Esther in Amsterdam

A week in Campania, Italy
July 26, 2016
Our school had scheduled an extra week of vacation in the month of June this year, which was such a welcomed treat! I loved that extra week -- still mid-season and therefore not too busy and less expensive to travel, and summery enough to fly to the south of Europe for a sunny destination. I had once ...
Five questions with Julie Marabelle from Famille Summerbelle
July 22, 2016
I have always admired the collections of Famille Summerbelle -- their famous family tree, the wallpapers, the amazing paper-cut maps (check out this video!), the stylish homewares -- it's all just so wonderful. Julie Marabelle -- the designer behind the brand -- is such an inspiring person. When Julie moved to Amsterdam a few years ago together with her husband Simon ...
Watercolour flowers
July 18, 2016
Last week Ava and I created invites for her birthday party -- a last minute plan, so we had to work with the materials we had in the house. Since we had come up with a flower theme, we watercolored little flowers on white cards, and it was such a sweet activity with such cute results that ...
A flower party for Ava's 6th birthday
July 13, 2016
Last weekend, Ava finally celebrated her sixth birthday party with a few friends from her class. We had decided on a flower theme, which we thought would be cute for a bunch of 6-year-olds. It ended up being a lovely sunny day, and the flower party theme was so good (and so easy!). I always like ...
Five questions with Julie Kohlhoff from macarons
July 11, 2016
I remember being introduced to macarons 5 years ago when they first presented their collection at the local children's fashion fair here in Amsterdam. Julie and Veit, joined by their baby girl and Veit's mother, were presenting a different, interesting collection that really stood out -- with amazing double-knit fabrics they had developed themselves and intriguing, cool ...
A simple tip for sorting your laundry faster
July 5, 2016
How much time do you spend washing, folding and ironing laundry per week? Even with the help of my husband, my children and our cleaning lady, I still spend at least half a day a week working on it. If not more! I was just sorting through the laundry, and while folding the the boys' ...
Do you talk about sex with your children?
June 30, 2016
The other day, Courtney and I were discussing the way parents talk about sex with their children. How difficult this subject sometimes seems to be, and how easy people shy away from discussing it. Why is it, that something so beautiful and special can be so controversial at the same time? I don't know if ...
Adult fashion from Macarons!
June 27, 2016
You know how we're always wishing for some of the beautiful kids fashion brands we love to start making adult fashion? Well, lucky us -- one of our favourite labels, the German eco fashion brand Macarons, has recently come out with a small but fabulous line of their gorgeous jumpers in adult sizing! Fabricated in their signature double-knit, ...
Sissonne, a beautiful new brand from Portugal
June 24, 2016
During Sara's horse riding class and Pim's tennis class on Monday afternoons, I always have an hour to spend with my littler two -- and if the weather is nice we like to hang out at the terrace of the manege, which is located in the middle of the forest south of Amsterdam. We drink hot chocolate, throw ...
Introducing Lara in London
June 21, 2016
A few years ago, when Casper was still a little baby boy, I visited Courtney in London and we took a baby yoga class together from Nadia Narain at our old 'hangout' in Primrose Hill, TriYoga. At the end of the class we started chatting to a cute fellow mum, Lara Curry, who was there ...
Artis, an old and beautiful Zoo
June 6, 2016
One of the oldest zoos in Europe, Artis Royal Zoo was opened in 1851 and has a very beautiful setting, with stunning gardens, monumental 19th century buildings and it is right in the centre of the city. What's particularly special about Artis is that many of the animal enclosures are actually integrated and housed within the historic architecture -- making ...
Sowing seeds and planting beans in pretty paper plant pots
June 3, 2016
Last weekend we went to an outdoor food and craft market here in Amsterdam, and we came across a beautiful stand full of bags filled with dried beans in every size and colour, coming from every corner of the world. The children were completely captivated by the beauty and origin of all of these beans, ...
Darling Dotty Dungarees
May 30, 2016
I love dungarees on little children. They are just so cute to look at, and so practical for crawling babies, trotting toddlers or climbing kids! They are easy to layer, making them ideal to wear all year round. The one clothing item I have continuously dressed my children in for the past 10 years, passing them on from sibling to ...
