Weekend Get-Away: Boston

May 20, 2011

According to my friend, Marika, who is a regular visitor — Boston is an absolutely fantastic city to visit with kids because it is jam-packed with things to do for the whole family, regardless of age and interest.  It’s also super easy to get around town, either on foot or by public transport.  The centre of the city is tiny and most sights are within walking distance of each other.
Marika lives in London and has two daughters. She also travels more than any other friend I have! She and her family (photographed below) have just returned from another family visit to Boston and she has kindly written down a weekend guide for us. Makes me want to take the kids to Boston — there’s so much to do and it all sounds incredible.



Pretty much everywhere in Boston is child friendly with most places having kids menus and high chairs. A special mention goes to




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May 22, 2011

My family lives in Boston and you have some good selections. My kids’ absolute favorite place to eat in town is Wagamama…which we first discovered in London! The Harvard Book store is also a favorite of theirs…downstairs there is an eclectic used children’s book collection that my kids love. The Harvard Museum of Natural History is also a hit with the little ones…we could spend hours in the rock and mineral room there.

May 24, 2011

What a great guide to Boston! I’ve stayed at the Four Seasons with my husband and then four-month old daughter and had a great stay. Does London have anything similar to the Children’s Museum you mentioned? I’ve seen the Museum of Childhood but it doesn’t seem to be nearly as interactive. Thanks!

May 24, 2011

I have to find anything as hands on as the Children’s Museum here in London. I am off to the Museum of London next week so I can report back.

June 1, 2011

The best kids shop in Boston, hands down, is Monkey & The Bug. It is located inside Stel’s on Newbury Street. It is a store within a store so Mom and Dad can shop too. They carry Wovenplay, Bobo Choses, Surface To Air. It’s fantastic.

They have a webhop and owner, Tina, has a great mommy blog…you can check it out here…


November 9, 2011

Where did you leave charley to play to entertain him?

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