Miko Design

Mikodesign is a small Dutch label owned by the lovely Erika Harberts. Erika lives in Rotterdam with her husband and two darling daughters (who have inherited 100% of their mother’s good taste and creativity!), in a beautifully decorated flat with a little studio space in which she creates all of her amazing dolls, DIY kits, and other cute accessories.

Erika is one of the most creative women I have ever met. She designs and screen prints her own fabrics (look at this gorgeous onesie she made for Casper — it has an Amsterdam skyline on it; bakfiets included!), she keeps a beautiful and extremely inspiring blog, even designed and made an adorable play house in the garden a few years ago. The birthday parties she organises for her two girls are simply AMAZING — I think my favourite must be the Magritte detective party, but this Frida party is fantastic as well (and evolved in a line of beautiful Frida dolls and DIY kits). What an amazing, creative woman! (Who also happens to be super kind and sweet and pretty!)

You can buy Erika’s designs from the Mikodesign webshop or her Etsy shop, and follow her on Instagram here.
xxx Esther

LOVE letters!

A cardboard box, some spray paint or gouache, and voila!

Happy Valentines Day!

xxx Esther

DIY: customize a blazer

I have recently been asked by French kids brand Du Pareil au Meme, to customize one blazer of their collection. This is the result of it!

I really enjoyed changing the look of the jacket and I had loads of fun. Nico loves the moustache so we are both happy. It also opened a new whole world in front of me, so now I am always thinking of things to add to Nico’s clothes!!! It can be a bit addictive ;-).

– Maria

Leg Warmers

I have decided that the cold winter of 2013 is the right time for my girls to challenge their inner Flashdance and start wearing leg warmers. Leg warmers are actually a highly underrated clothing item, don’t you think? As there is a strong preference for dresses and tights in our house, a pair of legwarmers is actually just the right thing to keep the girls’ legs cozy and warm.

So, as I could only find nasty acrylic leg warmers in the shops, I tried to knit some myself. They actually turned out quite well and where super easy to knit. (BTW I have noticed that everything I knit is a variation of a square for example the snood or the hat; I have no idea how to increase and decrease stitches!)

I used knitting needles size 8 European size and cast on 30 stitches and knitted a rectangle in rib stitch (2 pearl/ 2knit) that was 20 cm in height (great size for Violette who is now 4 years old). I then sewed together the sides to make the rectangle into a tube and repeated the whole process for the second leg warmer.

I got so excited about my new found knitting skill that I also knitted a pair of leg warmers for baby Marlow. Hilariously I forgot that 2-month-old babies are not the same size as a 4-year-olds. Funny how impossible it is to remember how small a tiny baby really is!

- Emilie

How to knit a snood!

As you might remember snoods are an essential part of a Parisian pre-school child’s wardrobe. As four-year-olds have quite a talent for losing any accessorize at any given moment, we have already misplaced one or two snoods this winter. No doubt they will turn up again, but in the meantime I actually have started knitting my own! (BTW Violette only wore her snood under duress, until the day the principle showed Violette’s class her snood as an example of what they should all wear. Now she wears it like a badge of honour…)

I use soft, thick wool – simply because it goes faster. In the case of the snood on the photo above I used European needles size 8, which I believe is a US 11.

The instructions are actually very, very simple: To knit the snood, I casted on 60 stitches and knitted a band that was 17 cm high. I then stitched  together the sides to make a snood.

For my most successful model up to date, I alternated between 2 rows of purl stitches and 2 rows of knit stitches. (I hope this makes sense- this is the first time I have ever noted down knitting instructions and it not as simple as it seems!)

- Emilie

Last minute Christmas decoration: a heart of light

This is a very easy DIY perfect for a last-minute decoration. I made it with some wire, wool, and christmas lights.

And here is the result. You could do diferent shapes with the wire. Maybe a star or a christmas tree, or you could even spell out words. I didnt have much time to do this, so I chose the heart, as it is the easiest thing to do ;-). After doing the shape you just twine the christmas lights and the wool in the end to cover the cord.

Hope you like it and give it a try. Christmas is just around the corner!

- Maria

Sewing Christmas Cards

Today I would like to share the Christmas Cards we made at home this year which I posted in eb&m this week. With craft paper and a sewing machine we made the envelopes, and the cards.

With a snowflake punch I  garnished the cards a little bit.

And then Nico painted them!! Now we have to do some more, and we are waiting for the day to send them. I love receiving Christmas Cards in the mailbox. Don’t  you?

Many people asked me about sewing paper. If  the paper has enough weight you have no problem and it sews just perfectly!

