Ruby and Joy, sweet handmade homewares

Scotland-based, Nicola Goring, from Ruby and Joy recently sent me a couple of her sweet handmade cushions and I love the pretty fabrics she uses. What a lovely little Etsy shop! Her little elephant and whale cushions are cute for a baby’s nursery, and I love her pretty heart-shaped lavender cushions too.

All the products are handmade with love in her wee little studio in Scotland. I love promoting little brands like this one!

x Courtney

Yellow Velvet embroidered cushions

I have so many children’s drawings flying around my house, I think I could fill up a gallery. But there are some that are actually really good (obviously I am subjective), which I really want to keep. Some are hanging on our kitchen cupboards, but I also like the idea I stumbled upon on the super cool cushion shop Yellow Velvet. They take your kids drawing and make it into a sweet embroidered pillow.  I think a cushion like that would be so nice to have in a children’s room.

They also make cushion’s out of Instagram photos, which I also love the idea of!

- Emilie

British Garden Birds Poster

We recently hung a bird feeder in the apple tree right outside our kitchen window, and it has been so much fun to watch all the garden birds help themselves to the birdseed. There are moments where we can spot three or four different birds taking turns flying up to our bird feeder, meanwhile pigeons (and squirrels!) help themselves to the seeds which fall onto the ground. The kids love pointing out the different birds we spot in the garden, which is why I knew they would love this new British Garden Birds Poster from Finch and Robin. The poster details 10 different garden birds, and we’ve hung it right on the wall by our kitchen table so that we can reference it every time we spot them.

I also like that £2 per poster is being donated to the RSPB Scotland to help save wildlife.

x Courtney

Not just a towel…

Whenever we go on a beach holiday, I like to pack turkish towels instead of normal beach towels because they take up less space in your suitcase, they’re less heavy when wet after a long day at the beach, they dry more quickly… and they’re super cute!

Yesterday I was in the Conran Shop with my mom and we stumbled on these large linen bath towels by FB Collection from Frescobol Carioca, and I couldn’t resist picking up the cute pink and white striped one. I love how multipurpose they are — they can be used as a scarf, a shawl, a sarong, a blanket or a beach towel. The perfect thing to have at the beach! (Can you tell I am desperate for a sunny, beach holiday? Desperate!!!).

x Courtney

The String Shelf

I completely adore the String Shelf. The String system was design in 1949 and over the last years has become one of the most popular pieces of classic scandinavian design. We got one for Nico’s room —  we call it “the treasure shelf”, because this is where he keeps his most valuable toys at the moment.

Robots, dinos, rockets. But the most important toys are the Star Wars ones, because they were a present from Uncle Javi. The toys belonged to him since he was little, and now they belong to Nico, 30 years later! Such a lovely present.

We are very happy with our String ! Hope you like it!

- Maria

Decorating a baby’s nursery, wallpaper on the ceiling

A few weeks ago I told you about the nursery I had the pleasure to decorate. Today I would like to share the lovely wallpaper we used — instead of putting it on the wall I put it on the ceiling! It looks different, don’t  you think?

The paper is one of my favorite nowadays. The Ferm Living, Harlequin. I am completely madly in love with it! Hope you like it!

- Maria

Merci – online

This post is actually written for some of my favourite ladies, Courtney and Esther, who have a favourite shop here in Paris. They literally go there every time they come. In fact, I sometimes suspect that they might be visiting me just as an excuse to visit Merci, the fantastic concept shop which happens to be very close to my flat.

And now they might never come visit again, as Merci has (finally) started an international online shop, full of amazing linens, the Merci clothes line, wall paper, these cool picnic napkins and many other bits and pieces.

