Thursday Thoughts: Depression during pregnancy
May 26, 2016
This past April, in Australia, I went out to dinner with some new girl friends. Our conversation that night became quite intimate and over the course of dinner I learned of one friend’s struggle with pregnancy depression. She shared, so eloquently, her struggle and journey to get support during her recent pregnancy. For the first ...
The new Mabo Kids collection
May 25, 2016
It's no secret that Mabo Kids is one of my very favourite children's clothing brands. Mabo is a household name in our family and the designer/founder, Emily, a wonderful friend.  The clothing is both incredibly sweet and easy to wear as well as durable and extremely well made. The rompers, for example, are not only ...


Why I like camping
May 24, 2016
  When I mention camping to a lot of my friends, they look aghast. The idea of sleeping on the ground, in a tiny tent on top of each other without privacy and at the mercy of the elements, does not sound like a relaxing holiday. To a certain extent they are right; waking up ...
Flyaway, Illustrated by Lesley Barnes
May 23, 2016
Flyaway is one of those pretty picture books which every time you open up you discover something else on the page. The detailing is so intricate and fascinating it has children of all ages captivated. Illustrated by the talented Lesley Barnes who has shown at film festivals worldwide with her incredible animations and has won ...
Niko + Ava, a boutique full of special fashion finds
May 20, 2016
At the beginning of the year, when Emilie and I were visiting the Playtime trade-show in Paris, we bumped into a beautiful, pregnant lady called Luisa, and her handsome husband and darling little boy Niko. We instantly had a click (you know how you sometimes have that with people?) and we became friends on the ...
Feather Down Farms: a weekend stay on a farm
May 19, 2016
A couple of weeks back, we picked up the children from school on a Friday afternoon and drove all the way to the very south of Belgium. Reason for our trip was a weekend stay at a Feather Down farm, or in other words, we were going 'glamping' on a real working farm. Feather Down is a concept that originated in ...
Chicken and Apricot Curry - a family favourite
May 18, 2016
We are having the craziest Spring weather here in Scotland. We've had snow and hail and bright blue skies all in one day over the past week and we're on a weather warning tonight! My poor baby plants are now snuggled up inside my kitchen sheltering from the frost. We are also feeling the cold so ...
'Where is the Green Sheep?' by Mem Fox and Judy Horacek
May 17, 2016
After my recent post about Australian author Mem Fox in which I shared some of our new favourites written by her, I received the sweetest direct message on Instagram from an Australian mum, Steph Donohue, telling me she had an extra copy of Mem Fox's 'Where is the Green Sheep?' and that she would love ...
Milk & Biscuits
May 16, 2016
I discovered Milk and Biscuits a couple of years ago at Playtime in Paris. The collection looks so different from a lot of the other brands – bright bold prints, original fun designs and beautiful fabrics made the clothes stand out. So I got chatting to Kate, the designer, who was just launching her line -- ...
Super sun catchers
May 13, 2016
We've been trapped.... ...inside for the past week as a wave of fevers swept the household. Luckily, they were pretty much symptom free, but the fact that they struck all six of us at once made parenting pretty much a lost cause. The silver lining is that it was less of relay race - lasting ...



Pregnancy is not always a happy time and lots of mums-to-be experience depression while pregnant. Courtney was one of them and shares her story on the blog - please do the same if you went through it as well! (link in profile) (photo from Pinterest) #pregnancy
3 hours ago
@mabokids new collection is exquisite! Courtney - who has been a fan of this beautiful brand for long - shares her favourite items on the blog today (link in profile).
20 hours ago
Make a dolls hospital for you children to practice their doctors skills! It's super simple and you will even find free downloads for the nurse caps and doctor's prescriptions ️. Check it out on the blog archives, link in profile! #pretendplay
1 day ago
It's time to plan the summer holidays and we are wondering - do you like camping? Emilie really does and tells us why on the blog today! (link in profile) #camping #summer
1 day ago
Spring, spring, spring! We bring you a fresh, bright and 100% green Top Ten this week! Tap for details and have a look online to know more about this selection! (link in profile) #babyccinotopten #spring #green
2 days ago
Flyaway is a wonderful story book, counting book and concept book with fascinating and detailed illustrations. Read more about it on the blog today (link in profile)! #babyccinoreads #picturebook
2 days ago
Yes, needle felting is easy, fun, and relaxing! Why don't you give it a try with kids? Have a look at the blog archives, link in profile! (the supplies from @conscious_craft are ) #needlefelting #dryfelting #crafts
3 days ago
Sisters love and dreamy tutus Such a beautiful pic! @courtneyadamo @tutudumonde #sisters #tutu #dressup #magic
4 days ago
Spring is flower time! How about making a couple of those cute brown paper flower pots? Tutorial on the blog archives! #diy #crafts #flowerpot #spring
5 days ago
Great fashion for kids and adults? That's what @nikoava does! Go on the blog now to know more!
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