2008 August 24

My prized possession
I was very lucky to know Courtney when my first daughter was born, as her son was 6 months older than my baby girl. This meant that whatever I needed to know, I could run straight to an expert, as she had learned everything about babies a few months earlier than I, and I could ...




Any plan for the weekend? If you're in London, the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre is a great family outing and a brilliant way to introduce school age children to the life and works of the famous playwright. All details are in our London city guide, link in profile! #babyccinocityguides #london
7 hours ago
Those merino wool long johns from @chasingwindmillskids are so soft, Courtney 's daughters won't take them off! Perfect for the colder days as pyjamas or base layers. More on the blog, link in profile!
17 hours ago
You will feel good about purchasing those sweet handmade bears and cool children gifts: @beargooduk gives back 10% of all sale prices (not profit!) to children's causes. Make sure you think of this lovely shop next time you're looking for a baby gift! (link in profile) #babyccinoboutiques #newshop
1 day ago
Have you ever tried to make mint syrup of your own? Esther and Emilie made some last summer, it was delicious, super refreshing, and obviously much healthier than store-bought! Check out our latest YouTube video for the recipe(link in profile) #babyccinoeats
1 day ago
Read about how surfing became a passion for Courtney's family- and totally changed their year around the world! Thanks @littlelondonmagazine for the interview! (link in profile)
2 days ago
Meet Anna, Danish mum of 2 who founded @mamaowl_, a lovely online shop filled with organic and natural wool clothing for kids. She answered our 5 questions, it's super inspiring and it's on the blog today (link in profile)
2 days ago
When it's time to say good night to our little ones, we only want the softest, cutest, loveliest items. Check them out in our latest Top Ten! Tap for details or follow the link in profile for more info ⭐️#babyccinotopten #goodnight
3 days ago
The best parenting methods are definitely not to be found in books! Emilie found a hilarious trick to get her daughters to toe the line (it doesn't involve skateboarding, so we can all do it) Link to the blog in profile! #momtricks
3 days ago
Beautiful, quality European shoes for the littlest of feet - check out @munchkinetmoi, a San Francisco based online boutique offering a gorgeous collection of kids shoes #babyccinoboutiques #newshop ( @sylviatribel)
4 days ago
Behind this beautiful embroidered blanket in the making, there is a very sad story, and a lot of love. Read about this blanket of love on the blog, link in profile
4 days ago