Kid & Coe, a vacation rental website for families!

I am really, super excited about the recent launch of Kid & Coe, a vacation rental website featuring stylish family homes all over the world. Imagine travelling to New York, Paris, San Francisco, Copenhagen… Mexico even (!) and being able to stay in a family home, complete with child-sized beds, toys for your kids, a proper kitchen to cook meals, and other family-friendly features to really make you feel at home wherever you go.

Each Kid & Coe listing offers a great description of the property as well as a ‘good to know’ section of family-friendly considerations (closest parks, baby proof safety measures, dishwasher and washing machines, etc.). You can also read a description of the neighbourhood and surrounding area, and of course view loads of great photos of each property (truthfully, it’s like viewing the pages of Elle Decor – some of these homes are so beautiful and inspiring – it’s worth travelling just for the chance to stay in them!).

Not only is it a great place to find stylish family rentals, but you can also list your home with Kid & Coe if you’re interested in renting it out while you’re away. Registering your home is really easy, and the team at Kid & Coe is extremely helpful. It’s easy to enter the dates you’ll be away and manage your property listing and information. I know because I recently signed us up our home and it was really a piece of cake. I’m excited to see the process of booking and renting out our home… and I’m even more excited to stay in some of the other amazing homes around the world. I definitely have the travel bug just looking at this site!

xx Courtney

p.s. Here’s the link for the beautiful London-based home featured in these photos. (Don’t you just want to move straight in?!!)

Looking Dapper

There is a little shop in Encinitas, California (where I used to live) called m.o.m that has the most adorable decor pieces, accessories and handmade clothes for children. They often use one-of-a-kind fabrics with fun prints for their items. I bought the most adorable pink striped tie for one of the favorite little boys in my life when I was last down there and he adores it. These would be darling additions to any easter outfit or to have around for a dress-up occasion.  (They don’t show a big selection on their site, but they are great at taking custom orders and letting you pick out the fabrics.)


Little Warrior

Little Warrior is a sweet children’s line out of Los Angeles. The Spring/Summer ’12 Lookbook is adorable and perfectly captures the feeling of endless childhood days. I love all of the super-soft unique silhouettes and the muted palette. Little Warrior just opened a boutique in Hollywood over the weekend. If you are in the neighborhood, you should absolutely stop by!

Little Warrior Boutique (inside Filth Mart)
1038 North Fairfax Avenue
West Hollywood, CA 90046

Welcome Elizabeth in Los Angeles!

I was first introduced to Elizabeth Antonia when I discovered her blog about a year ago (perhaps you remember this blog post, which was inspired by a post she wrote!). I have since become enamoured with her life in LA, her relationship with her gorgeous daughter, the traveling she does, and the refreshing take on life she has.

I am extremely excited to say that she will now be our newest contributor, writing from LA and sharing a bit of her life with us! Hooray, hooray! Stay tuned for her first post today…

x Courtney

(Bottom image taken by Lou Mora)

Children’s Photographer Emily Ulmer

The arrival of my children triggered an obsession with capturing every important (and not so important) moment with my digital camera. My amateur photography skills have developed, though perhaps not at the same speed as my little ones. I still haven’t quite mastered the understated photographic style I’ve always loved in my favorite design and European kids magazines.
When I saw the work of children’s photographer Emily Ulmer, I was so impressed by photographs that captured the innocence of childhood, but with the added sophistication of an editorial layout. These are no Sears Portraits– no forced smiles here. Emily’s style captures the thoughtful and pensive moments as well as the sweet and silly ones.


Author! Author! Scribble Press

Here in Los Angeles if there’s anything more prized than making movies it’s writing stories that become movies. Maybe that’s why LA was a natural place for Scribble Press, a make-your-own-book store where children can write, illustrate and publish their own books. Created by two mommy friends, this simple and reasonably priced press — a storefront with desks, art materials, and story templates to stimulate ideas — was an instant hit with my five-year-old son. To my amazement he was able to write and illustrate a story in a two-hour visit and watch it turn into a real book. At first I thought the writing process might be too difficult for a kiddo his age, but I was assured that much younger kids had authored before him. (more…)

