La Super Superette

A superette in France is a corner shop. Now, we do pride ourselves over here on our fabulous food but, secretly, most French do like a bit of junk: biscuits, chocolate, a frozen Lasagne — it is not all croissants and oysters over here!

Now, the good thing is that all this superette food has inspired 2 girls to come up with a genius blog: La Super Superette. They try and recreate all of this crazy food in their little kitchen, thus rendering the food from junk food to home made delicacies without any preservatives. Ever tried to make your own Kinder Egg? Ever had a craving for a Tuc biscuit? The answers are all on their blog.

There is now even a cookbook, which, unfortunately, is only in French at the moment. The blog is also only in French, but is pretty easy to read with google translate.

– Emilie

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1. Robert @ Kenya 1 Day safari | June 27, 2013 | Reply

Thats the kind of chocolate my kid will eat for a full 12hrs…

2. Esther in Amsterdam | July 1, 2013 | Reply

Fantastic! I want to try the TUC biscuits! :)