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Shell Necklaces
We have made it to Ireland and back! Holidays in Northern Europe do mean un-spoilt empty beaches and spectacular scenery. They also mean a lot of rain and the need for creative parents to keep the younger family members occupied. A classic rainy holiday activity: shell-necklace making. I think these have been made by every ...
DIY summer necklaces
Last week on the beach, my kids and I spent quite a while looking for shells (I don't know who enjoyed it more, the kids or I -- it's just so relaxing!!). And yesterday we made some fun, summery necklaces out of them. Look for the shells with a little hole in them, and use ...
Mamaradscha, gorgeous everyday jewels
So beautiful, these colourful jewels from Mamaradscha. How gorgeous are the shell necklaces? So simple and stylish... They come in two varieties -- with a colourful thin thread (I'm sporting the orange one and getting loads of compliments) or with a thin gold band. Both incredibly simple and stylish, perfect for the beach as well ...
INspiRaTiOns by la Girafe
With summer creeping up on us, I am suddenly in the mood for cute, colourful accessories -- for my girls and for me! INspiRaTiOns by la Girafe is a French brand with an adorable collection of necklaces, hairclips and bracelets, just perfect in their simplicity and innocence. I love the tiny details like little shells, ...




Do you have a teething baby at home? Find out about 2 teethers which are easy to clean, cute, chemical free - and stylish! It's on the blog, link in profile!
6 hours ago
Courtney shares some beautiful pieces of the new collection from @mariepuceparis on the blog! Classic and stylish as always, with new colours, pretty details and a whole range of cute accessories Link in profile!#spon
15 hours ago
It's that time of the year when it's too chilly for sandals but not cold enough for tights! So... time for knee-high socks! Our favourite ones can be found at @gray_label , @mabokids , @lacoquetakids or @collegien_officiel! And the cute outfits are tagged
1 day ago
Another gem book from @owl_and_dog_playbooks ! Read the story and fun facts about 8 different fishes, then punch them out and fold to play with them! The very best way to learn don't you think?#babyccinopickoftheday #spon
1 day ago
Are you ready for rain? Check out our selection of rain outfits and accessories and let the kids splash in the puddles, jump in autumn leaves and have tons of outdoor fun - no matter the weather!️ (tap for details and follow the link in profile for more info) #babyccinotopten
2 days ago
Learn how to make this beautiful Waldorf folded star with kite paper! It's easy and so pretty to decorate a window. Thanks Polona @babyjungleshop for this cool DIY It's on the blog, link in profile! #crafts #diy
2 days ago
We love when beautiful things have a story, and what could be more charming than jewellery celebrating the relationships with your loved ones? Each piece from @lunaandstella is here to remind you of the persons you love, to remind you of a birth, or a milestone. How wonderful!
3 days ago
We've put up A LOT of great photos from @theshopup New York on the blog today! (link in profile) #TheShopUp #theshopupny @shannonroddy
3 days ago
Snack trading is a very serious business and it looks like the negotiation is not over yet ️Thanks for the cute picture @estherbabyccino (tap for details!)
4 days ago
If you love Liberty fabric, check out the new homewares collection from @cocoandwolf with Little B - simply gorgeous
4 days ago