DIY: Road Desk Decal

Road Desk Sticker DIY

I always thought that boys love cars because the society thinks that boys should play with cars and girls can play with dolls… and so the parents buy them cars and then they play with them (I’m simplifying but you understand what I’m trying to say here, right?). But I changed my opinion and here’a why: when Talan got big enough to play with toys he just used Tila’s old ones and then one day he noticed a tractor driving on the street right under our house and his reaction was over the top — he started to scream, point, jump and everything else you could imagine one does out of excitement. Even today tractors are his number one love (I think he might love them even more than me :) and he recognizes their sound even before anyone else can hear them (not exaggerating) but he likes other vehicles like cars (especially policemen), vans (ambulances make the best sound), trucks and of course diggers (those are his number 2. love!) too.

Road Desk Sticker DIY

Anyhow, I might have slipped off the main topic a tiny bit but now you know exactly how I got an idea to make him a road decal for his little desk. It was much easier to make than I thought so I think I might make one for the floor in kids room as well, but a bigger one.

Road Desk Sticker DIY

I used a Blackboard Wall Sticker from Casa Pura over Amazon (there are many less expensive ones too, but this one has great reviews) and I cut out a piece at the exact length and width of the desk surface.

Road Desk Sticker DIY

I turned it over and on the back side I drew an oval street that runs as close to the edges as possible. Then I also drew one right at the middle and made round curves.

First I cut out the oval shape and then in the middle of the part that I wanted to cut out I stabbed a hole with the tip of the scissors and cut along the line. Do that part really slowly so you don’t tear the sticker or even go over the lines.

Road Desk Sticker DIY

Now when you think you’re done with the trickiest part, you realize you have to paste the decal in place. I measured and marked the middle of the sticker and the desk first in order to line them together. That is the easiest way to make sure the sticker gets placed in the center.

Road Desk Sticker DIY

Road Desk Sticker DIY

Now peel back just a little bit of the backing paper and make sure those two middle lines you marked meet and press down at the edge to hold it in place. You don’t need to worry too much as this sticker can be easily reattached (I tried! A few times). Now peel the backing bit by bit and in order to avoid the air bubbles rub in place using something like a ruler or a credit card and a firm pressure and work your way along the sticker.

Road Desk Sticker DIY

Road Desk Sticker DIY

At the end I used a blackboard marker to draw the center lines but you can simply use chalk. Needless to say, Talan loves it! Bruuum!

To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!

Lester’s Dreadful Sweater, by K.G. Campbell


I have to confess every autumn I have the greatest intentions in knitting my girls something other than a simple scarf. As soon as I see the leaves are about to turn colour, I race to the wool shop and purchase a ridiculous amount of wool in all sorts of beautiful shades and I scour Pinterest in the search of patterns for cool ponchos, waistcoats and pretty little hats. Within days of putting wool to needle I’ve miserably failed following the pattern and my baskets of wool are left sitting lonely, albeit pretty, by the couch.

But this year all has changed. Since reading Esther’s awesome post on making pompoms for a spring branches bouquet earlier in the year, I sat down with the girls last week and we spent half a cosy day making super cool pompoms for an autumn craft. As our basket of pompoms crazily filled up, I remembered a really fun book we have on the joys (and the woes – for some) of knitting.

Enter Lester’s Dreadful Sweater ! Peppered with lively alliteration and clever wordplay Lester’s Dreadful Sweater by K. G. Campbell captures perfectly the embarrassment Lester feels each day he walks into school with a new hideous sweater on.


When Aunt Clara comes to stay with Lester, following an encounter with a crocodile, all seems fine; that is until she knits him a sweater. The first one was “less-than pleasant yellow and smothered with purple pompoms.” Then “there was the terribly turquoise one with several unexpected sleeves.” As soon as Lester receives each frightening sweater he finds a way to rid them. But unlucky for him Aunt Clara is a rather speedy knitter and by the time dawn approaches a “woolly mountain” has already appeared.



I love reading this book with the girls! Filled with mature vocabulary and quirky illustrations every time we read this book we gain some extra enjoyment out of it. And the best bit is, the story ends not with Lester hurting Aunt Clara’s feelings – rather quite the opposite. It ends with Aunt Clara feeling ever so stylish and being chauffeured away in a fanciful caravan.


Lester’s Dreadful Sweater is a book filled with creativity and always encourages my girls imaginations. Don’t you just love a book that can inspire a child’s creativity?

