Kentish Town City Farm

I grew up on a farm so the idea of a “city farm” seemed a bit silly to me. “Surely it couldn’t be great. How can there be enough space in the middle of a city to house all those animals?” I thought there would be a few chickens, ducks (pigeons, probably) and maybe a few rabbits…

So when I took my son to one of London’s city farms for the first time, I wasn’t expecting much. (I think I even warned him that this wasn’t a real farm)!

But real it is! And definitely worth a trip, especially if you live here and the only exposure your child has to a grunting pig or a galloping horse is in one of those “My First Farm” picture books…

Kentish Town City Farm, (which is probably the best in central London), has everything from chickens, ducks and rabbits to pigs, goats, cows and horses. There are plenty of opportunities to touch and feed the animals (I always bring a bag of old apples for the horses), and the staff is great about allowing you to wonder around without being guided or watched.

It is open every day and admission is free. On Saturdays and Sundays at 1:30 you can pay £1 and your child can ride the ponies!

(And if you have a train-obsessed child like mine, you’ll be happy to know that the farm occupies both sides of the train tracks with plenty of “choo-choo train” appearances)!

Kentish Town City Farm, 1 Cressfield Close, London, NW5


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