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Peekaboo Barn
April 16, 2010
My Iphone is my saviour -- whenever I need a 5-minute distraction for my kids (think restaurant, meeting, waiting room) I hand them the device and they entertain themselves without interruption! Even my 3-year-old knows how to unlock the phone and start up his favourite applications in a time frame of about 2 seconds (can ...
Peekaboo Farm, fun Iphone app for toddlers
December 4, 2009
Sometimes we experience moments with our kids that bring tears to our eyes. Like recently, when my 2-year-old boy bravely stepped forward to sing his St. Maarten song for the strangers in the doorway, raising his homemade lantern in his hand, trying to sing the well memorized song but barely making himself heard thanks to losing his voice to a ...
This week...
June 30, 2013
1. Marlow in her sink bath 2. A beautiful drawing made by Coco 3. Ava picking radishes in her opa's vegetable garden 4. Coco and her chic Parisian ballet friends 5. Courtney and her cute kids 6. Casper is practising his crawling skills 7. Peekaboo, sweet Marlow! 8. Pretty, pretty Paris 9. Casper, 8 kg ...
Cinderella App
September 29, 2011
We've often talked about 'apps' here on Babyccino and I definitely fall into the camp of loving them for my kids but I do have some rules ... 1.  I want them to be beautiful 2.  I want them to be imaginative and to use the media to its best advantages (so not JUST being ...
A high-tech classic
April 21, 2011
I don't know about you but my i-phone is becoming an increasingly important tool in retaining my sanity as a parent. It now holds a dozen or so children's Apps which get us through those boring, frustrating daily-life melt-down moments. As boredom levels peak whilst my 2-year-old is pushed around in the Supermarket trolley, I ...
Camilla Reid's book list
February 18, 2011
I was introduced to Camilla via a friend who just knew we'd get on with each other, both being enthusiastic kid's book lovers.  We met for coffee and tried to narrow down our favourites -- it was a hard task which lead to her rather brilliant suggestion that we should do top ten lists on ...




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Super cool #inspiration for the sticks lovers: gather your own sticks to make the coat hooks! From @fnurst
4 days ago
Packing for a short or a long summer trip? Check out what Esther, Courtney and Emilie take in their carry-on bags! Link to our YouTube video in profile!
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