Some favourites from LaDiDa

LaDiDa is a US-based children’s boutique with an amazing selection of brands to choose from and the most beautiful clothes! I thought it would be fun to round up some of my current favourites from the shop, so I’ve created some outfits and have linked to the clothes below:

  • Outfit 1: I love the mint green jumpsuit and the sweet little mary jane shoes. And the stripy beach bag! I could buy this for myself!
  • Outfit 3: I love this striped orange tunic… and these shorts by Bonton are my favourite. I always buy them for my boys (so easy with the elasticated waist and simple shape). I find it difficult to buy shorts for boys – so often they’re big and baggy and oversized. I like to see my boys’ little legs not cover them up!!
  • Outfit 4: How pretty is this Bonton dress?! I want one in my size please! And the floral scarf and perfect leather sandals! It’s the ideal outfit for summery beach holidays. Summer can’t come quickly enough!
  • Outfit 5: For Marlow! Sweet top and bloomers from Neige. And I can’t get enough of these little leather sandals. So simple and yet so pretty!

The new Elias & Grace website!

Have you seen the shiny new Elias & Grace website?! They’ve given themselves an entirely new look and lots of great new features. You can now narrow down your search by category, gender and by child’s size (which is such a handy feature I think). You can shop new arrivals and see different trends (currently stripes and blue!). And of course, it goes without saying, that everything in store is so effortlessly stylish!

Elias & Grace is my go-to shop in London. They do such a great job of buying and always have the most stylish selection of brands. It’s always fun to stop in at the beginning of every season to see the latest trends and pick up some new pieces for the kids. It’s impossible for me to resist!

x Courtney

PS – Elias & Grace is now offering a £100 gift voucher in our BIG giveaway! So if you haven’t done so already, go enter to win!! Today is the last day!

Organic cotton knitwear from Miou Kids

So often these days, as you look around at children’s brands, you see so many things that look alike. One trend inspires the other, people naturally draw inspiration from the same things… and you end up with lots of clothes that look the same. Which is why it’s so fun to see brands doing their very own thing and making their own mark in the children’s wear world.  This new collection from Miou Kids is such a breath of fresh air! And so sweet and summery in the colour palette.

Everything in this new collection has been made from 100% organic cotton and certified eco-friendly dyes, and everything has been hand-crocheted by skilled artisans in Peru who receive a fair wage for their work. I love the crochet kimono tops and cardigans and all the adorable bonnets and booties! Such a sweet collection.

x Courtney

Instagram books from Blurb

I ordered a couple Instagram books from Blurb last year, and they’re so fun to have! The kids love looking through them, and it’s such a nice way to turn my Instagram photos into something ‘real’.

I recently ordered a book of Marlow’s first year – an entire book of her photos from the day she was born until the day she turned one — and it just arrived! Oh my gosh, you should see the way Marlow carries around this book!! She loves it! She keeps pointing to all her baby photos and saying ‘baby’ and kissing every page.

Making the books is super easy. You just have to sync your Instagram account to your account on Blurb and it automatically fills in the pages with photos. If you don’t want to use the autofill feature, you can select your own photos from Instagram and then place them onto each page. So easy! I’m definitely going to order more!

x Courtney

Terry Rich beach robes

Terry Rich specialises in towels, beach robes, UV rash vests and all things beachy. Being from Australia, they happen to know a thing or two about sun protection and the best beach products. Every time I email with them we always speak about the weather… and it seems like, even during their winter, they’re still out on the beach!

I love their hooded beach robes. What a perfect thing for little ones to wear when they’re fresh out of the water, wet and chilly and in need of a big, cosy robe! I love that they zip up so they stay on, unlike towels which always fall off and end up in the sand.

Terry Rich is just one of the 16 amazing shops offering a prize to this week’s BIG GIVEAWAY. They’re giving away a $100 gift voucher to use online.  You can see all the great prizes and enter to win here.

x Courtney

Cute toys under £4 from Eenymeeny

Ivy has now lost her two bottom teeth!! I think it’s really young to start losing them (she’s only 4½!), but it goes to show that no matter how hard I try to keep my babies little forever, they just insist on growing up! : )

Anyway, the tooth fairy has now come twice in the past couple weeks, each time leaving two £1 coins under her pillow. (What’s the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? I’m curious to know if £2 is normal?!) So… with £4 in her pocket, we decided to pay a little visit to Eeenymeeny to see what sort of toy she could buy herself.

