Mouse House

As a child I received a custom made dollhouse for Christmas.  I loved playing with it and spent many hours re-arranging the furniture, and adding special little touches to it.  I still have a fascination with dollhouses and everything in miniature.

Several months ago I found a vintage dollhouse at a thrift store and I couldn’t pass it up.  Henrik and I decided it would be the perfect home for our Maileg Mice.  I added a couple of coats of paint and some paper to the house and it’s as good as new.  I then added a few pieces of furniture and a mouse portrait painted by Henrik to make our mouse family feel at home.

My children have enjoyed playing with their mouse house and Henrik is already talking about moving his claymation guys in…


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1. Polona | July 29, 2013 | Reply

Oh wow! Gorgeous! And it looks like brand new you’re so talented! Love love love!

2. Meta in Utah | July 31, 2013

Thank you Polona!

3. Christy | July 30, 2013 | Reply

Darling! Can I ask how you put the paper on the walls? Modge podge? And what type of material did you use for the walls and floor? I have an old dollhouse in need of sprucing up and wanted to know how to go about it…

4. Meta in Utah | July 31, 2013

Hello Christy! I used double stick tape, in case we want to change out the paper. I used scrape book paper and wrapping paper. Good luck!

5. Esther in Amsterdam | July 30, 2013 | Reply

Beautiful! And I love Henrik’s cute mouse portrait! x

6. Meta in Utah | July 31, 2013

Thank you Esther! I love his portrait too!