Brocantes Popincourt


Just around the corner from me is a little collection of about 8-10 little brocantes shops which, surprisingly, not that many people know about… and they are fabulous. I think about 90 per cent of all the furniture I have bought in recent years comes from there. Each shop is owned by someone different, with its own distinctive style and they have beautiful French names: La Garçonnière, La Maison, La Chose, Alasinglinglin, Belle Lurette…

Some shops specialise in ’70s furniture, others have everything from 18th century to contemporary pieces. Some  specialise in mirrors and wall hangings, other have big wooden tables from old French farm houses. It is also a great place to pick up vintage crystal champagne coupes or old fashioned porcelain. If you love vintage furniture you are almost certain to find a gem in these places.

Brocantes de Popincourt
Rue du Marché Popincourt, rue Neuve Popincourt and  rue Ternaux

Closed on Mondays
Métro Oberkampf  or Parmentier

11th arronddissement


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