expert in seeking out Berlin’s child-friendly hotspots and was kind enough to share her tips with us. (more…)

Weekend get-away: Hong Kong

If you travel internationally it is very hard not to have a stop-over at some point in Hong Kong. Chances are that you are on a long-haul flight so it is the perfect place to take a break in your journey. But it has never seemed to me like a kid-friendly place, so I was really excited to meet Kristen a few months ago, who runs the lovely eco-friendly and ethical e-shop Hocusadabra and lives in Hong Kong. (Hilariously enough we have friends in common in Kuala Lumpur which shows yet again how small the world is.) Kristen was excited to hear about the weekend get-away posts and was kind enough to write up what she would recommend doing with kids on a weekend in Hong Kong. I hope you enjoy it. Please do let us know if you have any other recommendations for what to do in this great city! (more…)

Weekend get-away: Athens

Greece is a dream holiday destination — the beautiful islands, the history, the coffee and the food. Athens is the the main hub and starting point for most trips to Greece, so why not spend a couple of days discovering this historic city, before hitting the beach?

Pepi, an Athens native, was gracious enough to give us some tips and ideas on what to do in Athens with children. She grew up in the city of Patras before coming to Athens many years ago. During her studies she spent a year in Scotland before settling in Athens.  She now lives with her husband Chris and their little daughter Alice in this city full of history. Pepi is now a full time mom and spends her time with her daughter discovering and playing. Here are her insider tips: (more…)

Weekend Get-away: Barcelona

To introduce our new weekend getaway feature, here is our first post from Marta in Barcelona. Barcelona is one of my favourite Mediterranean cities. It has the perfect mixture of culture, beauty, beach life and beautiful weather. It always strikes me as such a relaxed city that is easy to explore and perfect to visit ‘en famille’.

Whilst searching for someone with inside info about visiting Barcelona with kids I remembered Marta. Marta lives with her husband and little son in the wonderful Gracia part of Barcelona. She is a professional translator and also a blogger. Her blog English in Barna, is about life in Barcelona, her blog A Bilingual Bébé gives tips to Spanish speaking parents on how to raise their child bilingually, and finally she  also blogs for the international organisation Pocket Cultures. All in all Marta is the perfect person to start off our new feature. I do hope you enjoy discovering Barcelona through her post. And please do leave us any comments or recommendations you have about Barcelona. The more ideas the merrier… (more…)

Babyccino Kids Weekend Get-aways

Before having kids, traveling was a piece of cake. You could book a last-minute flight, zip off to an unknown destination, take a quick break, relax and discover a new city.  It didn’t really matter where you stayed, where you ate, how long it took to get there, etc. But now, all those logistics must be considered and the itinerary planned.  It seems the easiest thing to do is head to a city you already know, or visit friends who can show you around, or get recommendations from a friend who has been before. Which is why (drum roll please) we’re so excited about this new Weekend Getaways feature…

We will be continually featuring different travel destinations from around the world, offering a mini Weekend guide for what to do and where to go, all written by a local parent or a frequent traveler to the city — an expert with tips to share.  It will make discovering new cities all the more do-able to have a reliable list of things to do/see with your kids.

After all, traveling with kids is a lot of fun, especially if you know where to go.  We hope our tips inspire you.

– Emilie

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