Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre

Swiss Cottage Leisure CentreIn the reception area of the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre, you’ll spot every type of person… from the 20-something fitness buff to the old man with his badminton racket, mums with their buggies, teenagers with their swimming gear, toddlers running out of the Little Rascals soft-play area, etc. This council-run leisure centre offers something for everybody.

It was voted the best leisure centre in London by TimeOut guide in 2008, and for good reason.  But it also deserves a mention for its incredibly kid-friendly atmosphere and programs… ranging from swimming lessons, ballet, basketball, etc.  Toddler’s World classes are offered twice a week, and the soft-play area is opened all week long. On a rainy day in London the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre can be a savior.

There’s also a library adjacent to the leisure centre with a great kid’s section filled with toys and games.  And inside the centre is a very kid-friendly café with a relaxed atmosphere and decent food (good brunch on the weekends).

One of our favorite things to do on a rainy weekend is to head over to the centre for an hour in the teaching pool during the family swim hours, and then a lazy brunch afterward.


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August 10, 2010

has anyone heard of a place called blue kangaroo? I heard that it has closed down, but I was wondering what the response was in Central London? Was it well-received? Any info would help. Thank you

August 10, 2010

Hi Sarah,
I have heard of the Blue Kangaroo, but I’m not sure if it’s still open. I went there for a birthday party years ago — it’s definitely kid-friendly because they have a whole downstairs soft-play section and climbing gym. I wasn’t too impressed with their food (it was generic kid food and not very good), but it was a fun place to have a birthday party.

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