Bonpoint on rue de Sèvres

If you are looking for French top quality and elegant clothing for your children, Bonpoint is certainly one of the brands you may want to check out. The French brand with the cherry logo is known for its timeless elegance and love for details since 1975. The most delicate fabrics, beautiful prints and gorgeous embroideries are what make Bonpoint’s taste for kids fashion so exquisite. In one word, Bonpoint is pure luxury for little ones.

Bonpoint is one of these brands that have their own fashion workshop. Each piece of garment is first imagined by Christine Innamorato, art director of the brand. Her drawings are then sent to the workshop where the patterns come to life after being tried on by babies and kids. The process is long and delicate and a lot of attention is given at each step, making the end result of great, great quality.

The new shop on rue de Sèvres (open since November 2016) is a beautiful bright and open space where you will immediately feel welcomed and comfortable. Baby, kids and a few women clothes, as well as body essentials and a curated selection of toys are arranged over two stories and 160 square meters, giving you all the room you need for a relaxing shopping experience. Baby and toddler clothing is cleverly displayed on the main floor, so you can easily walk around with your stroller and have a close look at the beautiful collections. Garments for bigger kids and teenagers, including the YAM collection for teenage girls and their mamas, can be found on the first floor.

The shop has this typically Parisian architectural touch all over it: hardwood floors, old stair railings on the carpeted stairs, built-in shelves and wood paneling. Beautiful ethnical rugs, color nooks, seasonal decoration and reclaimed accessories and furniture add just the needed modern twist to the beautiful boutique. The result is a traditional timeless French environment with a modern boho touch: a very beautiful style to show off Bonpoint’s beautiful collections.


17 rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris
Open Monday to Saturday from 10:30 AM to 7:00 PM


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