Shell Necklaces

We have made it to Ireland and back! Holidays in Northern Europe do mean un-spoilt empty beaches and spectacular scenery. They also mean a lot of rain and the need for creative parents to keep the younger family members occupied.

A classic rainy holiday activity: shell-necklace making. I think these have been made by every generation since pre-historic times. (I can actually imagine cave-dwelling mothers sighing while looking out of their cave at the rain outside and saying to their fur-clad kids: ”OK, why don’t we make shell necklaces as an activity today?”).

Anyway, it could not be easier, all you need are shells collected from the beach of all shapes and sizes, some nylon fishing thread and a tiny screwdriver/ drill to make holes in the shell (best left to the adults). A few shells might shatter whilst having a hole made in them, but the majority will stand up to the task and are ready to string onto the fishing thread.

Esther made some lovely shell necklaces last year mixing wooden beads with the shells, an idea I adopted as I got a little bit bored drilling holes after a while.

– Emilie

DIY summer necklaces

Last week on the beach, my kids and I spent quite a while looking for shells (I don’t know who enjoyed it more, the kids or I — it’s just so relaxing!!). And yesterday we made some fun, summery necklaces out of them. Look for the shells with a little hole in them, and use whatever you have around the house (wooden beads look good I find). A double knot after each shell keeps them tightly in place!

xxx Esther

Mamaradscha, gorgeous everyday jewels

So beautiful, these colourful jewels from Mamaradscha. How gorgeous are the shell necklaces? So simple and stylish… They come in two varieties — with a colourful thin thread (I’m sporting the orange one and getting loads of compliments) or with a thin gold band. Both incredibly simple and stylish, perfect for the beach as well as for an evening out! The Mamaradscha products are also fitting for little girls; the bracelets come in 4 sizes and the necklaces are one size fits all. Gorgeous!

Check the Mamaradscha website for points of sale (the necklaces are available here).

xxx Esther

INspiRaTiOns by la Girafe

With summer creeping up on us, I am suddenly in the mood for cute, colourful accessories — for my girls and for me! INspiRaTiOns by la Girafe is a French brand with an adorable collection of necklaces, hairclips and bracelets, just perfect in their simplicity and innocence.

I love the tiny details like little shells, beads, and neon accents. Summer!

xxx Esther