Little Bu Non-Toxic Nail Polish

I’m hoping I have a few years yet before my daughter is interested in nail polish (out of curiosity, when does this happen?!)… but when the time comes, I’ll be buying her the Little BU non-toxic polishes. The nail polishes are water-based, odour-less, quick drying, completely non-toxic and free of all the nasty chemicals normally found in nail polish. They’re perfectly safe for little girls (and pregnant mamas!) and come in loads of great colours. You can buy them directly from the Little BU shop or from Harrods in London.

PS – Speaking of nail polish… don’t you just love this pair of peep-toe shoes, and that all her toenails are painted a different colour?! (Image found on the lovely Pinterest, which I have become completely obsessed about! You can find all of our pins here.)


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1. Lily | December 19, 2011 | Reply

Hi courtney, yeah we have a few of those polishes, when my son Arch was about 2 he decided he wanted to be just like mum and wanted his toenails painted blue, now he is 4 and would go nowhere near nail polish, but my daughter Rosie who is 2 and a half and has just started nursery has become obsessed with nail varnish, costumes, glitter and sparkles, i’m sure your daughter will become interested in it soon.

2. Lily | December 19, 2011 | Reply

Ok, this has nothing to do with nail polish, but i am in the process of trying to look for a toy kitchen for my 2 year old daughter and i am finding it hard to find one that isn’t mad of plastic or one that isn’t ugly. I know all the women on babyccino have similar style to myself so it would be helpful if you could do a post of kids kitchens, a mixture of ones just for girls and some unisex one too.

3. Courtney in London | December 20, 2011

Hi Lily,
Okay… kitchens.
Here are a couple which we’ve written about before and we all love:
1.) The Momoll Wooden Kitchen:
2.) The Educo Wooden Kitchen:
3.) The cardboard Kidsonroof cooker:

Let us know if you have any other questions. Good luck!

4. lily | December 20, 2011 | Reply

Thanks Courtney i love the Momoll wooden kitchen it is just so stylish – expensive though, perhaps it will be on her birthday list.

5. Lily | December 20, 2011

Also Courtney if you don’t mind me asking, which of the kitchens have you got for your own kids, and how often do they play with it etc.

6. Courtney in London | December 21, 2011

Hi Lily,
My mom bought my kids the Educo kitchen… but it stays in her home in Seattle. My kids LOVE playing with it when we visit.
At home, we have this mini version: and the kids use it ALL the time.
x Courtney

7. Esther in Amsterdam | December 22, 2011

We also have one of those foldable kitchens Courtney’s kids have, and it’s one of the most played-with toys in our house! xxx

8. Esther in Amsterdam | December 22, 2011 | Reply

Loving the multi-coloured toenails. AND the sandals. Summer, come back to us!!! xxx

9. denise | December 31, 2011 | Reply

Those shoes are GOREGOUS