Valentines craft — love birds

Happy Valentines Day! Our kids woke us up with the sweetest handmade Valentines cards this morning… But I had nothing prepared! So I quickly made these ‘lovebirds’, by folding a piece of paper in half and cutting it in a heart shape. A piece of masking tape keeps it closed and forms the beak. Inside I wrote little love message and poems. So when the kids come home from school they will have a little surprise waiting for them!

xxx Esther

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1. Lili | February 14, 2014 | Reply

I love these! Adorable!

2. Sarah | February 14, 2014 | Reply

These are so, so cute!!

3. Domestic cleaners Surrey | February 19, 2014 | Reply

Aww, these are adorable! Love, love, love!