My prized possession

Brora ScarfI was very lucky to know Courtney when my first daughter was born, as her son was 6 months older than my baby girl. This meant that whatever I needed to know, I could run straight to an expert, as she had learned everything about babies a few months earlier than I, and I could just profit from her newly acquired knowledge!

One of her tricks was something simple and yet I would never have thought of it on my own. She always carried a wide, long pashmina on her! Now I know they are not the most fashionable thing anymore but they are the most multi-functional item imaginable. You need to breastfeed in public? Throw the scarf over your shoulder and no one will notice. It suddenly gets cold? You have a blanket to put over the baby. Need to keep the sun out of your buggy? Throw the scarf over it. It can work as an emergency changing blanket on a park bench, and once we even used it as a swing to rock a little baby to sleep! A big long scarf has become my number one present for new moms. I quite like giving the mom herself a present, and if the baby can profit from it too I will have gotten 2 birds with one stone… (I think that is how the saying goes)!
– Emilie