The selection was so good, she had a difficult time choosing! She could buy:

  • A sweet pack of handmade, earthenware marbles, painted in pretty colours
  • A wooden pop gun like her brothers got for Christmas
  • Fingernail stickers to decorate her nails
  • Swirly whirly bouncy balls, because they’re always fun!
  • Super cute knitted finger puppets
  • Magical fluttering butterflies that you twist up and then release to let them fly
  • A package of plastic daisies to create your own daisy chain bracelets (she needed a few extra pounds to buy this, but we were willing to chip in for the sake of how cool this was!)
  • She ended up with this super cool little colouring book – with 32 pages of bunnies to draw outfits and dress up! She loves it and has nearly coloured in every page! (There’s also a ‘32 ways to dress a fox‘ version too, and I’m definitely going back to buy more for little gifts.)

We don’t normally take the kids shopping with us, for fear of turning them into little consumers. But, I did think it was an interesting exercise to show Ivy what her money could buy her. I also think she really appreciated her colouring book because she knew she bought it herself and had made the tough decision to choose it over the other interesting options.

Anyway, I thought I would share in case your kids are also hoping to spend their tooth fairy money!

x Courtney

Final BIG Giveaway!!

Drum roll please…. here is our third and final BIG giveaway to celebrate our 10K Facebook fans! One lucky winner will win all of the following prizes, a hamper with a total value of more than £1,500!

Here’s what you can win:

1. A selection of cute French goodies from Deco Baby. A Parisian bundle of loveliness!

2.  A cosy wool snugglesuit from Mama Owl to keep your baby warm all year long!

3.  A cosy and stylish buggy footmuff from Fun*Das! Spruce up your stroller!

4.  Colourful ‘Fun Fetti’ wall stickers from Pop and Lolli. To brighten up any space!

5. A shopping spree at Four Monkeys! Such cool  and stylish brands! (Gift voucher for 100 euros.)

6.  A beautiful, handmade classic teddy bear from Polka Dot Club! Such a special prize!

7.  A £100 gift voucher at Bon Voyage Kids to pick up everything you need for your next sunny holiday!

8.  A shopping spree at Chicky Pop to pick up some new pieces for the Spring season! (A gift voucher for $165!)

9.  A beautiful silk pintuck blouse from Koka Mama. Perfect for pregnancy and beyond! (Value of £189)

10.  A gorgeous block-printed, single-sized quilt from Moochic Baby plus a matching pillowcase!

11. A £100 gift voucher from Little Bou to spend on the wonderful Spanish clothing label YPorque.

12.  A special DIY time capsule kit from Time Capsules to store and keep your memories for the future.

13.  A shopping spree at Elias & Grace to splurge on the new spring/summer collections! (Gift voucher for £100)

14.  A beautiful cashmere/merino wool baby blanket from Nuvola Baby (worth 150 euros).

15.  A generous $100 AUS gift voucher to spend at Terry Rich, perfect for your next beach holiday!

16.  A shopping spree at the wonderful Swiss ethical brand L’Asticot to scoop up some vibrant, organic cotton clothing items (gift voucher for CHF150).

Just click here to enter to visit the sign-up page.  This giveaway is just for registered users of our shopping portal, so if you haven’t yet signed up, please do so! Good luck!!!

LuluZulu tights

Luluzulu is a new brand of ‘gender free’ tights and socks for babies. Started by husband and wife team, Katie and Richard Kendrick, they’ve set out to create fun designs with a ’sense of style and a sprinkle of humour’ for both boys and girls. I love the ‘Fox in Socks’ style with the little fox tail on the bum and the argyle socks design. I also like that all the tights and socks have non-slip grippers on the bottom of the feet, so your babies don’t slip around in their tights.

They kindly sent a pair for Marlow and I managed to snap a quick photo (above). Such fun tights, a statement all on their own … and LOOK AT THAT BELLY!! : )

xx Courtney

New summer collections at Marie Puce

I’m loving the new summer collection at Marie Puce. Such fresh and pretty colours! My favourite pieces are the orange Marjorie Dress with the pretty embroidery and butterfly sleeves, the adorable floral baby romper (I bought one for Marlow last year and she wore it all summer!), and I am in love with the scarves! I wish they came in grown-up sizes. I had so much fun styling the outfits above. Ooooh I can’t wait for summer and shorts and sandals!!

Marie Puce is one of 16 great shops offering a prize in this week’s enormous giveaway! They’re offering a gift voucher for 125 euros to choose your favourite pieces from the new collection. To enter to win, click here!

x Courtney

Pretty Easter dresses from Belle & Boo

When a press release for these pretty Easter dresses popped into my inbox I couldn’t help but be excited. Spring is coming!! Yessss!!

