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Shell Necklaces
August 9, 2012
We have made it to Ireland and back! Holidays in Northern Europe do mean un-spoilt empty beaches and spectacular scenery. They also mean a lot of rain and the need for creative parents to keep the younger family members occupied. A classic rainy holiday activity: shell-necklace making. I think these have been made by every ...
DIY summer necklaces
August 1, 2011
Last week on the beach, my kids and I spent quite a while looking for shells (I don't know who enjoyed it more, the kids or I -- it's just so relaxing!!). And yesterday we made some fun, summery necklaces out of them. Look for the shells with a little hole in them, and use ...
Mamaradscha, gorgeous everyday jewels
June 3, 2011
So beautiful, these colourful jewels from Mamaradscha. How gorgeous are the shell necklaces? So simple and stylish... They come in two varieties -- with a colourful thin thread (I'm sporting the orange one and getting loads of compliments) or with a thin gold band. Both incredibly simple and stylish, perfect for the beach as well ...
INspiRaTiOns by la Girafe
April 23, 2013
With summer creeping up on us, I am suddenly in the mood for cute, colourful accessories -- for my girls and for me! INspiRaTiOns by la Girafe is a French brand with an adorable collection of necklaces, hairclips and bracelets, just perfect in their simplicity and innocence. I love the tiny details like little shells, ...




Wish come true! We're so excited about @macaronsfashion collection of jumpers for adults! Gorgeous and so, so comfortable to wear. Now the whole family ️ @macaronsfashion. More on the blog today (link in profile)!
1 hour ago
Looking for a sweet treat in downtown Manhattan? Try the Doughnut Plant in Lower East Side! Yeast, filled, or cake doughnuts, with a mouth-watering range of flavours - it will be hard to choose one! Link to our New York City guide in profile! #babyccinocityguides
14 hours ago
Super cool #inspiration for the sticks lovers: gather your own sticks to make the coat hooks! From @fnurst
1 day ago
Packing for a short or a long summer trip? Check out what Esther, Courtney and Emilie take in their carry-on bags! Link to our YouTube video in profile!
1 day ago
Homemade ice pops/ ice lollies are the best! Easy peasy recipe from Esther in the blog archives, link in profile! ️
1 day ago
Those braid stars are the perfect entertainment for children who will easily make cute friendship bracelets (and we think they're also great to bring during the summer travels!) More details on the blog, link in profile! #craft
2 days ago
Esther discovered @sissonnekids, a beautiful new label from Portugal - check out their gorgeous classic silhouettes mixed with modern details and fabrics! It's on the blog today and the photos speak for themselves, go have a look! (link in profile)
3 days ago
On the blog today Lara @laraoflondon shares the strong emotions (and surprises) that she experienced during her pregnancy ultrasound scans - and specifically the 3-D one! What about you, did you want to know if your baby was a boy or a girl? Have you asked for a 3-D scan? Please share your thoughts! (link in profile)
3 days ago
Kids will have fun learning their flags with those super cute fabric flags from @oskarellens (and check this fabric world map too). They're in our Top Ten this week, check out the other items, link in profile! #babyccinotopten
3 days ago
@hatchgal and @currentelliott just launched a denim collection so cool and so stylish! And as always, perfect for a flattering silhouette before, during and after pregnancy! #babyccinoboutiques
4 days ago