The Children’s Nature Institute: Tykes on Trails Program

I was so excited to come across Tykes on Trails — guided trail walks for youngsters to learn about local flora and fauna. I signed up for a program at nearby Temescal Canyon Park and it was such a fun activity. After a non-strenuous, sweet little hike, we came home with stories to tell about shamrocks seen through a magnifying glass, acorns that fell from a tree, rocks you could skip across a stream, and a treasured lizard tattoo for my son. (I got a butterfly). Our walk leader gave us a plant clipping in a wet strip of paper towel, ready to put in water by the kitchen window until it grew some roots. This hands-on learning is such a great experience for kids. They LOVE it and the leaders are incredibly knowledgeable and able to keep the attention of the little explorers. As the walk leader says, the kids are in training to be “nature spies.” How cool?!

x Kaela

Summer Sweetness: Upside Down Fig Cake

Living in Los Angeles, we’re so fortunate to have an abundance of fresh, organic and local produce year round. You can find farmer’s markets every day of the week in a multitude of L.A. neighborhoods with readily available, inspiring ingredients. One of the ingredients that I get particularly excited about each year is the fig. When figs are in season, I can’t get enough of this beautiful, sweet, fleshy fruit. I could eat them served just about any way – whole and fresh, mixed with yogurt and honey, in savory Moroccan dishes, and in this delectable, moist fig cake courtesy of my good friend Jules who frequents the markets every week, searches for the best of the best produce and creates dishes for her family and her blog, Renaissance Mamas that positively make my mouth water. Her cake is similar to the pineapple upside down, with the added sophistication of the succulent fig. I think it would be even more delicious with a big dollop of lightly sweetened crème fraiche. Yummmmm…  Here’s the recipe: (more…)

Arbor Collective Skateboards

Like most little boys, my son wanted one of these four-wheelers for himself after he first laid eyes on some local skaters enjoying their rides. We went through several superhero-themed “kid” skateboards only to come to the conclusion that they were practically disposable due to poor quality and cheap materials, not to mention the absence of any decent performance. I realized that this was an activity not soon to be outgrown, (most of my friends’ husbands are still proud owners of at LEAST one) and decided it was time to step it up a few notches for something with staying power. I turned to Arbor Collective.  I loved the sleek design and use of natural wood. I also happily discovered that on top of incredible aesthetics, performance and craftsmanship, Arbor is committed to creating products in the most environmentally responsible way possible and the owners fully stand behind every snowboard and skateboard they make. They use ecologically based alternatives to harmful chemicals, water-based finishes and recycled materials to produce impressive skateboards in a huge variety of shapes and sizes with designs by featured artists (this mini Pocket Rocket is the choice for my eldest). Arbor Collective has a sweet little showroom in Venice with friendly, helpful staff, and their website tells you about other places you can purchase their products. Have fun!

x Kaela

The Santa Monica Airport — fun for the kids!

For most of us living in Southern California, kids + outdoor activities = the way to go. Yes, of course we have many parks and beaches (and parks AT beaches), and I definitely have my favorites, but here’s a different idea (at least to those who don’t know about it yet!) – the Santa Monica Airport. “Airplane” being one of my son’s first words, I knew that this would be a home run when I first discovered from another parent its entertainment potential (other than a possible ‘Brangelina’ sighting). This small, un-crowded, easily accessible airport is a great spot for KIDS!

Once you reach the “public view deck” of this little unassuming airpot, voilà – you have front row seats to take-offs and landings! My son was enthralled and totally mesmerized each time a little prop plane or private jet would arrive or take to the sky – or even just start to taxi on the runway. (more…)

