Käthe Kruse dolls

This past summer, Ava finally started to trot around with her baby, which we gave her for her first birthday last year. It’s a Käthe Kruse doll and I keep thinking how pretty it is: old-fashioned looking, and beautifully made with hand-painted eyes and hair. So cute. It also has very easy-to-move limbs, so sitting her down and getting her dressed is easy (although Ava at the moment just manages to undress, as you can see). Because of the (phthalates free) vinyl body the doll can even be taken in the bath. I’m so excited that Ava is finally taking an interest in her baby, especially because it will hopefully encourage the same sort of mother-like nurturing toward her new baby brother.

xxx Esther

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1. Amelie | November 29, 2012 | Reply

The doll looks pretty indeed. It reminds me of Petit Collin dolls. The highchair looks great too! Is it vintage ?

2. Esther in Amsterdam | November 29, 2012

Hi Amelie, thank you! Yes, it’s a vintage doll’s highchair from France. xxx

3. MO | November 29, 2012 | Reply

We have one too – Polly Dolly! Tobi bought her for the Christmas before Lioba was born (as she was born 6 days later and we knew we were having a girl) – all the girls in our family in Germany have one of the kathe Kruse Bade-Puppen – bath-dolls as this one is. They are soooo pretty and I really think it is hard to find pretty dolls – they all have such weird faces! Sadly Polly comes 2nd best to Lioba’s Winnie – an ELS cheapo doll that we bought for Elias to get used to the idea that a new baby was coming – always the way.

4. Meta | November 29, 2012 | Reply

I love kathe kruse dolls! My mom played with her beautifully hand crafted ones in the 1940’s and I got to play with them when we visited Germany (it was always a highlight for me). I’ve been meaning to do a feature on them, they are truly works of art. I’m actually going to Germany next week and one of my goals is to pick up a kathe kruse baby doll for my little Maja–xo

5. Meta | November 29, 2012 | Reply

P.S. I love that they both like to be naked:)

6. Mitali | November 29, 2012 | Reply

I love the Kaethe Kruse dolls, too. My daughter got her first one – a Mini Bambina – for her first birthday and loved her from that moment on. She wanted to take her in the baths but since this one can’t get wet we bought her a Badepuppe from Goetz – not as beautiful as Kaethe Kruses Planscherle but way cheaper and also phthalates free.

7. freida | December 4, 2012 | Reply

In France, we have Petit Colin dolls which are also sooo cute! I am a great fan of Kathe Kruse dolls too and inetend to get my daughter one for xmas this year!
Oh, and that pic of your dear one is adorable!!

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