- Maria Cañal

Knitting Christmas balls

This year I have a new obsession: I’m knitting Christmas balls! My husband gave me the book ’55 Christmas Balls to Knit’ by Arne & Carlos for my birthday, and after initial scepticism about the exercise (I mean — knitting Christmas balls??), I have now finished my first ball and totally got the hang of it. So I immediately started the second one, with the eventual aim to knit four balls, one for each of my kids. Maybe I can make them a ball each year, so they can grow a Christmas ornament collection of their own…

xxx Esther

Cute Casper, wearing a knitted ‘hood hat’

Oh my goodness, I just had to share this cute photo of darling Casper wearing the little knitted hood hat I knit for him. Isn’t he adorable?  Esther just posted it on her Instagram feed, and it made me so excited to see the little hat ‘in action’ that I just had to share it with you.

xx Courtney

p.s. The knitting pattern for the hat is here.
p.p.s. Esther is coming to London in a couple weeks with baby Casper and I am so excited to introduce baby Marlow to sweet baby Casper. (We’re already planning their future marriage!) hehe…

Pink Flamingo Halloween Costume

This post is not about our favourite take away pizza restaurant here in Paris called Pink Flamingo, but about a Halloween costume!

As you might remember, I am a huge fan of the HM/ Unicef collection that is available at the moment, especially as Halloween is around the corner. The costumes are super cute and Coco wants to dress up as a pink flamingo this year. I thought that was a great choice until we realized a quite important thing: to be a flamingo, you need wings…

With a little bit of internet research, we came across this great little wing pattern on a blog called Llevo el invierno. It was exactly what we needed, relatively easy to put together for me and very easy for Coco to flap her arms around with, pretending to be a pink flamingo. (more…)

DIY: Personalise your party glasses

Last weekend we celebrated my son’s birthday.  Today I would like to share the glasses I made for the day. It is a simple idea that helps the kids keep track of their own glasses!!!

I got the milkshake glasses in “La Fiesta de Olivia“. They are are so nice, remind me of some “old movies”!!.  I just added a band of chalk paint to each of them.

And wrote the names of the guests!! It also works well in glass, but in glass the paint will go as soon as you wash it, which is good so you can use it just for the day of the party!!

- Maria

Apple stamping and tote bag making!

Last May it was Sara’s 7th birthday, and she wished for a ‘sewing’ party with her girlfriends. I suspect this has to do with the craft night I organise with a few of my girlfriends every 2 weeks on Monday night, which involves tea and homemade cake and lots of chit-chat. Sara loves the idea of it — she always lies awake in her bed, waiting until my friends are here and secretly joins us for a bit of cake and some knitting before I put her to bed for a second time.

For her birthday party, I decided to apple-stamp tote bags with Sara and her girlfriends. I prepared the bag linings beforehand (up to step 4 below), and cut and ironed the outside of the bags in preparation as well. At the party, we let the girls stamp their own name and apple design first. When the outside of the bags were drying (see photo) we played games and had cake. Afterwards, we let the girls sew the sides of the bags using Sara’s sewing machine (step 6 below). Nothing but two straight lines, but except for Sara, none of the girls had ever touched a sewing machine before, so this was a big success! I quickly sewed the lining to the outside of the bags so all the girls could take their personal tote bag home. It was such fun to see all the tote bags the next day at school — used as gym, book or lunch bags!

As for the making of — here is a quick how-to. I used this twenty-minute-tote-tutorial from the PurlBee for the basic idea. And in the meantime, I have been making more of these bags for personalised baby presents. Fun!


Teacher gift: personalised tote bags

My husband was class rep of Quin’s class last year, and when it came time to decide on the end-of-term teacher gifts he wanted to make the teachers something special they would treasure (and also hopefully use!). He decided to make them a personalised tote bag with all the kids’ self portraits and names on it.  He asked all the kids to draw a picture of themselves and write their names above. He then used photoshop to get all the drawings together, and sent the pdf file over to the printing company. The most difficult part was finding a company with good, sturdy cotton bags, but after lots of research he ended up finding them at The Clever Baggers and they are really great quality.

Aren’t the bags so cute? We gave them to the teachers and they loved them. We then ordered more for all the parents because we liked them so much, and I’ve been toting ours around every day lately and receiving lots of cute comments.

x Courtney

Knitted hood hats

I discovered this hood hat knitting recipe on Pinterest a while ago and immediately re-pinned it. How cute are these hats? And how simple the recipe is! After returning home from summer holidays, I decided to get out my knitting needles and give this recipe a go. I always get inspired around this time of year to start knitting again. It must be the cooler Autumn days and knowing that winter is on its way! Plus, I have so many friends who have had or are expecting babies… so I figured these little hats would make sweet gifts.

