Artis, an old and beautiful Zoo

One of the oldest zoos in Europe, Artis was opened in 1835 and has a very beautiful old setting with terrific gardens and monumental buildings. Most of the animal lodgings have thankfully been modernised since! There are some fantastic playgrounds, and there’s a good restaurant, with plenty of high chairs and facilities to heat up milk or baby food. Also, another good thing to know is that cute pushchairs can be rented for the day for a small deposit. This zoo is not too big but has truly a lot to offer, with plenty of interior fun for rainy days as well. Good for a lovely day out with the family!


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1. Dina | July 10, 2010 | Reply

On our recent visit to Amsterdam I took my girls to the Zoo and we absolutely LOVED it. Unlike other zoo’s you feel like you can get right up close to the animals – they are not all caged in and hidden away. We were absolutely amazed by the giraffes!!!! Stunning. We also loved the restaurant and the fact that they had soft serve ice cream as a treat.