Last minute DIY Christmas tree

Christmas is around the corner! I can’t believe it!  This past weekend we made a recycled and diy Christmas tree. It is easy and very fun to do with kids.

We are so happy with our tree. I think the next step will be to do some more, but little. And make a forest!!!. It will be fun.

Hope you like them and give it a try! And hope you have a very merry Christmas!!!

x Maria

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Tutti Confetti, charming illustrations

I am so completely in love with the spanish ilustrator Tutti Confetti. I think they are not only lovely but the overall warmth and feel of them is just amazing.

Sooo nice. But my favourite are the personalized ilustrations she makes. You send her a picture and she does the most beautiful drawing full of emotions!  Nico and I already have ours. And I cannot stop looking at it.

Congratulations Tutti Confetti!!


p.s. To read more from Maria, visit her lovely blog here.

Jailhouse Rock Birthday Party

We have just celebrated Nico’s birthday. This year we made a Jailhouse Rock themed birthday party. It was so much fun! Both kids and adults really enjoyed it!

A little cell as a stage. And black, white and turqouise as star colours!

Very sponsorized food table!!!

And of course merchandising of the band!!!

It was so much fun, the kids were on stage singing all evening. By the way, the microphones are real ones, so you can imagine… they were amazed!!

Happy Birthday to Nico and hope you like it!

xo Maria

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Bonnetapompon, a lovely Spanish brand

Oh! I just love to find spanish brands like Bonnet à Pompon! It is so sweet!. Clothes made with exquisite taste and care.

With very delicate colours, their shops are also an amazing experience. It is all like a fairy tale!!

Very happy to find this brand made in Spain and hope you like it. And, if you happen to be in Madrid, it is well worth a visit to their shops.

– Maria

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Our summer holidays in Holland

Oh! It is so nice for me to remember our holidays in Holland this past summer! We went in July and we were so lucky with everything. We are in a program of house exchange and everything went just perfect!. We really loved our house and the garden with the lovely wooden house.

Great memories and lovely times in our garden!. So much fun. But speaking about fun… how great it was for us to ride a cargo bike the whole holidays!. For us Spaniards, riding bikes is not the norm, let alone a cargo bike!. That was just amazing, and we really really enjoyed it!

We really enjoyed our area, with the lakes, and canals. We had amazing weather so we got to do many things outdoors. We also went to our nearest city, Haarlem. We adored it! One of my favourites shops was Meneer Paprika. A really cool store and cafe, the paradise for children and adults!.

A very relaxed, healthy, quiet, and amazing summer we had!!. Really looking forward to going back to The Netherlands. In fact, looking forward to next summer!!!!! 😉

Happy to be back here!!


To read more from Maria, visit her lovely blog Escarabajos Bichos y Mariposas.

Our favourite books: by Jenny Valentine

I met Jenny Valentine when we both worked in Sesame, a lovely wholefood shop in Primrose Hill, London. (Courtney, you know it well!!) Jenny is now a very talented writer, and writes books for children. For her first novel and best-known work, Finding Violet Park (HarperCollins, 2007), she won the annual Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime book award judged by a panel of British children’s writers.

She has also written another titles like “Broken Soup” or “The Ant Colony”. Also the short stories about two sisters “Iggy and me”. We have the whole collection (4 books) and we really really enjoy reading them. They are so much fun.

Jenny is married to singer songwriter Alex Valentine, and lives in Wales with their 2 children. And I am so happy for her with her success!!!!


Chocolate cake in a tin can

Ever since I saw the post about baking a cake in a tin can on Oh Happy Day I wanted to try it!! We did it last week and it was sooo much fun!

I did the cake with the Thermomix, a cooking robot that is really really helpful for me!

After baking it, cut it into layers and fill with your favourite filling. It was soo much fun to see the cake grow inside the tin can. And really, it was very easy. We think is a nice and different way to bake! Hope you like it!


A felt fish garland

I made this garland for the pictures I took of Nico and that I told you about here. Today I would like to show you the DIY. Really simple and you can make them with your favourite colors or shapes! You just need some felt, wool, and thread.

It was really fun making it, and now it decorates our house!! Hope you like it.

– Maria

Alvaro Sanz and the traveling karibu

Last weekend I had the amazing experience of attending an Alvaro Sanz photography workshop in a lovely town by the sea in Asturias, where I live. He is a very talented Spanish photographer, and travels all over Spain and abroad with his incredible workshops. Alvaro is also Nanook’s father, so he had this idea: when he travels, he takes photos of a little karibu toy which he later shows to his son when he gets back home. That way there is always a connection between the travels, the father and the son. Isn’t it a lovely idea?

