Hello Shiso

We received the cutest package in the mail a couple weeks ago from Hello Shiso, a really adorable line of accessories for your little ones. I fell in love with the hair accessories just from seeing them on the web and I’ve fallen even more in love now that I’ve seen them with my own eyes — the workmanship, the attention to details and the quality is amazing, I never realized how much work could go into making a hair clip. Now I only wish I had bought a few more!

Hello Shiso’s online shop is filled with fun and creative designs from hair accessories, jewelry and bags for you and your little ones. Everything is made with lots of love in their small design studio in Berkeley, California. You’ll see you’ll have a hard time choosing what to get. I know I did!


Missie Sunshine Couture

The kids and I went to our first Kid’s fashion show and we had so much fun! It isn’t often that a Montreal kids label hosts a fashion show and this time it was for the launch of the new collection of beachwear, Missie Sunshine Couture. I was surprised as to how well behaved my kids were, they were captivated by the cute kids strutting their stuff and it probably helped that the little models looked like they were having so much fun. Not only were the kids adorable, the clothing was delightful, full of color and lovely prints, it all looked so comfortable.

You can expect to find cover-ups in a variety of different styles, tunics, summer dresses and jumpsuits all made from gorgeous fabric from India. Every order is custom made, so you can choose whichever styles you desire from a variety of fabrics and colors, from simple to luxurious. Perfect for all your vacationing needs. I can just imagine my little Elsie in this little red flower patterned tunic/dress, now if only we were going on a cruise this summer or perhaps downtown will do!!!


Le Carrousel

The sun is shinning these days in Montreal and our spring is feeling more like summer, but you won’t hear me complaining! I just love our summer wardrobe, flowy dresses and skirts, lightweight cotton shirts, bloomers and shorts, and the best part is that we don’t need to cover them with our coats and scarves.

This weekend my daughter wore her new dresses from Le Carrousel — she was such a cutie and honestly I’ve never gotten so many compliments on an outfit! What is especially nice about this dress, besides the lovely liberty pattern and oversized bow, is that my daughter will be able to wear it for many years, with it’s adjustable neckline she will be able to wear it as a dress, then tunic and then a top.

Le Carrousel is a small French label, created and handmade by Marie Laure Renier a mom of 4. She offers some great classic styles with a modern twist; you will find cute rompers, skirts, dresses and accessories for your little and not so little ones, as well as some things for the boys. What is impressive is that every item is custom and tailor made, so you can be part of the design process, mix and match the vast choices of fabrics and colors, as you please. French design at its best!


Supayana clothing label from Montreal

Today I thought I’d share with you one of my favorite children’s collections from Montreal: Supayana. Designer Yana Gorbulsky was born in Moscow, Russia and moved to New York when she was a little girl. She started Supayana in Brooklyn, before settling in Montreal; the collection started out as a woman’s line and has only recently expanded into the children’s world. The designer makes it a strong point to use recycled or eco-friendly materials for all of her collections and all garments are made ethically and locally. She also creates, illustrates and prints her own fabric digitally and often collaborates with different artists, making her clothing one-of-kind and truly original. I love the quirkiness of her designs as well as her use of colors and fabric combinations. Bravo!


Clara de Paris

We finally had some nice weather, here in Montreal last weekend and we were able to dress in some of our new summer outfits. My little one just learnt how to twirl, so she was more than willing to take some photos to show off her new skirt… I hope your head isn’t spinning!
We just love this little outfit by Le Petit Lucas du Tertre, courtesy of Clara de Paris, the skirt is made from the softest & lightest cotton, perfect for hot summer days and I am most impressed with the quality of the tank top. I just love how the colors go so well together although they don’t really match! I also really love the photo campaign for their summer collection; they always find a creative way to showcase their clothing.

If you love French Design then you’ll love Clara de Paris, it’s an online boutique filled with only the best French children’s brands, you will find labels such as Troizenfants, Baker Made With Love, Les Enfantines, Anton et Zoa, Baby Version Rock and the list goes on. They ship internationally and I strongly suggest you follow them on Facebook as they often have great promos and even giveaways.

P.S. I only just found out, but Karine, the owner is practically my neighbor, it’s a small world!


Potato Stamps

Last week I was so caught up with my sewing projects I forgot to write a post for you — so sorry! For my last project I decided to sew up some one-piece pajamas for the kids from some organic cotton I had. The kids and I collaborated — the kids got to choose the fabric color and an animal for the all over print, and then we created a potato stamp together.