May give-aways, enter now!
May 28, 2016
The end of May is nearing. Time to enter our monthly give-aways if you haven't done so already! We have some awesome prizes lined up that e're pretty sure you don't want to miss out on: A $150 giftcard to spend on gorgeous Hatch clothing for the stylish mama -- we absolutely love those easy ...
The stories of Fiep Westendorp on Storytiles
May 27, 2016
Fiep Westendorp is a name that all Dutch people know. She was the sweet lady who so creatively illustrated the famous stories of the late Annie MG Schmidt, one of the Netherlands' most famous children book writers. Fiep Westendorp came up with the clever silhouettes of Jip and Janneke, and is as responsible for their fame as ...
Niko + Ava, a boutique full of special fashion finds
May 20, 2016
At the beginning of the year, when Emilie and I were visiting the Playtime trade-show in Paris, we bumped into a beautiful, pregnant lady called Luisa, and her handsome husband and darling little boy Niko. We instantly had a click (you know how you sometimes have that with people?) and we became friends on the ...
Feather Down Farms: a weekend stay on a farm
May 19, 2016
A couple of weeks back, we picked up the children from school on a Friday afternoon and drove all the way to the very south of Belgium. Reason for our trip was a weekend stay at a Feather Down farm, or in other words, we were going 'glamping' on a real working farm. Feather Down is a concept that originated in ...
Macrobiotic goat farm Ridammerhoeve
May 12, 2016
On the southern outskirts of Amsterdam is a huge park/woodland called the 'Amsterdamse Bos' (Amsterdam Forest). It offers great activities for kids, like swimming pools, playgrounds, a theater, a pancakes restaurant, and one of our family's absolute favourite outdoor activities in Amsterdam: the macrobiotic goat farm 'Ridammerhoeve'. The beauty of this goat farm is that ...
Enfance Paris, natural soap for children
May 6, 2016
I recently discovered Enfance, a Paris-based company making 100% natural soap aimed purely at children, and using only organic ingredients of the very best quality. After becoming a mother, the owner of the brand, Agnès Laffourcade, realised that she was missing a brand purely aimed at children that used exclusively organic science. So she developed a range of ...
Bamboo perfection, from Panda and the Sparrow
May 4, 2016
Bamboo is an amazing recourse -- it is the fastest growing plant in the world (it can grow up to a metre per day without any fertilisers, pesticides or even much water!), and it completely regrows after harvesting -- without the need to replant. Bamboo fabrics have some amazing advantages as well. Not only is ...
Motherlove, a new collection by Lennebelle
May 2, 2016
Mother's Day for us here in the Netherlands (like in the US and many other countries) is traditionally celebrated the second Sunday in May. Of course, mothers are spoiled that day with a breakfast in bed and showered with kisses. Perhaps, there is also a gift? Lennebelle, the Dutch jewellery label, just came out with ...
Marie Puce, gorgeous Parisian fashion for all ages
April 29, 2016
It's not a secret that we love Marie Puce here at Babyccino. We've worked with the two sisters behind the brand for many years, and we really admire their dedication to bringing adorable children's fashion to the market. Marie Puce have forever been a brand I turned to for pieces for all of my children. ...
My four little monkeys... in Imps&Elfs
April 25, 2016
Imps&Elfs is by far my favourite Dutch jeans brand. I just love the way their trousers fit -- they're just so flattering, and so cool! My kids also find them the most comfortable ones to wear -- they pick them out of the clean laundry basket before they're even folded and on the shelf. Imps&Elfs recently designed ...
Giant, luxury scarf swaddels from Marloe London
April 20, 2016
The best baby care products are practical, functional, simple and clever. When they are extremely good looking too -- well, that's a bonus : ). The giant Marloe London scarf swaddle scores on all the above points. It is a chic mama accessory and a handy baby accessory all in one: a scarf, a swaddle, a travel blanket, a ...




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