The book is available from all good bookstores or online from Amazon (US and UK ).

Vanessa xx

P.S. We’ve started a #babyccinoreads hashtag over on Instagram for all our favourite books. Please share your favourites with us!

The wonderful world of Storytime magazine




Fables, fairytales, historic tales, poems, myths, stories from around the world — my kids love them all and so do I. On weekend mornings, often one child after the other comes crawling into our big bed (if they weren’t in there already!), and we all snuggle up together, like a big pile of baby mice around their mama. Then I read stories for them, for as long as they can convince me to stay in bed.



Have you heard of Storytime Magazine yet? (You might very well have, as Courtney introduced the concept on the blog before here.) It is a subscription based magazine, full of all sorts of wonderful stories as mentioned above: fables, fairytales, historic tales, poems, myths, stories from around the world… Because our children range in age (2 – 10), Storytime Magazine is the perfect family read for us — the way the stories are chosen, written and illustrated, makes that they appeal to everyone (mama included)! They are the perfect length, and, what makes it extra fun, is that there are lots of little educational tips included throughout the magazine. There’s relevant (historical) background information, there are cute counting and colour exercises, fun suggestions for recipes to make or games to play, etc. Also, there are pages with sweet activities, puzzles and quizzes, all tying in to the stories that are told in the magazine — encouraging readers to flip back through the magazine and once again look at what was told before.



Storytime Magazine is celebrating their first birthday this month (happy birthday, Storytime!), so they are now offering Babyccino Kids readers a wonderful introductionary discount — a good opportunity to try out the subscription for a really low price. If you’re interested, you can check out the details here.

xxx Esther

This post is sponsored by Storytime Magazine, a company we personally use and recommend! Storytime Magazine has been a longtime member of our shopping portal.

Bellerose, a favourite label for boys!

boys smiling

boys in garden

quin picking berries

yin and yang

kids running 2

Shopping for boys is definitely more challenging than shopping for girls, or at least I find it slightly less exciting. For one, there is less variety in the types of clothing for boys (no adorable rompers or pretty dresses), but I also find it trickier to find simple, timeless pieces without the stereotypical ‘boyish’ texts and colours. For my boys, I like solid tops and bottoms in nice, neutral colours, and I also try to find good quality pieces that will stand the test of time and last long enough to be worn by both active boys. (I typically buy new clothes for my eldest son and then pass down to the younger one, and the same goes for the girls.)

Bellerose is a brand I discovered years and years ago in a shop in Antwerp, back when the boys were really little. I bought a pair of shorts for Easton that ended up becoming a favourite pair worn by both boys, and I’ve returned to this brand again and again over the years, both for the style and the quality.

I like the laid-back effortless style of the Bellerose pieces, and the quality is always really reliably good. I also like the way the pieces fit both boys: their loose-fitting shorts and trousers really suit Easton, and yet still look good on Quin who is smaller framed than his older brother. It’s also one of the rare children’s brands that goes up to size 16 which is a relief as many of the other brands stop at size 10 or 12. 

We got some photos taken of the kids earlier this summer and I couldn’t resist putting the boys in their matching tees and shorts from Bellerose. My two boys, such sweet little pals — so different from each other, but somehow such a perfect pairing of personalities. I love the yin/yang feel of these photos.

Courtney x

All photos by Sara Welch

This month’s awesome give-aways

Win! September 2015 Babyccino Kids

Here in Amsterdam the first leaves are colouring, and temperatures are slowly dropping. I love this time of year, nature is so beautiful and every ray of sun is so magical! October is rapidly approaching, but you still have time to enter in our September give-aways, which are spectacular as always. Here goes:

Babyshower are giving away a beautiful maternity bag including a portable changing mat and a fleece blanket. So gorgeous — a must-have for every (new) mama!

Molly & The Wolf offer 3 subsciptions to their craft-club: over the course of 3 months, a personally addressed, top secret parcel containing a brand new craft kit will be received in your mailbox. How fun (and perfect for rainy October days)!

Lollipop are giving away one complete back to school bundle with all of their different planners, notebooks and tape, plus a moon & stars platter! So functional (and sooo wantable)!

This month MORI are offering one lucky winner a store wide credit of £100 worth, to be spent on their durable, soft, high quality and deliciously darling baby essentials.

