Tweet Toys

September has been a busy time for birthdays around here. I am always looking for cute gift ideas, especially for boys, since I am surrounded my little girls. I came across Tweet Toys which makes wooden imaginative play items for children.

I find it particularly nice that you can choose your fabric as I tend toward simple, more classic, colors and patterns. I will definitely be bookmarking them for the holidays!


To read more from Elizabeth, visit her lovely, heartfelt blog The Littlest Blog.

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1. Esther in Amsterdam | October 16, 2013 | Reply

I love these! So simple, and beautiful. Will be bookmarking these as well. Thanks for the tip!!! x

2. Courtney in London | October 16, 2013 | Reply

My boys would love those slingshots! And the little wooden boats! Everything actually. Thanks for sharing. x

3. Valentina | October 16, 2013 | Reply

I have been searching for keepsake wooden toys for my three girls – these are lovely and look fun! Thanks for the source!

4. Emilie | October 17, 2013 | Reply

So very cute!

5. se7en | October 17, 2013 | Reply

These are too darling for words!!!