Pop Cutie accessories

Although it definitely has a Japanese feel to it, the Pop Cutie collection is designed by Danish girl Cecilie Lindemose and produced in Denmark as well. The range consists of jewellery, cell phone straps and stationery — all equally cute and want-able.

Even though the Pop-Cutie products are mainly aimed at tween girls (and make the perfect little presents!), they are equally attractive for littler girls, teenagers or young women. When a few Pop Cutie goodies arrived to our house the other day, there was an equal run to it from both my 2-year-old and my 7-year-old daughter, and, ahum, me. Fun!

xxx Esther

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1. Polona from Baby Jungle | February 25, 2013 | Reply

very cute! This mom would be extremely tempted as well! But please don’t tell anyone! ;o)

2. Lattemamma » Pop Cutie, makeeta söpöstelyä | March 1, 2013 | Reply

[…] Mutta kesän lämpöä odotellessa ajattelin jakaa teidän kanssanne jotakin suloista jonka löysin tämän blogin kautta. Pop Cutie on Japanilaisen pop-tyylin innoittamana syntynyt Tanskalainen yritys. Suloisia […]