Merci was started by the same people who founded Bonpoint many moons ago. It actually functions as a very stylish charity shop: all the proceeds of the shop are invested in educational projects in Madagascar (but certainly does not look like any charity shop I have ever seen before). Hopefully the online Merci is not the end to a wonderful friendship ;)

- Emilie

Beautiful illustrations by Liekeland

How beautiful are these works by Dutch illustrator Lieke van der Vorst? They have something so innocent about them, and at the same time they are so incredibly wise. They would be perfect for a nursery, a kids’ room, any room in the house, really. The third picture above is an illustration Lieke designed for a birth announcement last year. So, so sweet!
If you’re interested in Lieke’s work, you can her purchase postcards and prints via her webshop, or the bear postcards are available through BijzonderMooi as well.

xxx Esther

A tree coat rack

Today I would like to share the tree hanger I made for my son’s room. I did it myself a few years ago and I remember it was much easier than I had expected! I made it with palet wood and it looks great in Nico’s room!

We decorate it acording to the time of the year and the season! It is fun! (Inspired by the great great Camille Soulayrol.)

Hope you like it and hope you give it a go. It looks good in many parts of the house, as long as you have a free wall!! ;-)

- Maria

KEK wall stickers

Have a look at these awesome real life animal wall stickers by Amsterdam company KEK — how cool are they? I love the giant bear and the XL owl, but also adore the tiny hummingbird (which is flying around in Sara and Pim’s room) and this cute hedgehog. Wall stickers are such a quick and easy way to spice up a room, aren’t they? I also have been eyeing these fabulous tree trunks (I unfortunately don’t have any wall space left in our tiny house!).

xxx Esther

I love you more than…

We don’t have a Valentines Day tradition here in the Netherlands, and part of the idea I think is majorly over-commercialised, but the main thought — expressing and celebrating our love for our best friends and family — I think is important to emphasise. On Valentines day; every day!

These prints by This Many Design are so sweet. They are made by Kari Lazenby, who plays a game with her son every day where they say what they love the other more than — which gave her the idea for the I Love You More Than print (which you can personalise). Kari screen-prints the works by hand on beautiful French company paper, so each one is different, making them more unique than they already are.

xxx Esther

Wool Fabrique

Toward the very end of our day at Playtime, as we were frantically running out of the building to catch our taxi (late, as usual!), we stumbled upon the Wool Fabrique stand… and we literally stopped in our tracks! The taxi could wait — these gorgeous goodies were too good not to check out.

Wool Fabrique was started by artist/designer Maya Bekto, a mum of two. Her designs come to life on wool carpets, baskets, and cushions using the traditional techniques of the loom. I love the bold colours and the colour combinations she uses. Everything was really SO so cool. She doesn’t yet have an online shop, but if you’re interested in purchasing something she said she’s happy to take personal orders if you get in touch with her (contact details here). I think I might just order everything… (I wish!)

x Courtney

Beat the January (and February) blues!

Last Monday was apparently ‘Blue Monday’ — the most depressing day of the whole year! Courtney and I are always complaining about January and February months here in Northern Europe — it’s dark, cold, wet, the kids are sick and there is not a lot to look out to. Well, on Blue Monday, I put up a few pompoms in front of our living room window to brighten things up a bit, and it had an instant happyfying result. The pompoms are available from Visje bij de Thee — along with many more gorgeous products that would make my January/February blues melt in an instant. I also made this quick Lemon Poppyseed Drizzle cake, and treated myself to some some new Marimekko coffee cups. We’ve got to do what we can, don’t we?!
What’s the weather like where you are??

xxx Esther

Don’t forget the birds!

This is a project I remember from when I was a child. Every winter my mum would buy a big bag of peanuts, and we would sit down and string them together in long garlands, to decorate the trees and feed the hungry birds. This week, the birds must be especially hungry (it’s freezing cold here in Amsterdam), so I put the kids to work. And they loved the exercise! We used plain red baker’s twine (like this), and a big ballpoint needle. Kids happy, birds happy, mama happy — a good hour spent!

xxx Esther

Paper Friends from Blanca Helga

A few weeks ago I visited the combined Christmas sale of two great shops, Visje bij de Thee and MondaysMilk, where I discovered in the midst of the wonderful merchandise these ‘Paper Friends‘. They are made by Spanish artist Blanca Helga, from bits of collected cardboard and each one is completely unique and signed by the artist. Don’t you agree they make great decoration for the childrens’ room? Or any room, really!

xxx Esther

Madrid in Love

Last weekend Nico and I went to Madrid for a long weekend. It was so nice and one of the things we loved most was a pop-up store happening right now in Madrid (only december!). Madrid in Love.