Belle & Boo has launched a new collection of pretty dresses featuring sweet bunny prints and timeless styles. All made from luxuriously soft, lightweight cotton.  I love the Flutter Dress with the bunnies and the Vintage Shirt Dress with the sweet peter pan collar. So cute and so springy!

x Courtney

P.S. I just checked and we officially have 28 days until the first day of spring. We can do it!!! xx

2nd ENORMOUS Giveaway!

We promised THREE great give-aways all in a row… and here’s the second one! Another fabulous hamper filled with 16 amazing children’s products from some of our favourite shops. A total prize value of more than £1,500 ($2,500)!! Here’s what’s in this second hamper (all of which will go to ONE lucky winner!):

  • A £100 gift voucher to shop the colourful selection of products at Boutikids.
  • Choose any outfit from Little Hanbury, the super stylish webshop for boys! (Gift voucher for £100)
  • A shopping spree at Mabo Kids!! Choose a bundle of your favourite products (gift voucher worth $150)!
  • Choose two of your favourite items at the gorgeous French shop Le Carrousel (gift voucher for 100 euros).
  • A party kit for 16 people at the wonderful party shop Little Lulubel. You choose your theme (that’s your next birthday party sorted)!!
  • Choose your favourite hand-tailored and super cool blazer from Annaliv!
  • A shopping spree at Darling Clementine! So many of our favourite brands & products to choose from! (Gift voucher worth $100).
  • Shop the new summer collections at the wonderful French shop Marie Puce! (A gift voucher for 125 euros)
  • A WHOPPING £200 gift voucher to spend on the gorgeous clothes at Velveteen!! Lucky winner!
  • A shopping spree at Tulip & Nettle to buy a selection of beautiful British children’s clothing items. (A gift voucher for £100)
  • Beautiful children’s shoes from Menthe et Grenadine. Choose your favourite pairs (gift voucher for 100 euros)!

We will choose one winner at random. Just click HERE to enter to win!!

New Spring/Summer collection at Babaà

How pretty is the new spring collection at Babaà? I love the fresh colours and loose-fitting styles. That emerald green cotton jumper is soooo perfect for spring. Oh spring. I can’t wait!!

p.s. Babaà is one of the 17 amazing shops offering prizes in our BIG giveaway! To enter to win a free Babaà jumper (among other great prizes) click here.

x Courtney

Merino wool baby basics from Asolon

Designer and seamstress, Allison Tovey, from Asolon recently got in touch to introduce her collection of merino wool baby basics, and I’m so glad she did. In fact I wish I would have known about her collection when Marlow was a little baby because I love putting babies in sleepsuits – I think it’s the perfect little outfit for newborns (so snuggly and also so easy to change nappies!) – and I love the sleepsuits in her collection.

She recently sent Marlow a stripy top with matching bottoms and it’s so cute and cosy (and so easy to wash and maintain compared to other merino wool products).

Also, it wasn’t until I sat down to write this post that I read about her incredible story. And now I’m super inspired as well as impressed!

x Courtney

Toys for babies from Brimful

Brimful is a US shop with the sweetest selection of toys and books for babies. Just browsing the shop you really get the sense that every single product has been carefully chosen to appeal to babies (and their picky mamas of course)– the perfect little wooden car to fit in small baby hands, the sweetest soft dolls to snuggle, the teether/toy you will want to take everywhere with you, etc.

Brimful is one of the very generous shops offering a prize in our big Facebook Giveaway. So if you fancy winning a $100 gift voucher to spend in store (plus LOADS of other great goodies!), pop over to our Facebook page to enter to win.

x Courtney

Heart Origami notepaper from Lollipop

As a young child, growing up in America, we would hand out Valentine cards to every child in our class. We used to create our own Valentine’s Day letterboxes and tape them to our desks and everyone would go around sticking the Valentine cards into them. I remember taking home all of my Valentines cards and reading them at home (and eating the candy too!).  I was talking to my husband about this and he also used to do this in class, so I’m assuming it’s an American thing? Children here in the UK (or at least in my children’s school) don’t do this. In fact, I don’t think my kids have ever gotten a Valentine’s Day card from one of their classmates?!

When I saw these Heart Origami Notes from Lollipop it reminded me all about this. And I think it’s a fun tradition to bring back for my kids. Maybe not to all their classmates at school, but to special friends or family members they might want to send some hearts to!

xx Courtney

ENORMOUS Facebook Giveaway!!

You guys!! We’ve done it! We have reached our goal of 10,000 likes on our Facebook page! This is something we’ve been looking forward to for a long time — it feels like such a big milestone for our little company!