The recipe is so easy. Seriously simple! I have changed it slightly to make the hats smaller (I first did exactly what the recipe called for, and it made a hat that would fit my 3-year-old). If you want a smaller sized hat, you can reduce the number of stitches you cast on to 60, and then only knit for about 7 inches. This seems to be a good size for a 6-12 month old. Also, I’ve been using 5mm (US8) sized needles and Debbie Bliss ‘Cashmerino Aran’ yarn… in case you want to do the same.

x Courtney

p.s. There is something so meditative about knitting! I’ve been knitting every night in bed for about 20 minutes, and it’s such a nice time to let your mind unwind from the activity of your day. Being pregnant, I find it a nice time to think about the baby, focus on the little kicks inside, and dream about life when the baby is born…

Paumes books: color inspiration

Last month I wrote about the Japanese Paumes books.  These books are so inspiring — every page is full of great ideas.  I decided to start a series where I pick an image or room in one of the books and do a project or design a space based on the inspiration.

The inspiration for this month is the awe inspiring home of stylist Susanna Vento featured in Finland children’s spaces.  I love the peachy/pink color scattered in parts of her daughter’s room so much I decided to paint something in my house that color.

I found this great set of wooden mushrooms (I collect mushrooms), primed them, and then mixed two paint colors together; acrylic white and craftsmart’s Neon Orange.  This was such an easy and fun project.  I hope you enjoy!

– Meta

Flower Origami

I saw this cute idea in a book the other day.  It is a folded flower shape that you can use for invitations, decorations, notes to loved ones, etc. — the possibilities are endless. I made a template which you can see (here).

Trace around the flower shape then mark the lines in pencil.  Fold the card along all the pencil lines then you can shape into the flower. Let me know what you are going to use it for!

Steph xo

DIY: Bunny Rabbit Costume

School’s out for summer over here in Paris and how better to end a year of hard work and play, than by going to school dressed up in your favourite dress up clothes? Violette did me the honour of wearing a costume I made for her, a little bunny rabbit costume, which she is very proud of (and so secretly am I!).

It is actually really easy to make: I used a pattern by Citronille for a bumble bee costume and amended it slightly. I used some old fur fabric I had for the dress and lined it with red gingham. For the hat I just added in some bunny ears. It could not have been easier.

Next: a little brown bear, me thinks…

– Emilie

Stitch ‘n Kids: Knitting Spools

I think everyone must have had some experience with spool knitting as a child?  I remember enjoying it for a period, and I also remember it could be quite tricky to do (I think I had a homemade knitting spool)! Nowadays, you can get this ‘Wonder Knitter‘ from Clover, and it makes the whole procedure so easy for little (and big!) hands. It lets you use your thumb to rotate a disk on which the pegs are mounted, and keeps the yarn to a certain stretch automatically. And because of the grooves in the pegs and the hooked needle that it comes with, the yarn doesn’t slip away when flipping it over the peg. I bought one for Pim (5) a while ago, and he loves using it — every now and then I find him comfortably snuggled up on the couch, with his spool knitter. Cute!

xxx Esther

DIY: a picnic basket

One of the things that we most love about the arrival of summer is to have picnics! Prepare a simple meal and eat it outdoors — it is just sooo nice. And I am definitely ready for it. I loved it when I found these cute carton picnic boxes at SelpPackaging,  so ideal for giving them a “personal touch”.

Today I would like to show you my final result. With a bit of washi tape, lace, craft paper and a spring mood stamp… and that wooden cutlery that is just too cute to resist!!!.

There are many options, I am sure my little boy would do something completely different, but the boxes are perfect to carry food in a very stylish and personal way!!

- Maria

Knitted Baby Shoes

How darling are these little baby shoes? My friend Marina made these the other day, and I now want all my friends to have newborns so I can make everyone a pair. Apparently they take no time whatsoever to make and even I, with my very limited knitting skills (the only thing I know how to make are scarves) should have no problem making these. The pattern is from a French blog which has a easy to follow tutorial, but I also tried my best translating the instructions. It really is super simple:

Use European size 5 needles and wool. Cast on 6 stitches. Knit 22 rows of pearl stitches. The piece you have knitted should roughly measure 4 cm x 7cm. Cast on 10 stitches on each side of the 6 stitches. You should now have a total of 26 stitches. Knit 10 rows of pearl stitches. Cast off the stitches. you piece should now look like a T. Fold the two side bars of the T over and sew them to the tip of the T and sew the side of shoes together. Voila, one shoe is made! Repeat the process and you will have a cute little pair of shoes.

- Emilie

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