A very special place, full of lovely things and lovely atmosphere. And really nice to visit with your kids!

After Madrid in Love, we went to a very nice place in Madrid. If you are looking for something sweet and tasty, Mama Framboise is the place. Amazing and super nice desserts.

If you happen to be in Madrid, I think they are a couple of lovely places to visit.

- Maria

Nobodinoz in Barcelona

Today I would like to introduce a store I just adore. Nobodinoz in Barcelona. It’s been 5 years since Nobodinoz made its grand opening. They were the first ones that introduced the kid’s design world in Spain, and we were so grateful for that.

They brought  the best design furniture, clothing, equipment… You will find brands like Oeuf NYC, ByBo Design, Kast Van Een Huiss, Talc, Bobo Choses, Veja, LuckyBoysunday… Amazing!

It is for me obligatory when I go to Barcelona, to stop in either of their two shops, and I always enjoy the time spent there. But in addition to the shops they have a webshop connected to the whole world.

- Maria

New Apron

I have decided that it is time for me to grow up and accept a wisdom of generations and generations of men and women: it makes sense to wear an apron when cooking.

It actually makes sense to wear an apron when cooking, cleaning and crafting. In fact, an apron is a great idea! The amount of tops and sweaters I have ruined by splattering sauce and oil on, is too depressing to think about. So this weekend I wandered into Muji and picked up a great big apron that will hopefully protect me for years to come. I like this one a lot, it is completely without frills and gives great coverage. There is a also similar one at Merci made out of linen, in case you ever are in Paris.

Though I decided that for my first apron a utilitarian approach was better, on the other side of the frill scale, I also love this apron at Anthropologie!

- Emilie

Above a photo of Violette and me making brownies to celebrate my new purchase! The photo was taken by Coco, who loved being the on set photographer.


I am sure that with time you will discover I have somewhat of a dual personality! As much as I love vintage and colorful design items, I also have a love for all things white and natural. So it will come to no surprise when I tell you I loved Pi’lo’s collection as soon as I saw it, about a month ago at the NYC gift fair. To top it off, Pi’lo is a Canadian company from Toronto and so I felt even more compelled to share my discovery with you. Everything is handmade with natural fibers such as cotton, linens and felt by the lovely Heather Shaw herself and practically from her home — her studio happens to be just behind her house. There are lots of great items to choose from for your home and not only for the kids — I particularly love the lined paper collection as well as all the pillows, although I think my favorite has to be the tic tac toe game. You can discover lot’s more on the website and Heather even has an Etsy shop.


Landmade, for simple household items from France

One of the many advantages of living in a relatively small flat in Paris is that my storage space is limited, which in turn means that I  don’t accumulate a lot of useless stuff. (BTW, this actually goes completely against my nature, so it has been an ‘interesting’ learning curve — to learn to think hard before buying!). Basically I have been trying to stick to quality rather than quantity.

I love, love, love this French website I discovered recently as it sells simple household items that have been around for generations and have one thing in common: quality. Most of the items are French-made or from neighbouring countries. Every single thing on the website has a story and is guaranteed to be useful for a very long time. Here are some of my favourites: the great Duralex glasses I wrote about a while ago, the cast iron “cocotte“, the swipping pan that actually looks nice just hanging in the kitchen.

My other favourite is the chestnut chair which is made in my region, the Limousin, so I have a little sentimental attachement to it! Unfortunately the website is only in French at the moment, but it is pretty easy to navigate, especially with google translator.

- Emilie

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