To thank you for following us and to celebrate with you all, we’re offering an ENORMOUS giveaway!! The giveaway will be divided up into three parts: 3 different hampers, all with a selection of the coolest prizes from our favourite shops, each hamper worth more than £1,500!!!

The first giveaway is now live on our Facebook page. One lucky winner will win the following awesome prizes:

  • A gorgeous Lucky Boy Sunday toy from Monkey McCoy! You can choose which doll you love best!
  • A $150 gift voucher for a store-wide shopping spree at the wonderful Ladida! We LOVE the new collections!
  • This super cool Ferm Living decorative dorm shelf from Scout & Co.  How cool in any sort of room!
  • A selection of the sweetest baby toys from Brimful! (Voucher worth $100 to select your favourites.)
  • Organic cotton underwear and pyjamas from Goat-Milk. (Gift voucher for $125)
  • Beautiful, alpaca wool clothing from the wonderful Waddler! (Gift voucher for £100 to spend as you wish.)
  • A super stylish party kit for 8 from The Carousel Show (winner can choose their party theme!).
  • A set of super fun and colourful melamine plates from Psikhouvanjou! (A gift voucher for 100 euros to spend in store.)
  • Your very own personalised photo book from Bob Books (a voucher for £100). The best way to save your favourite memories!
  • Waterproof outdoor wear from Muddy Puddles (£100 voucher to spend on coats, raingear and other outdoor items).
  • Pretty and playful accessories from Woodstock (£100 gift voucher to choose your favourite accessories!).
  • A £100 gift voucher to spend at the lovely Portuguese shop Camila Camomila. Such sweet clothes for your little ones!
  • Slippers, socks and tights from the super cool Collegien (one pair of each in your choice!).
  • Beautiful, chunky knitwear from Babaà (a gift voucher for 90 euros to spend in store).
  • A selection of stationery and crafty products from YoYo-Me (gift voucher worth £100!).
  • Playful and vibrant wall stickes from Bumoon, worth more than 100 euros.
  • A beautiful outfit from Pepa and Co, value worth £125!

Click over to our Facebook page for your chance to win. Good luck!!

xx Esther, Emilie & Courtney

Like us on Facebook!

It’s a joke! We swear! We promise we don’t actually feel this way! But really… please come like us on Facebook. We are just 100 likes shy of reaching our big goal of 10,000 likes. So close! And we promise, when we get there, we have an ENORMOUS giveaway up our sleeves! We can’t wait to announce it and tell you all the great prizes up for grabs (a total value of more than £5,000). So please, if you haven’t already, come and like our Facebook page.

xx Courtney

p.s. Image/joke found here.

The ShopUp video!!

Remember our ShopUp event?! Doesn’t it feel like ages ago now? Well thankfully we have this video to re-live the moment and remind us what a great event it was! Here it is: the official ShopUp video. Just watching it makes us so excited for the next one!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who came, to all the great shops who participated and to everyone who made it a success (have a look — maybe you’ll spot yourself in the video!). Also, a big thanks to Pedro Jarnac de Freitas for filming and editing this for us.

xx Esther, Emilie & Courtney

Ivy and Marlow’s bedroom on Apartment Therapy

I was recently asked to share some photos and answer some design questions for a nursery tour over on Apartment Therapy. If you’re interested, you can see some photos of Ivy and Marlow’s shared bedroom here.

Their room has such a random collection of odds and ends: an old dresser, a hand-me-down cot, a vintage chair and other pieces we had no other place for. We ended up using an apple crate for Ivy’s bedside table because we didn’t have anything else to use, and we never quite got up the courage to hang the art pieces, so they just sit on the fireplace mantle. To me, it’s a bit of a hodgepodge of stuff, so I’m very flattered they’ve called it a ‘charming vintage haven’. : )

xx Courtney

Cute costumes from My Shiny Shop

This past weekend was finally dry and sunny so, despite still being cold, my kids asked to set up the teepee outside and play cowboys and indians! They looked so cute in their costumes from My Shiny Shop that I had to snap a few shots of them in their teepee. (Poor Ivy in her little indian dress must have been freezing cold, but she refused to wear a coat. I could only coax her into wearing leggings!)

The selection of dress-up costumes from My Shiny Shop is really great. I love the Indian Chief head dress – it makes such a statement with all the colourful feathers!

My kids are constantly playing dress-up. It must be one of the most common play themes in our house and always inspires the most creative kind of play. They’ll dress up as kings and queens and then build castles, they’ll be pirates and sailors and sail off in their ships, they’ll be baddies and goodies and cowboys and indians and everything in between. I hope this innocent dress-up phase never ends!

x Courtney

p.s. More info about our teepee here.

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