The tooth fairy visit

There was a lot of excitement in our house last week. My daughter (a few days shy of her 5th birthday) lost her first tooth.  I remember when I was little, wiggling and twisting my loose teeth until they fell out.  However, when my daughter had the same fascination with her wiggly tooth it made me feel so queasy!

When the tooth finally came out there were a few tears from her as I think she got a fright, but when I mentioned that she could put it under her pillow that night for the tooth fairy to collect, the tears stopped.  So that day Mia drew a picture for the tooth fairy and left the picture with her tooth under her pillow.  In the morning the tooth fairy had taken her tooth and picture and left her $2.  How much does the tooth fairy pay for teeth at your house?


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1. Lily | January 10, 2012 | Reply

My son who is 5 has also just had his first tooth fall out he got £1 for his tooth, do you have a special kind of tradition or box to store it in. My son puts his tooth in this wooden tooth fairy box that has been in my family for years, and its lovely to see it be continually being used. Also what lovely colouring your daughter has, her red hair is lovely.

2. Justyn | January 10, 2012 | Reply

Our babes get a new tooth brush and a quarter. With four children we can not set too high a bar 😉

3. Esther in Amsterdam | January 10, 2012

I love the idea of giving a toothbrush! We give a 2 euro coin, but it’s not a real tradition here in the Netherlands — we sort of adopted it… 😉

4. Esther in Amsterdam | January 10, 2012

PS cute photo of Mia!! xxx

5. Emily | January 10, 2012 | Reply

Congratulations Mia! We do the same but one night the tooth fairy forgot to come…..I think she was on holiday that night but luckily she remembered the next night. My question is: what does the tooth fairy do with the teeth? (when my grandmother died we found the 1st teeth from all of her 7 kids tucked away neatly in an envelope!)

6. Steph | January 10, 2012 | Reply

We have been waiting weeks for our son’s two bottom teeth to come out. They have been very very loose since Chirstmas. You can see the adult tooth behind them. He is happy to let them just fall out of his head, just like his momma was. My plan was to give him a gold dollar coin per tooth but my husband thinks the going rate is $5 per tooth. We have a little oeuf toothy fairy tooth pill waiting in the wings for him to place his teeth in to give to the tooth fairy.

7. Steph | January 10, 2012

I heard the going rate here is $2 for the first tooth and $1 for every tooth after that. Her 2nd bottom tooth looks like its not far off now from falling out too.
I love the idea of a little box to put the teeth in. I will have to come up with something for the 2nd one :o)

8. Christy | January 11, 2012 | Reply

Oh, so glad to hear someone else is more in our ballpark. I’ve heard of friends giving $10 and $20 per tooth!!!! We gave a quarter and our daughter was delighted. She was also thrilled with the note the tooth fairy left her complete with glitter inside. I am thinking some of the bigger teeth (like the front two) are probably worth more like a dollar.

9. Laura Amiss | January 12, 2012 | Reply

Congratulations to Mia! Pelham has a wobbly one but was horrified at the sound of the tooth fairy. He is adamant that he wants ‘no fairies to come and take it’. Pia is now telling me she has wobbly teeth and asking when the fairies will arrive… x

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