To read more about the individual give-aways (and to enter each or all of them), visit our win page now! Good luck!

xxx Esther

Tuesday Tips: removing stubborn stains


We’ve had a few emails come in lately requesting a Tips post on how to get rid of stains, and while none of us consider ourselves to be stain removal experts, we thought it would be a fun post to encourage readers to share their tips and tricks (so please do share!).

What I’ve learned is that it’s really important to treat the stain (even small ones) before you attempt to wash it in the machine, and that the sooner you treat it, the better luck you’ll have at removing the stain. Here are some other tips that quickly come to mind:

  • Soak stains as soon as you can.
  • Dish soap works well on grease stains like butter or oil, and then it’s best to wash with the warmest water that’s safe for the fabric after you’ve let the soap soak into the clothes.
  • Ice cold water is best on blood stains (and again, try to soak as quickly as possible).
  • If stains don’t come out in the wash, don’t put clothes in the dryer (that will set the stain and it will never come out after that). I usually hang-dry clothes that were stained, just to be sure the stain is out completely when dry.
  • Hanging washed clothes to dry in direct sunlight helps to naturally bleach stains (especially fruit and berry stains).
  • Lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar are natural stain removal agents that have been used for years and years.
  • According to my mum, white wine is great at removing red wine stains (who knew?!).
  • When Easton was a baby we spent a week in Paris with my family. My mom and I went to the supermarket to ask for a small container of laundry soap to hand wash some clothes and the lady handed us a bar of basic Marseilles soap and told us to wet the clothes and scrub with the bar of soap. I was skeptical, but I tried it out and it worked SO WELL. It’s a perfect laundry soap to travel with because it’s not a liquid, and it really works! (Esther and Emilie both keep a bar of Marseilles soap in their laundry rooms for this reason.)
  • For sticky stuff like chewing gum or silly putty, you can stick the clothes directly into the freezer and then pull the sticky stuff off the clothes once it’s frozen.
  • For very stubborn stains you can, of course, use a chemical stain remover like Vanish or Oxi Clean (though we usually try to avoid these harsh cleaners because they’re not good for the environment or your clothes).

I think that’s it, but again I’m really excited to see what other tips you all have up your sleeves, so please share!


p.s. Photo above is of the sink in the laundry room of my old house. Oh how I miss that laundry room! : )

Our next ShopUp event: London this December!

The ShopUp at Chelsea Town Hall
ShopUp cookies copy

The ShopUp copy

ShopUp Preview_014

Following on from the excitement of our recent ShopUp event in NYC, we are thrilled to announce our next event which will take place in London on December 10th and 11th, just in time for Christmas and holiday shopping!

We’ve already lined up an awesome selection of shops (start your Christmas lists!), as well as food and fun activities (including Santa!). It’s going to be so good.

Mark your diaries now: December 10/11 at the Chelsea Town Hall. More info here.


Colourful Kapla

Colourful Kapla

I’ve written about Kapla before, and they are also on the list of evergreen toys we published for a Tuesday Tips in the beginning of the year. Kapla is such a beautiful and extremely creative toy — the simplicity of the wooden blocks, with their perfect dimensions, makes it possible to build all sorts of structures over and over again.

Colourful Kapla

My kids have had the basic set for quite some years, but a friend of mine recently gave them a set of colourful blocks, ‘Kapla Octocolor‘. The same blocks, but in 8 beautiful, natural colours. A perfect addition, as it really gives another dimension to their play!

xxx Esther

Momo, by Michael Ende

Capture d’écran 2015-09-02 à 23.24.00 (1)

Do you remember the first book that you read from cover to cover as a child? My first page turner was a book called Momo and I read it on a long, long car journey across Europe one summer. I remember not wanting the journey to end until the book was finished! It is by German author Michael Ende who is most famous for writing the Neverending Story (another one of those magical page turners).

DSC00065 (1)

I had totally forgotten about this book until I recently found it in my favourite children’s book shop L’Enfant Lyre here in Paris.  Coco, who is nine now, read it this summer and also could not put it down.

The thing is, this book might have been written in the early ’70s, but its subject is more relevant than ever before. A little girl saves her city and its inhabitants from ominous grey men who are stealing everyone’s time – no one has time to play and talk anymore, which is as much a subject now as it was 40 years ago apparently!


Shortstitch, a personal shopping service

Shortstitch -- personal shopping service

Personal shopping — it sounds expensive and luxurious, doesn’t it? It makes me think of those slightly hidden areas on the top floors of high-end department stores. Luxurious… and definitely mysterious.

