The Maxi Micro scooter

After years and years of daily use and fun, Pim sadly outgrew his beloved Mini Micro scooter (we put one of the sweet O-bars on it so it’s now Ava’s scooter, and she’s loving it!). Pim without a scooter wouldn’t be Pim, so we got him the Mini Micro’s big brother, the very cool Maxi Micro. My friend Joanna, the owner of, advised me to go for the ‘Joystick’ instead of the ‘T-bar’, and after one minute of getting used to it Pim scooters (is that what you call it?) like he never did before, and he even wants us to go to the skateboard stunt field (or whatever THAT is called, you can see I’m at a loss here) all the time. My little boy is getting big, and so is his scooter!

Do your kids have scooters? I really find them fantastic — fun to play with, and such a great way of transportation!

xxx Esther

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1. Lily | June 11, 2012 | Reply

We LOVE mini micro’s in our family, my 3 year old daughter and my now 5 year old son both have one. We have blinged them up as well, union jack ribbons, bells, different coloured handlebars – you name it we have done it. LOVE that you can customise them. At what age are you meant to move on to the maxi micro???

2. Esther in Amsterdam | June 12, 2012

Hi Lily — yes! How fun are all the accessories you can get for the scooters! Re: size, it depends on the child, but Pim turned 5 in February…

3. joanna | June 12, 2012

Hi Lily
On the Maxi box it says from 6+ but here in Holland we generally recommend them from 5+. It really depends on your child – more on their weight than their height, because the steering is based on weight so a light child can’t turn the Maxi as easily. My 5 year old still uses her Mini because it’s lighter and easier than the Maxi.
Mini Micro – weight up to 30kg, height up to 116cm
(design is changed so the weight limit on the box is now too low)
Maxi Micro – weight from 18kg, height from 110cm

4. Eva | June 11, 2012 | Reply

All my three kids (7, 6 and 1years old) have their own scooters and they LOVE it. For our nearly 2 years old “baby” boy we have also put an O-bar on the micro mini and since then I have a hard time getting him in his stroller. He just wants to be on the scooter all the time! I think the O-bar is such a great invention! I am actually considering getting myself a scooter as well as it really does seem to be a lot fun and I would not have to “run” after all three of them all the time;-)

5. Esther in Amsterdam | June 12, 2012

Hi Eva, I can recommend the Micro Kickboard! Such fun!

6. joanna | June 12, 2012

Hi Eva
You might also like to consider the Kickboard Original – it’s the design that the Mini and the Maxi were based on. The kids will be really impressed that you’ve got one just like them!

7. Kaia | June 11, 2012 | Reply

It couldn’t be a better time – I was going to buy a maxi micro for my 5-year old. One question – why did your friend recommend joystick? Intuitively, it seems like T-bar is better for balancing?

8. Esther in Amsterdam | June 12, 2012

Hi Kaia, Joanna told me that the joystick is better, because you really only need one hand — the steering and balance all takes place on the actual board… I’ll ask her to also leave a comment here to give you more insight :-) xxx

9. joanna | June 12, 2012

Hi Kaia
The joystick is actually the original design of the Maxi (and also the first Minis were only with a joystick!) – it’s because you steer the scooter with your weight and the steering column is really only for balance. If your child has the T-bar then they will lean on the handlebars to help them turn, but the turn really comes from their weight shifting to the left or the right. Once kids get the hang of the joystick they never want to go back to the T-bar – and as Esther said, they get the hang of it very quickly! It depends a bit on the bravery of your child, we find often girls prefer the T-bar if they are a bit more cautious. You can also begin with the T-bar and later buy a separate joystick to give a bit more excitement: If your child has already been scooting on a Mini Micro then you can probably start straight away on a Maxi Joystick. If you’re in Amsterdam you’re welcome to come along and try out the different models!

10. Lucila | June 12, 2012 | Reply

To Joanna’s comment about balance and steering, my 6 year old daughter and 4 year old son both ‘surf’ with their scooters; almost leaning away from the handlebars; which has had me thinking about changing for a joystick for a while (I’ll probably do it now!). Even the 20-month old is already on his micro-mini (normal handlebar), and LOVING it! Although it’s slower than having him on the buggy, he’s so happy that I often relent.

11. Eva | June 12, 2012 | Reply

@Esther@Joanna: Thanks for the recommendations! As my birthday is coming up I forwarded the link to my husband;-)

12. Lee Jane | June 26, 2013 | Reply

Can u put a maxi bar on the mini micro?

13. Chillifan | December 19, 2013

Looking at the UK page it says it fits the Maxi but doesn’t say anything about the Mini. Presumably if the socket is the same size it would fit but I’m not sure this is the case.

14. Joanna | December 20, 2013

Hi Lee and Chillifan
You can’t put a Maxi T-bar or Joystick on a Mini but you can get an extra T-bar for the Mini if necessary. The Maxi T-bar/joystick is bigger than the Mini one.

15. Joanna | December 20, 2013 | Reply

For the mamas and papas out there, the Kickboard Original now comes with an interchangeable T-bar/Joystick so you can choose how you want to use it!

16. Chillifan | December 20, 2013 | Reply

Hi Joanna, thanks for that, I had just assumed they were the same fitting.

17. Christie | January 12, 2016 | Reply

Hi there I’m wondering can you change for a joystick to a t-bar I have bought a joystick one and my son does not get on with it. Can you buy a t-bar handle separate and change them?

18. Esther in Amsterdam | January 12, 2016

Hi Christie,
Yes! I believe you can get the t-bar separately.