Ruby Violet, handmade organic ice cream

kids eating Ruby Violet ice creams

A new ice cream parlour has opened up (in my neighbourhood! hooray!), and the ice cream really is the best in town. Ruby Violet is located on an up and coming street in Tufnell Park (next door to eenymeeny and a whole host of cute new cafes and shops). This charming little ice cream shop, with its tiled floors and thoughtful decor, will win you over immediately. The ice cream and sorbets are all handmade on site using the finest natural and local ingredients. You’ll find such interesting flavours like Regent’s Park Honey, Cardamon and Lemon, Flintham Damson with Sour Cream, Liquorice with Blackcurrant Ripple, etc, and the flavours are so fresh and recognisable. You can also buy tubs of their ice cream to take away, and they also make ice cream cakes and other desserts for parties and events.  They’re open every day from 11-7, sunshine or no sunshine.

UPDATE: There is now a new location in the King’s Cross complex, not far from the fun fountains!


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June 24, 2016

[…] she has re-opened in a new nearby location – on the bustling Fortess Road (right next to Ruby Violet!). The shop is stocked full of ‘goods for good kids aged 0-10yrs’. All the products are […]

August 3, 2016

[…] Hay, found at a great interiors shop called Future & Found in London (right near the delicious Ruby Violet if you are in the neighbourhood!) I chose the red set but it also comes in shades of beautiful […]

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