But fact is: parents are busy. Very busy. Although we love (virtual) shopping and browsing, we don’t always find the time to scout the high streets (or the internet) for the best buys and coolest finds… even though new outfits for the children are desperately needed. Wouldn’t it be ever so handy to have someone (with great taste, obviously!) doing most of the work for you? Who would suggest a few outfits for your child, narrowing down the endless amount of items available to some great quality pieces that you can actually see and feel, and even try on? With no strings attached? Enter Shortstitch — a personal shopping service for busy parents.

Shortstitch personal shopping service

Shortstitch recently asked me to test their service, and I was intrigued by the concept and impressed by their cool, clean and professional looking website. So yes, sure! (Please!) Since Shortstitch focus their service on children aged 4 to 10 year, we decided to ‘pretend’ shop for Ava, who is 5 years old, and is developing quite a fun personal style.

After answering some inquiries on the website sign-in, I received a prompt email with a request to put a time in the agenda for a style consultation over the telephone. I was asked a range of specific questions about Ava — are there any particular items she is in need of this season? Does she practise any sports? Are there other occasions she needs clothes for? We also discussed sizing, colours and general style preferences. The consultation took around 10 minutes, and was quite fun (don’t all mothers love talking about their children?).

Shortstitch personal shopping service

Within 2 days I got a notification that my ‘box of YAY!’ was on the way. And how fun it was to receive a big package on my doorstep shortly after!

Inside, there was a gorgeous selection of clothes, shoes and accessories, all put together with the utmost care in separate packages and carefully wrapped in tissue paper. There was an accompanying personal letter, written full of enthusiasm and confidence, explaining the selections and suggesting combinations that could work for an array of occasions: ‘The navy skirt with the brick polo neck and brown boots will be a great everyday staple for school.’ ‘The leggings are quite versatile too. She will look super stylish arriving at swim class in those.’

Shortstitch personal shopping service

Shortstitch personal shopping service

Shortstitch personal shopping service

There were jackets to choose from, a pair of gorgeous shoes and sturdy boots, adorable tights and socks, hair accessories, and then, of course, a selection of clothes for different occasions. All of exquisite quality, all beautiful, fun and unique, and quite daring — as daring as one could get away with within the ‘style boundaries’ I had set (timeless pieces, muted colours, tasteful patterns, no logos, etc.). I would say, definitely more adventurous than I would have selected myself — which makes it actually really special!

Shortstitch personal shopping service

Shortstitch, personal shopping serviceOK, it’s clear that I was impressed with Shortstitch so far, but, most importantly — Ava absolutely loved what Shortstitch had picked for her as well.

Shortstitch personal shopping service Shortstitch personal shopping service Shortstitch personal shopping service

The luxury of getting to see and feel the garments, trying them on, and returning them to the Shortstitch box if it’s a ‘no keep’ is truly great. Unwanted items can be returned to the box which will be collected by a courier by appointment and free of charge. (However, I can already tell you that it will be quite difficult to return anything in the box!).

Now… of course one wonders, what does this fabulous service cost? Well: nothing! Nothing extra, that is —  you only pay (recommended retail prices) for the items you want to keep. The styling service, the delivery and collection are all on Shortstitch. Nothing mysterious about it. How cool is that?

xxx Esther

This post is sponsored by Shortstitch, a personal shopping service I tested and loved.

The new Hatch collection and some photos from NYC!







Hatch photo1


Last week when we were in NYC for the ShopUp, we met up with the talented team from Hatch and had a little photoshoot with some of our favourite pieces from the new Autumn/Winter collection. It was so, so fun to play dress-up in all the stylish clothes, and Esther and I had a blast pretending to be models (haha!) on the streets of Brooklyn.

Esther and I have been long-time fans of the Hatch maternity label since we discovered it during our last pregnancies with Casper and Marlow, and I still wear many of those original Hatch pieces three years later. What I love about Hatch is that you can feel better about investing in stylish maternity clothes knowing that you’ll wear these pieces after pregnancy and for years to come.

The clothes are comfortable and effortlessly stylish, and I love how the shapes seem to fit women of many different sizes, pregnant or not pregnant. The Union Jumpsuit is a perfect example — it looks great on Esther with her tall, skinny body, and then it also works on me (I just had to roll the cuffs a few more times). I also love that you can dress the pieces up or down depending on how you accessorise. I wore nice flats with the Isabel Pants for a dressier look, but look how cool they are paired with trainers!