As my daughter napped, my son and I got to work; we printed the all over pattern on the pajama fabric and it was so much fun we even stamped on a t-shirt. It was only later I had the idea to add little bow ties with a green sharpie pen.

If you are looking for a potato stamp tutorial, here’s one from one of my favourite blogs — Llevo el Invernio or here is a really easy tutorial by Homemade Serenity which uses cookie cutters. Careful it’s addictive — I had so much fun, and I now want to print everything in my home…

And if you are curious and would like to see what else I put together last week, everything is on my flickr.


Djeco 3-Layer Puzzle

Christmas has come and gone and some toys have been played with and others neglected! Today I wanted to share with you one of the toys that was and still is a success: The Djeco, 3-layer puzzle. My daughter, who is 2½ now, wasn’t very much into puzzles and that worried us a little at the time, so I decided to get her some puzzles for Christmas. The Djeco 3-Layer puzzle is just wonderful — it’s a gorgeous wooden lift-out puzzle with multiple levels. We got the Tree House, and so in the first layer the child discovers all the animals that live in the tree, then in the second you discover their different activities and in the top layer you see where they live. We are fans of the Djeco toys in my household, but we weren’t expecting this puzzle to be such a huge success, even my 4-year-old loves it, which is the cause of many disputes!!! Available from Niddle Noddle in the UK and Amazon in the US.


Wafflish Waffle

Can you believe it has been a year since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan? I thought it would be nice to commemorate and share with you one of my favorite Japanese labels Wafflish Waffle. I love so many things about their collections: the handmade and vintage feel, the fit and volumes, the attention to details, the colors, the prints… They cater to girls as well as boys; a lot of their items are unisex and mix and match perfectly in an unconventional way. They also have an accessories line that is just as fantastic! You might want to check out the Women’s collection as well…


Dinner with Celina from Babyccino Kids

Ah yes, dinner at the RDM family can be the greatest time of the day or the most stressful one! Either we are all sitting at the dining room table and finding out how everyone’s day went or it’s that time of day where I use my bargaining powers, false promises and even blackmail desperately trying to get my kids to stay seated and eat!!! Honestly, the stress starts even before then, I like to think I’m a creative person, but when it comes to cooking I lack all imagination, I don’t even like to do the groceries. To top it off, my kids have opposite tastes and they both don’t like potatoes, so I can’t stuff them with all that starch! Lastly, my husband doesn’t cook at all, so it’s all up to me; at least he does all the cleaning up…

On the weekdays, I usually pick the kids up from daycare around 5PM and by the time we walk home it’s usually 5:30PM, so while the kids play I try to cook some dinner, it has to be something relatively easy and quick. My kids have a snack at school around 3:30 and they get pretty hungry around 6PM. My husband doesn’t get home until 6:45, so usually by the time we start eating, the kids are having their desert. Thursdays, it’s just the kids and me, so I try to make something they really enjoy, like pasta or grilled cheese. Fridays we alternate and eat at my mom’s or my in-laws and finally, the weekends are pretty chill, we sometimes eat out, order in, eat leftovers or frozen pizzas and sometimes I’ll make crepes.

My daughter is a “snacker”, she would rather eat a little all day while standing up (don’t ask!), and she could live on bread and butter, cheese and ice cream! She doesn’t like pizza, she doesn’t love pasta and I need to cut her grilled cheese in cute shapes, like a bunny for her to eat it, she has just started to eat meat and some chicken, but at least she likes fish. One meal both my kids enjoy is toasted bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon, and I usually serve that with some fresh veggies and avocado.

My son on the other hand could eat pasta every night… He enjoys beef fajitas, pizza, grilled cheese and any type of raw vegetable; fish on the other hand he has a hard time with. If the kids want dessert, which usually consists of yogurt, applesauce or some type of berries, then they must eat a little and try at least one bite of whatever is on their plate. Dessert is always a great motivation or bargaining tool in my home!

The one meal the whole family can agree on is Spinach Quiche. This is pretty easy to make and you can substitute the spinach for so many different ingrdients such as mushrooms, asparagus, ham, olives… The kids will have some veggies with their quiche and us grown-ups will have a tomato and mozarella salad or a green salad of some sort.

Here’s my QUICHE recipe…


Les Triplettes

Les Triplettes is a new line of decorative accessories and bed linens made from Liberty of London fabrics for boys and girls. For their first collection they’ve created cute cloud and star pillows, lovely garlands and adorable quilts, all handmade in Quebec, Canada. Julie, Sophie and Marion are three friends passionate about fashion and design; they aim for originality, refinement and authenticity, which you can find in their products. My daughter just got a “big girl” bed and I’m quite tempted to get her one of the quilts. Now I just have to choose which pattern! Available online from Mini Bulles.