Get Your Glow On

When I was pregnant it came to me that what was going on my body was also going in my body. I was conscientiously eating organic food while I paid very little attention to the ingredients in my cosmetic products.
After my daughter, baby #2, was born, I figured make-up could be a quick fix for a life that was short on sleep. I wanted to appear composed and rested (how about beautiful — would that be too much to ask?) and at the same time I was determined to be healthy. I began to search for natural cosmetic products. The make-up shelf at the natural food store was a start, but I was far from convinced that the ‘naturalness’ behind the products justified the cost.
Enter Josie Maran Cosmetics. Josie Maran, eco-activist, Los Angeles-based model and mother came up with a line of natural cosmetics, free of petrochemicals and toxins found in most commercial brands. I came across her line at a launch party for a cool women’s “green” website that offered complimentary mini makeovers using Josie’s make-up. I felt great about the company’s commitment to the environment, and I felt great about their commitment to a fabulous product. I went home that night with a sample of JMC Organic Argan Oil in my goody bag. I had never heard of Argan oil, and there was a mini education in that product alone. Argan is a light, nourishing oil from the Moroccan Argan tree’s seed, believed to have potent anti-aging properties – a plus for us “mature” mamas! All Argan sold today is produced by a women’s cooperative that shares the profits among women of the Berber tribe. (more…)

Ships Ahoy! See-Saw Swing from Haba

We got this fantastic Ships See-Saw Swing for my son’s fourth birthday and his boat-themed party, and it really is the gift that keeps on giving. It was and continues to be SUCH a huge hit with the kids – my own and every single friend that comes over to play. We attached it to our swing set where it’s easily removable when we want to swap it for the regular swing. This was our best option as we’re lacking the great, big tree branch that would be a perfect home for a swinging sailboat to take kids to far away fantasy lands of storms, pirates and princesses. The swing has another convenient feature — holding many children at once (we’ve had up to seven), thus avoiding the dreaded and inevitable “my turn, MY turn!!” from the less-than-patient youngster.
There are several places to purchase it online, or if you’re in Los Angeles, check it out at The Acorn Store in Santa Monica. This is my go-to spot for creative and wooden toys – great for gifts!


Pedal Power

Having recently returned from one of my all-time favorite cities in the world, as well as Esther’s stomping ground — Amsterdam, I now have a serious case of bicycle-itis. The whole bicycle culture over there is just completely enchanting to me. Visions of every age using the power of the pedal as the main form of transportation, unlike Los Angeles, where the smallest of errands usually entails a full car load up. Not only that, but the bikes in Amsterdam are works of art as far as I’m concerned. My husband and I would duck into any bike shop we’d come across and excitedly “choose” which style ride we needed to have in our possession back in the States. My kids couldn’t get enough of piling into a cargo bike and away we’d go! And not only does bike riding appeal to my “green” side, it appeals to my “fun” side and totally takes me back to my childhood and the feeling of freedom that goes along with riding a bike. The geography of L.A. makes it highly unlikely (i.e. only in my dreams) to become a bicycle driven city, but that does not mean we can’t have our own little slice of the Dutch life. Thanks to the super friendly brother duo, Adam and Josef Bray-Ali, owners of Flying Pigeon LA, we Angelenos now have direct access to the SUVs of bicycle family fun. (more…)

Hello from Los Angeles

I am so excited to be the newest member of the fabulous Babyccino women! As a mother, a lover of great design and a frequent traveler, Babyccino Kids was such a great discovery for me. Besides having the pleasure of becoming friends with the amazing Esther, Courtney & Emilie, the posts have been so helpful when revisiting cities like Amsterdam, Paris and London with kids for the first time, which can be challenging to say the least! I am thrilled to now be able to share my city, Los Angeles, with all the interested readers near and far. L.A. is huge, so we have quite a bit to cover! There are a TON of things to see and do (and buy!), and it’s a great place to visit with kids. I’m looking forward to sharing the fun with you all!


Welcome, Kaela… Welcome LA!!

It’s funny how sometimes you can meet somebody and within hours chat as if you’ve known each other for years. This happened when I met Kaela in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. Good thing she was forced to stay in town for an extra few days due to the strange phenomenon of an Icelandic ash-cloud…  So we could spend some more time together and chat about everything in our lives, from kids (she has 2) to bathing suits (she has plenty of them as she lives in LA!) to cooking (she’s a chef-cook!) to design (she’s an interior designer!) to Babyccino Kids. She’s a fun, sweet, interesting, beautiful and stylish woman and we’re all very proud to introduce her as our new LA contributor (yes, finally)!
Without further ado — please welcome our new contributor from the exciting, cosmopolitan, sunny, city-of-the-stars: Los Angeles!

xxx Esther