The Hatch website is really quite fun to browse for style inspiration — I love the way they style all the pieces and show different versions (dressed up or down) of the same piece. We had so much fun putting our own twist on the clothes, and I hope you don’t mind us sharing so many photos from that day. : )

And two more, just for fun…

Hatch in NYC

sleeping guy

We were laughing (and admiring) this guy’s ability to sleep in the middle of bustling NYC, below the bridges and amidst the noisy sirens and taxis whooshing by. So good! So New York!

Courtney xx

All photos taken by Marko Jokic. Thank you, Marko, for making us feel so at ease in front of the camera! 

Nature Notebooks from Mrs. Booth

Nature Notebooks
Nature Notebooks 1
Nature Notebooks2

Before I left London, I spent some times searching the web for fun journals and activity books for the kids to take with them as part of their home education and documentation of their travels. I stumbled upon the sweet Nature Notebooks at Mrs. Booth which are absolutely perfect for what I had in mind. These little A5 notebooks are thin and lightweight (perfect for travels!) and include 40 pages to fill however you wish. We’ve been using them to draw our discoveries and then write down our observations.

I like that it provides a guideline for how to fill in the pages, but it’s not too rigid so the kids can still find their own way of filling the pages. Easton loves drawing so his book includes a lot of drawings, while Quin has mostly filled the pages with text.

Mrs. Booth offers nature notebooks for town, country and seashore (each only £5!), so I grabbed some of each theme and we hope to fill them all out over the course of the year.

Courtney x

New video: a French braid tutorial

french braid tutorial
Ava with french braids

Our newest video is now up on our YouTube Channel! We figured it was easier to show you how to French braid in a video rather than in photos, so here’s our first video hair tutorial. We shot this video a couple months ago when I was in Amsterdam visiting Esther, and sweet little Ava was the perfect model.

You can watch it here. We hope you enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to answer!

Courtney xx

The ShopUp NYC: a re-cap in photos!






We’ve just received so many great photos from Nicki Sebastian of our NY ShopUp. We thought we would let the photos speak for themselves and paint the picture of those two fun-filled days. So here’s a re-cap in (loads of) photos. It’s so fun to look through these and be reminded of what a great event it was! (An enormous thank you to our wonderful event manager, Miraya Berke of Pop Productions who did an amazing job.) Here are the photos:  (more…)

Origami napkins! (by Lollipop Design)


Aren’t these origami napkins from Lollipop design the cutest? And so clever and fun too! We always use cloth napkins for our meals — for environmental reasons, but also because I simply like the look of them. These napkins are so brilliant because they look so super cute, giving a really special touch to the table — plus, they serve some entertainment for on the table as well!

Origami napkin by Lollipop Design (photo Babyccino Kids)
Origami Napkins by Lollipop Design

My kids have each adopted an animal, and love folding and unfolding the pattern at the table. (Which, I must admit, they are so much better in than I am!) Unfolded, they are just like a normal napkin — with a really nice, interesting colour-block pattern.

Origami Napkins by Lollipop Design

I think these napkins would make such a sweet present too, maybe to bring to a dinner party? (I also have already marked them on my holiday list — can you believe that we have to start thinking of Christmas soon?)

xxx Esther

The Baby’s Catalogue, written and illustrated by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

The Baby's Catalogue by Janet & Allan Ahlberg

My youngest daughter adores dolls. I mean really, she adores dolls! Each one has a name (mainly Annabel) and each one gets bathed (in the real bath) every day. They have their own little outfits, they sit at the dinner table with us and they’ve even sat next to us when we baked cakes. In fact Florence’s dolls are her babies.

I’ve noticed recently that the books she chooses also have babies in them. So when she spotted The Baby’s Catalogue recently in the bookshop I knew I had to get it for her. This book is a dream for Florence.


The Baby’s Catalogue written and illustrated by the hugely creative couple Janet & Allan Ahlberg is a picture book which shares the lives of five families and their babies. It lays out easily recognizable items such as breakfasts, toys, prams, games, shopping items and teapots in a similar way to a catalogue. With this layout the book invites you to play the game of ‘Which one would you want?’ A game which Florence loves to play with me. It’s a charming book which deserves a place on every family’s bookshelf. The illustrations are true to Ahlberg’s intricate style creating a nostalgic feel.
This is a gem of a book. Great for children aged in the 18 months – 4 years range. Available from Amazon (UK and US).

