Knutsel Frutsel, for your creative needs

Nooo, this is not a candy store. It’s even better! At Knutsel Frutsel you will find everything you need for your children’s art & craft kit — or yours! Filled with the best products, from play-dough to paper, glitter to glue — you’ll find it in this shop. And the owners will give you expert advice on how to use the products (or get you inspired with a craft idea or two)! Oh, and if you think you’re done browsing and you’re getting ready to pay, a happy surprise will wait for you on the other side of the shop: wonderful toys, fun party-bag goodies, and the entire Schleich collection.



Imagine — a very special toy shopLe FournilIssa

Le Pain Quotidien

One of my favourite international chains in the world must be Le Pain Quotidien (PQ). Even after, I don’t know, 10 years or so, I still am not tired of the deliciousness of the PQ tartines, cakes, salads and, well, everything. So the fact that the PQ finally came to Amsterdam has made me very, very happy! If you’re looking for a cute place to meet a friend for a cappuccino, or bring your kids for a scrumptious weekend breakfast, then this is the place for you. There are highchairs available and my kids absolutely love the fact that they can indulge in the many jams, honey and different Belgian chocolate spreads on the table (and so do I)!



taartalbert cuijpbazar-300x225
De Taart van m’n TanteDe Pijp and the Albert CuypmarketBazar

Restaurant As — pure food

One of my favourite restaurants in Amsterdam is Restaurant As. Located in a modern chapel on the edge of the Beatrix Park, this is slow food at its best! The cooks use organic, seasonal food from local sources and are big on treating the food the way it should be treated, so that it tastes exactly like what it should taste like. They smoke their own salmon, cure their own ham and bake their own bread. A pig and some chickens roam around at the back of the restaurant and remind us respectfully of where it all comes from.
Children are welcome and have enough room to play and even run around. And in summer there’s a lovely, big terrace.


Delle 4 Stagioni

Delle 4 Stagioni is the neighbourhood Italian restaurant that every Old-South family knows about. It is located in a beautiful old butcher’s shop with all the original antique wall tiles still present (and depicting the four seasons). The restaurant serves a good Roman style pizza, tasty fresh pastas and has a decent wine list. The manager, the very kind Giulia Consonni, has a friendly word for each child and takes them to the kitchen in the back of the restaurant for an ice-cream cone as dessert — provided the little ones eat their dinner, obviously! (more…)


IssaLe FournilImps & Elfs

Imagine — a very special toy shop

One of the most special children’s shops in Amsterdam is without a doubt the toy shop Imagine. This is the place to go if you’re looking for that special gift for that unique child, that cute present for that sweet baby, that handmade coat for that lovely girl or that stylish haircut for that cool boy. The collection at Imagine is ever so special, with lovely retro pieces, a good collection of French and German toys and some delightful Dutch brands (colourful, modern and fun). The staff is amazingly friendly, and will never annoyingly follow you around (not even in the cool basement where the toys for big girls and boys can be found). Truly a delightful shop!! (more…)


asfournil4 stagioni
Restaurant As — pure foodLe FournilDelle 4 Stagioni

Le Fournil

le fournil

Le Fournil is the first original French bakery in the Netherlands, and it is immensely popular. Getting fresh bread on a weekend morning means standing in line here, but it is worth it! The most delicious baguettes, croissants, brioches, madeleines… Yum!
Sébastien, the owner, comes from a family of many generations of bakers located in the Vendée (France). Together with his Dutch wife he owned a bakery in France for over 10 years, but when they were visiting family in the Netherlands the idea of starting a French bakery in Amsterdam slowly took form. An excellent idea, if you ask me! One of our neighbourhood treasures…


knutsel frutselasimaginethumb
Knutsel Frutsel, for your creative needsRestaurant As — pure foodImagine — a very special toy shop


okonomiyakiEvery now and then, when I really don’t feel like cooking and it is still early in the evening, we take the kids to Issa, a little Japanese restaurant around the corner from us here in Amsterdam. This restaurant is particularly popular in our family because not only do we all love Japanese food (even the baby does), it also has a tiny private area in the back with traditional Japanese low tables. Such fun! My daughter loves taking her shoes off and sits at the table as if she is twelve years old instead of three; the baby likes playing the ‘climb onto the table’-game until we finally get enough of it and strap him into his Phil&Teds Me Too chair.

Last night at Issa we tried a new dish: Okonomiyaki, or Japanese Pancake. A true discovery! (more…)


Imps & ElfsLe Pain QuotidienRestaurant As — pure food

Imps & Elfs

Imps visionair

Children are sometimes very naughty (Imp)… sometimes very sweet (Elf)… but mostly (unfortunately for us, poor parents) both at the same time: Imps & Elfs!
Imps & Elfs — one of the coolest kid’s clothing brands around, and it happens to be Dutch, like so many other cool things!
The philosophy behind the brand is ‘a child should be a child’. And this philosophy is present in every aspect of the clothing line.
I think what is so cool about Imps & Elfs is that their clothing is designed to be fitted, concentrating on the shape of the child’s body. That hollow back, that big belly with those tiny shoulders and that short neck… – isn’t that just what makes little children so adorable?
All clothes are no-nonsense, with no frills and fancies – nothing should take away from the emphasis on the child: hello, you’re looking at a KID – not an outfit!
If you’re in the neighbourhood, you just HAVE to stop by the flagship store here in Amsterdam. It is just as cool as the clothes (although they also sell shoes, toys and room accessories).


Imagine — a very special toy shopLe Pain QuotidienRestaurant As — pure food