Whitefox in Black Box

I wanted to share with you my latest Etsy discovery; White Fox In Black Box is a newly opened shop from London, England with the most adorable eco-friendly creatures. Alis Fox is the designer behind these lovely dolls — she creates and sews every creature from found and recycled fabrics making each and every one unique.

These upcycled dolls are 50cm or taller, most come with the cutest little baby and some even come with a removable mask or hat. I just love all the details she puts into them, especially the fabrics and color combinations, just lovely!


Where are you from?

Where are you from? Are your family roots from all around the world or perhaps you still live in your place of birth? As you can see from the image above my family’s origins are somewhat spread out, so it’s no wonder I fell in love with these prints entitled My Roots Collection created by Children Inspire Design.

What a lovely way to teach our children about their background, their roots or perhaps if you have family scattered around the world this can help them understand where everyone lives.
These posters come with heart stickers and are therefore entirely customizable; I really love the different available colors and the simplicity of the graphic design, cute in any room! You can choose from something more global like the world map, or narrow it down to a continent, a country or even an American state. To top it off, these are made from recycled card stock and printed with soy ink.

Which map would you choose?


Dust Bunny Round Up from Pinterest

With Easter just around the corner, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite little bunnies found on my Pinterest. If you like what you see here I highly recommend you check out my board solemnly dedicated to bunnies entitled “Dust Bunnies”. You will find some cute DIY projects, jewellery, room décor, clothing and much, much more. Some of the images above are old, but nevertheless inspiring — you can discover some great artists and other amazing blogs through them…

1. Kenzo 2009:
2. Mr &Mrs rabbit plushies by Little Miss Loolies
3. Mustache Rabbit Print by Andrew Bannecker
4. Rabbit Clock by Misako Mimoko
5. Rabbit Friend by Fox and Owl
6. Mrs Bunny by Lieschen Mueller
7. Mr. Lewis by Le Train Fantome
8. Hop & Pek Egg Cup via Handmade Charlotte
9. Krys Kirkpatrick Bunny pillow via Kickcan & Conkers
10. Kanae Entani Embroidered Rabbit heads
11. Pohadky book from Cedok
12. Circus Bunny by Evangelione


Rousskine Handmade Knit Dolls

I have fallen head over heals for these lovely handmade dolls by Rousskine, and to top it off they are made right here in my hometown Montreal! I just love the colors and the details, I love that the front and backs are so different and I love that they’re made from 100% cotton thread. Every doll has a name and a little story of their own. The animals in the image above are new to the collection and will be available in the Etsy store shortly. Also, I can’t wait for her baby blankets to be produced… imagine!

Discover more of Dominique’s dolls in her Etsy shop and follow her creative process on her blog. Now why I didn’t discover these before Christmas? There are always birthdays, right?


Snow White Round Up

Have you seen all the advertisement for the two Brothers Grimm-inspired movies (Mirror Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman) yet? It made me want to watch the Disney classic with my kids, and so we did! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of my favorite fairy tales growing up, it’s no wonder I felt a little inspired… Here’s a round up of some of my favorite Snow White-inspired goodies for the kids!

1.) Seven Dwarfs
2.) Snow White inspired dress
3.) Snow White doll
4.) hairpins
5.) yellow apple pillow
6.) blue dwarf
7.) vintage Snow White kid’s chair
8.) yellow embroidered slippers
9.) Snow White all over print dress


Comment J’ai Sauvé Mon Papa

I thought it would be nice for you to get to know my little family, so I decided I would share with you our favorite book, Comment j’ai sauvé mon papa by Hervé Tullet. We’ve had this book for 2 years now, and it has travelled with us, been slept with, and even stepped on. It’s a lovely little story about how a little boy goes about to help his dad get out of a funk, with many different ways until one day he has a great idea and saves the day! It’s a simple book with little text (although I like to add my own personal text and sound effects) and simple illustrations — just the way we like it and no matter how many times we’ve read it we just never get tired of it, the ending is just too good!

Unfortunately, the book has only been published in French, but lucky me my kids only speak French! However, I only recently discovered that the author Hervé Tullet is quite popular and that a few of his books are available in many different languages (Esther wrote about The Game of Finger Worms a few weeks ago). Now I have got to get my hands on his latest book Press Here — this unique book about the power of the imagination and interactivity looks like fun for the whole family!


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