– Vanessa

Vegetable Lasagne


We have spent the summer enjoying ourselves and indulging in saucisson, paté, sausages, cheese and bread — as you would if you are on holiday in France. But I am now craving vegetables so badly!

I have spent bit of time browsing the internet for new recipes (as I am a little bit bored of my usual dishes) and stumbled across this recipe for a Vegetable Lasagne. I am a massive fan of Felicity Cloake’s recipes, and was excited to discover this one.

I like the fact that there are not massive chunks of vegetables in it, but rather a lovely, slightly smokey vegetable sauce. It is seriously good, perfect with a big helping of salad!

I am actually going to continue experimenting with different types of Vegetable Lasagnes; I would love to try this one and this one!

– Emilie

Counting and adding Sticks, Montessori Style

Counting Sticks

Tila just loves to count and learn new numbers and since she’s not the sit-and-learn type of kid I decided to try something that would help her learn simple math like adding through a play.

So I made this simple counting/adding tool and I was so amazed at how quickly she learned to add numbers to 10 with them. In just under half an hour she could add numbers and then she could actually add most of them even without the sticks! So I decided it’s something I need to share with you.

Counting Sticks

There is nothing special about these sticks, they are simple Popsicle Craft Sticks and I painted 10 of them red and the other ten blue just because I thought it would be easier to count the first number of sticks in one color and add them in another plus in case she’d make a mistake at counting they wouldn’t mix. For instance: if I ask her how much is 5+4 and she takes 5 of the red ones and only 3 of the blue ones I can ask her if she’s sure she took the right amount of both and then she can correct herself by either counting both individually or even just by looking at them (she can immediately recognize there are only 3 blue sticks).

You can also write the numbers down, so she or he can see what the actual numbers look like in writing. Simply write the numbers 1 to 10 (or more if they know them) on little square papers two times (or more – you can also ask how much is 2+2+2+1 for instance and you’ll need three 2s for that) and put the correct numbers in front of them when asking. I wish I knew math can be fun when I was 6.

Isn’t it funny how the most amazing things in life are usually also the most simple ones?


To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!

ShopUp NYC Day One!
















We had SO much fun at the ShopUp today, and we’re still buzzing from the excitement of having so many people turn out! What a busy, bustling day!!! We met so many wonderful families, watched so many happy kids, ate good food, listened to fun music, and most importantly were SO impressed with all our wonderful shops and all their gorgeous products. We couldn’t have asked for a better day! We wanted to share a selection of photos from our talented photographer, Nicki Sebastian, because we thought these great shots give a perfect re-cap of the day.

A big thank you to all of you who came today, and we hope to see many more of you tomorrow (Monday) from 10am to 5pm for more fun.

See you there!


Petit Pehr: Storage baskets that make rooms look neat


With six people in a house, I am constantly tidying up. There’s no end to it! Once I have one room in order, I turn around to see the next in a state of explosion. Totally normal of course, and just the way it should be — imagine a house with little children living in it where there is no mess. That’s a house with no soul!


Regardless of the soul, I do like some sort of order around me. Especially since I’m working from home; I seem to be able to concentrate better when the house is in some sort of organised state. So I tidy up, constantly, and ask (hmm, urge) my kids to help me to do that. To make this job easier, I have assigned specific spaces to specific items — I have invested in clever and fun storage solutions over time, like old suitcases holding the yarn, market baskets for the Schleich animals, a big army crate for the marble track, fruit crates for books, etc…

Petit Pehr storage baskets (photo by Babyccino Kids)

And, I recently got these beautiful storage baskets from Petit Pehr — I love how pretty they are! I now, finally, have a place for the blankets in our living room, for the dolls in the girls’ room, for the lego in the boys’ room — even for the laundry in the laundry room! (Which, BTW, is another never-ending affair in our household!) There are many sizes of hampers and baskets at Petit Pehr — and so many great designs too. They all perfectly mix and match, making storage solutions a integral part of the room design; just the way I like it.


Petit Pehr is one of the awesome shops that is joining us for the ShopUp in NYC this Sunday and Monday. I’m so excited to have them there — they will be bringing loads of wonderful products (in addition to storage baskets, they have so many more beautiful home and kids room accessories!) — I’ll be sure to fill my suitcase with some of them!

xxx Esther

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