So that little Karibu has already been to Morocco, France, Sweden, all over Spain and more… and always comes back home with a picture!

I love the idea. Thanks Alvaro for being so inspiring, always.


The String Shelf

I completely adore the String Shelf. The String system was design in 1949 and over the last years has become one of the most popular pieces of classic scandinavian design. We got one for Nico’s room —  we call it “the treasure shelf”, because this is where he keeps his most valuable toys at the moment.

Robots, dinos, rockets. But the most important toys are the Star Wars ones, because they were a present from Uncle Javi. The toys belonged to him since he was little, and now they belong to Nico, 30 years later! Such a lovely present.

We are very happy with our String ! Hope you like it!


Decorating a baby’s christening party

I had so much fun decorating this party for a newborn. I always thought of white and craft for the occassion and sweet details for a baby girl. It was all made by hand, so it is really a handmade and natural party!

If you want to see more pictures you can see more here and here. Hope you like it and it gives you some ideas for spring parties! It seems like spring has finally arrived after a long long rainy winter!

– Maria

Decorating a baby’s nursery, wallpaper on the ceiling

A few weeks ago I told you about the nursery I had the pleasure to decorate. Today I would like to share the lovely wallpaper we used — instead of putting it on the wall I put it on the ceiling! It looks different, don’t  you think?

The paper is one of my favorite nowadays. The Ferm Living, Harlequin. I am completely madly in love with it! Hope you like it!

– Maria

Babydeli: a really nice place in Madrid

Today I would love to share a very charming shop in Madrid: Babydeli. Well, it is not only a shop, but a place with lots of things going on. They have food, toys, books, you can celebrate your birthday, and there are also very interesting workshops taking place every week. Located in the very heart of Barrio de Salamanca in Madrid, we always go if we are visiting.

Definitely, Babydeli is a place to find what you are looking for and also having a healthy snack!


Newspaper Easter eggs

Last year we had some friends over for Easter with us at home. It was an especially rainy one, so we did some crafts.  We loved doing this ones with newspaper.

Great fun we had! And quite easy and cheap!!! 😉

– Maria

A pallet bench for a baby’s room

Today I would like to share the pallet bench I made for a nursery. I love pallet wood, like I told you last week with my son’s coat rack. This time I painted the pallet in white and added four wheels. A matress for comfortably sitting. I made the cushions with grey and white fabric with stars and clouds, and made the garland.

It is now in Manuel’s room and I really hope he enjoys it!

Maria Cañal

A tree coat rack

Today I would like to share the tree hanger I made for my son’s room. I did it myself a few years ago and I remember it was much easier than I had expected! I made it with palet wood and it looks great in Nico’s room!

We decorate it acording to the time of the year and the season! It is fun! (Inspired by the great great Camille Soulayrol.)

Hope you like it and hope you give it a go. It looks good in many parts of the house, as long as you have a free wall!! 😉


Lovely wooden toys: Macarena Bilbao

Macarena Bilbao creates lovely lovely wooden toys. She started making kitchens, and they are my favourites. She also makes guitars, cameras, groceries stalls, and other fun stuff, all very stylish and different.

Kitchens, stalls, fun!

Cameras, and guitars. Nico loves his guitar and played it at his birthday party.

A Spanish magazine: Kireei

We love the spanish paper magazine, Kireei. Not only is it really nice to “touch”, with an amazing quality in the edition, but the contents are very very interesting. We have been reading it since the beginning. This number makes the third and it is dedicated to “living slow”. Articles about slow parenting, and living, crafts, inspiring decor and much more. We have ours at home and we enjoy spending some time with it!

Slow mornings in pijamas! Thanks to Kireei for the wonderful magazine.

– Maria

Mini candy bars

Today I am so happy to write about Terron de Azucar, a lovely spanish brand, run by Rebeca, which makes the most beautiful mini candy bars!!! All in them are so full of details, and all of that in a mini size.

Aren’t they lovely? All made by hand by her and personalized with the theme you want. It makes a wonderful present for the kids. I have tried them myself and I can say they are just wonderful.

Great job Terron de Azucar!


DIY: Love Arrows

Valentines day is here! This past weekend we did a very easy but fun DIY. We will use them to decorate the teacher’s present! We used straws, laces, decorated paper, washi tape…

Hope you like them and you try at home this weekend, very rainy here in Spain!.


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