Bayard Children’s Magazines

We have recently discovered the world of Bayard Magazines and my kids are loving their monthly issues. Bayard publishes three different magazines: StoryBox magazine (for kids aged 3 to 6), AdventureBox Magazine (for kids aged 6 to 9) and DiscoveryBox (for kids 9 to 12) in an effort to support children of all ages with their learning and reading.  Each magazine is filled with age-appropriate stories, poems, activities and games which teach kids a variety of subjects. Educational and entertaining — always a win/win combination.

– Courtney

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1. Cat in Palma | September 1, 2011 | Reply

This is absolutely wonderful. My daughter would LOVE getting a magazine full of stories every month – and addressed to her, no less! :)

2. Alison | September 2, 2011 | Reply

I really like StoryBox. My son has had a gift subscription (thanks Uncle) for the past 2 years. He enjoys opening his package every month and reading his magazine. We live in Spain so english reading material is always welcome.